Chinese company is making a 35mm f/0.95 lens for our X PRO 1!


What you see here on top is a rendering of the future 35mm f/0.95 lens for the X system made by the chinese company ShenyangZhongyi. The company name is unkown to me and I don’t knwo their history. But every new lens for the X system is welcome. Hope the bigger ones like Sigma and Tokina will do some lenses too!

via Xitek

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  • Dan Chung

    Shenyang Zhongyi is a Chinese company. Some of the lenses produced by it are being sold under the brand “SLR Magic”.

  • Abby

    It is likely repackaged industrial/security camera lens as all of those 0.95 out there.
    They are made for suckers who would then pay 2x more than the original industrial lens. The optical properties are terrible, funny how people would pixel peep and discuss a minuscule “problems” with real lenses, then buy this c**p for twice the money and be fine with it.