beautiful and comprehensive: riflessifotografici X-mount review



And then, when all hope had faded ;-), it happens!

It happens that after all the reviews I’ve read I can still be surprised. And it’s again riflessifotografici! I think they’ll never be the first to post a review, but hey, just take a look at their shots, and you’ll understand why. They don’t just test cameras, they work with them. The result is a really beautiful collection of images and a comprehensive review. This doesn’t mean necessarily pages over pages of mere specs, shots and technical data. No way. You don’t need a lot of words but just the right words to reveal the secrets of a camera and its lenses. And what you also need are great pictures. And there are plenty of them here. You wanna know the truth? It took me more time to choose the images to post here than to write this text! A real photographers review made for photographers!

The result is a perfect mix between art, professional observations and personal considerations. These guys really know how to figure out the secret of a camera.

Landscape, portrait, street, people, beauty… you can have it all in one, if you read the latest riflessifotografici review. It’s a passionate work of two photographers (Massimiliano Angeloni and Donato Chirulli). Take your time, and discover your X-E1 and lenses by reading the original Italian review here (translated version).

ISO performance: zoom at 35mm and 35mm prime lens

35 comparison




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  • Koseng

    You don’t compare lenses at f11. All lenses work more or less the same at such small aperture.

    • Hexx

      It’s ISO comparison

      • Pei

        You compare ISO with the same camera? Two picture of 200 and two picture of 6400?

        • Roberto

          They compare different lenses at the same ISO settings, same focal length and same cameras.

  • Ozbaz

    The pictures speak for themselves. Talented photographers. Also what a great review even if the google translation is a little off at times

    • Roberto

      @Pei: they compare two different lenses at the same ISO settings, with the same camera, the same focal length, and the same aperture.

  • Lars

    Assume most of these shots are from the 18_55 lens?

  • http://www.riflessifotografici.com Donato Chirulli

    Yes Lars,
    All my shots were from 18/55 lens, except the one made for Iso performance comparison.
    Images by Max Angeloni are almost all made with 18/55 lens too….. 😉