comprehensive reading sample: Mastering the X-PRO1 English and German


The author of “Mastering the X-PRO1” contacted me. He compiled a comprehensive reading sample of the English and German version of his book. If you are interested, this sample pages will give you a good impression what to expect. It’s really interesting, like at page 109 (chapter 2.4), focussing with the X-PRO1. He explains the differences (PROS and CONS) to the DSLR focus and there are also 10 practical focus tips… you can read 4 of them in this sample version. Enjoy reading!

For the English sample version click here. To see the book at AmazonUS click here (47% price drop).

For the German sample version click here. To see the book and read customers reviews at AmazonDE click here.


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  • Chris


    The pdf links are broken or don’t work.

  • patrick

    they work fine on my computer. try again, or I’ll send a email with the links to you. Lemme know

  • http://rogergw.tumblr.com/ Roger Whitehead

    Thanks for the update. It’s also available on Amazon UK, for just under £20. See http://tinyurl.com/ckwusr8 .


    • Roger Whitehead

      Correction: it’s orderable at Amazon UK. Delivery isn’t expected until 28 December.



  • http://khoral.blogspot.com Khoral

    Worked here too…
    It looks quite informative actually. Not too pricey either with the euro-dollar rate, I ordered a copy.

  • TravelSapien

    Love the Fuji Pro 1. Looking to put a 90 MM Leica glass on it soon. It should just scream with fabulous photos.

  • Flavio

    I look forward to an Italian version

  • Seeerr

    Kindle version no?

    • Rico

      Yes, there will be eBook versions for all popular formats.

  • Ozbaz

    This looks like a great book. Well written and topical. I am keen to buy it as an ebook or physical book but Unfortunately it is not out until after Xmas. I suppose good things come to those that wait.

  • Gene Smirnoff

    I ordered a copy,even I have X-E . But it’s the same thing. Can’t wayt when I got it.

  • Gene Smirnoff

    And now Amazon race it’s price . I preorder for one price and time I get it will be another price. Stop playing Amazon!! It’s wrong !