DEALS OF THE DAY: save $130 on the Fujinon XF10-24 & 56mmF1.2 :: save $150 on the 23mm (LIMITED NUMBER)

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Guess what? Authorized Fuji & top rated ebayUS seller cameraland had an event in their store. So they opened some Fujinon boxes to show some lenses to customers and then put back them in the box. “Because of this we are selling it at a large discount. It can pass for new“.

Here are this weeks camerland deals:

- save $150 on the XF23mmF1.4 (4 left).
- save $130 on the XF10-24mm (2 left).
- save $130 on the XF56mmF1.2 (2 left).

Also, there are still some X-M1 with kit lens left for the ridiculous price of $399! Check them out at ebayUS here.

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Cosyspeed offers 3 FREE tickets for photokina! ACT FAST and grab it now here on Fujirumors! [UDPATE: TICKETS ARE GONE]


Thomas of Cosyspeed (website) contacted me and said:

“Hey Patrick,
greetings from Photokina in Cologne. It’s a super big show and for the first day there was a lot of traffic. Our booth is in Hall 4.1 inbetween Canon (Hall 3) and Sony (Hall 5), so a lot of visitors pass by. But many are using the way through Hall 4.2, which is one level above us, because there is the very big and nice FUJI booth :-) We have been there yesterday and were excited about the new X100T (and the guys at the FUJI booth were excited about our CAMSLINGERs :-). Great Cam. I would say it is an evolution over the X100S and a revolution over the X100 (which I owned). As is predecesors the X100T fits very nice in our CAMSLINGER 105 and there is space left for spare batteries and a smartphone.
We have three Photokina tickets left over. Would you like to give it to your readers?
Have a great
Thomas from Cosyspeed”

So, why not? Is there any FR-reader interested in free tickets to photokina? Thomas gave me the voucher codes to use, when you take your ticket online. Since there is not much time, I’ll pass the code to the first 3 FR-readers, who ask for it in the comments. Please use a valid email adress in the disqus comments contact form, so that I can send you the codes. [UDPATE: the tickets are already gone] — Thanks a lot, Thomas

Let me also say a few words about the camslinger bags. These bags are extremely practical and give you super-fast access to your camera. And I know it, because I own the 160 version (where I put my X-E2 + 18-55 + 35). Here is an example about how pratical this bag is:

Last Sunday, after weeks of restless leaks and announcements, I decided to go very high in order to slow down. I needed a place with no internet connection, so I climbed the mountains of my region. I used the camslinger, and had always quick access to my X-E2, even while I was climbing. In the past, in order to protect my gear, I’d have packed it in my Rucksack… and I missed some nice shots because of that. But with the camslinger, taking shots even in difficult situations, was a children’s game! I’ve shared a video of me with the camslinger. Really, I find this bag so practical, I’d buy it even if they had just the Hello Kitty version of it :-).


IT’S A STEAL: get the X-M1 with XC 16-50 for $399 at ebayUS (limited number available) + save $100 on the 56mmF1.2

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I know, all the eyes are for the Photokina right now… but maybe you should take a look also at this:

1) The price for the X-M1 with 16-50 kit lens at top rated plus ebayUS seller Newegg is almost ridiculous: get it for $399! This offers makes the $50 cheaper than the X-A1 with kit lens.

2) It’s again Cameraland, and it’s again the 56mmF1.2. The store sells it for $899 (save $100)

3) $100 savings also on the XF 18-135 WR lens at top rated ebayUS seller dcort212.


LATEST DEALS: XF23mm for $699 (2 left), XF56mm for $869 (3 left), X100S for $999/€930… and more!

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If $100 savings aren’t enough, well, then this time you can save $200 on XF23mmF1.4 at top rated ebayUS & authorized Fuji dealer cameraland. That’s the best deal on this lens, even $100 better then the one offered by BHphoto & Co… but just 2 are available at the moment for the price of $699

Camerland has two more lenses in offer: a $130 price drop on the 56mmF1.2 (3 left) and the you can save also $130 on the  can be weather resistant XF 18-135 (1 left).

And if you thought that the cameraland deal on the X100S is awesome (save $250 on the X100S), then check out the price at DigitalRev. They sell the Fujifilm X100S for $999 (save $300)! Good price also for EU-residents, as, for example, they sell the X100S in Germany for €930. This deal includes 1 year warranty.


- XF 14mm (save $100 – price $799): BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / BestBuy /
- XF 23mm (save $100 – price $799) BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / BestBuy /
- XF 35mm (save $100 – price $499) BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / BestBuy /



GREAT DEAL :: $250 price drop on the Fujifilm X100S! + WORLD RECORD :: SanDisk announced SD-card with crazy 512GB storage!!!


CRAZY: SanDisk just announced worlds highest capacity SD-card with up to 512GB storage! Check them out:

- SanDisk Extreme PRO 512 GB: BHphoto / Adorama
- SanDisk Extreme PRO 256 GB: BHphoto / Adorama
- SanDisk Extreme PRO 128 GB: BHphoto / Adorama


Now that the Fujifilm X100T has been announced, we have the first, really hot, price drop on the Fujifilm X100S! And it’s (again!) authorized Fujifilm dealer cameraland (99,8% postive feedback), that offers a GREAT deal on Fuji gear. This time it’s the Fujifilm X100S. Instead of $1,299, you can get it for $1,049.

X100T: USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / EUROPE: WexUK / WexDE / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro
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Graphite Silver X-T1USA: BHphotoAmazonUS / Adorama / EUROPE: WexUK / WexDE AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

XF 56mm f/1.2 APD: USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / EUROPE: WexUK / WexDE AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

XF 50-140 f/2.8 WR: USA: BHphotoAmazonUS / Adorama / EUROPE: WexUK / WexDE AUSTRALIA: CameraPro