[UPDATE] CameraStoreTV: X100s X20 hands-on + photographyblog: full X100s review


What a review week! And the best is yet to come, with the X100s and X100 comparison of Rico Pfirstinger tomorrow at the X-pert corner. So, don’t miss it!

1) This video is a nice introduction to the two new Fuji cameras. Among the others you’ll see how Chris captures a driving car with the X100s: the image is sharp and in focus, confirming that Fuji massively improved the AF-performance.  At minute 7:05 the big question: RX100 or X20? According to our poll (at the bottom) most of you would choose the X20 (58%).

If you already have the X100 or X20, is it worth upgrading? Chris says: yes. But look at the video here.

2) 74 JPEG photos (from ISO 100 up to ISO 25600) and a 1080p movie taken with the new Fujifilm X100S are online at the photographyblog (click here).  [UPDATE: Or read the full review here (thanks Andy): ““Quite simply the new Fujifilm X100S is one of the best cameras that we’ve ever reviewed and joins its illustrious predecessor as a worthy winner of our coveted Essential! award.”]

X100s: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonDEAmazonUK / AmazonITA / DigitalRev
X20: AmazonUS (blacksilver) / BHphoto (blacksilver) / Adorama (blacksilver) / AmazonUK (blacksilver) / AmazonDE / AmazonITA / DigitalRev

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  • Jan

    Video does not seem to have any stabilisation and rolling shutter is quite pronounced. That makes it a no go for me, but the photos look nice nevertheless.

  • Rebus222

    I am not a native English speaking amateur photographer and I have a bland comment to make:

    I bet that the audience of your usually very well thought presentation videos are not exclusively angloamericans. I mean that, more than often, it becomes arduous to follow your course of speaking, either in terms of speed, or of expressions used. The latter, combined with the fact that, again, your audience should not be restricted to the “younger generations”, makes rather imperative to catter for the “other” ones, as well.

    Thank you and keep going with the good stuff.

  • Renato S.

    I had hopes for the X20, but without manual controls in video or even other framerates like 30p or 24p, it won’t work for me. A 60p look too odd to use as your only video framerate.

    I would like to see that X20 vs RX100 shot with both looking alike, because the X20 shot looked a bit brighter than the RX100.

    Usually the X-trans sensor is a bit off in ISO accuracy, asking for a lower shutter in the same f-stop, but in the X20, it shows more light, is it the BSI?

  • Hendrick

    Was the guy taking the photo of the bricks on the snow with the X20 and then the photo was presented as an X100s photo?

  • todd

    I owned (and sold) an RX100. Two things I didn’t like – first was the general handling of it. Something about Sony UI that I just don’t get along with. The bigger issue was the very slow lens at the long end. 28/1.8 is great but it quickly slows and becomes useless in low light unless you’re wide open at 28mm. I’m hoping the X20 is more versatile in that regard.

    • Dr


      The X20 is a much better handling camera, so you will be happy in that regard.

      If you care about the quality of the files, you will find a big difference between the X20 and the RX100 you sold. Have a look at the review linked above by Hendrick.

      Its all a bit sad really. I’m cancelling my X20 order…

  • Andy

    The full photographyblog X100S review is up, I think you might like it!

    “Quite simply the new Fujifilm X100S is one of the best cameras that we’ve ever reviewed…”