And now an image leak of the XP1 (or XF1) compact camera!


Digicaminfo found the pictures of a new Fuji X compact camera. The name is unkown (could be XP1 or XF1) and so the sensor size (1/1.7 inch?). Unlike the Fuji X10 this camera has no viewfinder.



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  • matt

    that is one sexy little compact!

  • Ragnarok

    WOW! What a beauty! It seems it has two lens rings including a zoom ring (24-100mm markings), and looks like both can retract into the body leaving a very slim camera. And with two control wheels in the back this can be a very serious compact, even if it doesn’t have a “big” sensor.

  • JC

    Great design!

  • JC

    I hope IQ is at least as good as X100.

    • Mistral75

      Let’s rather say “as X10” considering the sensor’s size.

  • matt

    It is possible that this uses the 2/3″ sensor from the x10, but is wider angle equivalent say around 25mm – 100mm?

    • http://www.w.cn Hoai Ng.


  • matt

    definitely not on the same level as the x100 sorry.

    • http://www.w.cn Hoai Ng.


  • Matt

    This has just a .5mm wider lens than the x10 so it could be the 2/3″ EXR sensor, which would be great. Not as fast on the long end as the x10 definitely but still very plausible. Though could still be a 1/1.7″ which isn’t much smaller, but I’m hoping for the EXR capability.

  • Jesse

    Considering Fuji uses sony sensors lets hope they use the RX100 sensor in this beauty!

  • Freddy S.

    That’s excellent news! I was waiting for exactly this – a compact camera with the guts of the X10. Finally, a successor to my beloved Fuji Finepix F31fd!!

  • nathan

    If only that mode dial were an exposure compensation dial. No one needs a stupid mode dial. Exposure comp. on the fly though, on a point and shoot of THIS size, would be excellent and freaking brilliant.

  • http://keithtowers.zenfolio.com/ Keith

    This would be a cracking companion to the X100 for those times you just need a little extra reach. Like the X100 you wouldn’t even know you are carrying it.

  • http://www.loopershanger.com OSXespressO

    Would love x10 guts, but not a nessesity, i agree with nathan on the mode dial expose.comp dial switch-up, and it would really be the woulds best comapct if it had all that plus some how a built-in or removable EVF… I think, (and want) a Fuji style SLIM version of the olympus xz-1.

  • AndyW

    Well as soon as i saw the images of this camera I knew straight away that I want one! I have the X100 which is a superb camera and am looking at buying the X-E1 when it comes out. This beautiful little compact would finish the set!!!! Fingers crossed for the X10 sensor!