Already? 23mm, 10-24mm and 56mm prices&pre-order at ParkCameras (UK)


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UK-store Parkcameras has already listed the upcoming XF lenses (23, 10-24, 56) as available for pre-order and marked them with price (notice that the store wrote 56mm f/1.4 but on April 17 Fuji update the roadmap and said it will be f/1.2). So here are the price tags of Parkcameras for all the XF lenses… from the most expensive to the cheapest.

XF 56mm £799
XF 10-24mm £799
XF 14mm £729 – (£689 at AmazonUK) … ($899 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)
XF 23mm £679
XF 55-200 £599 (£649 at AmazonUK) … ($699 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)
XF 18-55 £499 (£479 at AmazonUK) …. ($699 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)
XF 60mm £465 ………………………….. ($649 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)
XF 18mm £429 ………………………….. ($599 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)
XF 35mm £429 ………………………….. ($599 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)
XF 27mm £379 ………………………….. ($449 at AmazonUS) … (your Amazon)

Thanks FR-reader Ray for telling us about.

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  • Takeshi

    I wonder if 23mm is internal focusing. I received my X100S yesterday and to my surprise the lens extended and retracted from macro to infinity. During AF it also sound like a scanner or printer. I didn’t recall any reviews to mention these points, I can’t really say I like the X100S as much now. :(

    • MJr

      Don’t think its supposed to be noisy. You sure you didn’t get a chinese knock-off ? 😉

      • Takeshi

        From DigitalRev, it’s legit I think. :) Please note I heard the sound in a quiet room. I am sensitive to audio! It’s not bad, maybe I will learn to appreciate it.

        • MdB

          X100 always sounded a bit like a scanner…

  • dan

    look at 10-24 price, selling off my x gears , going nex

    • Rich

      Errrrr… isn’t the 10-18mm about the same price?!

      • Graham Adey

        £699 For the Sony with no aperture ring and less zoom range!

        • MJr

          Not to mention the beyond crappy performance …

          • MdB

            I thought the NEX 10-18mm was supposed to be a decent performer.

      • MJr

        Pre-order prices are mostly placeholders.

        Also, everything is a third or twice as expensive in pounds.

    • Jim

      Don’t really get your comment. The Sony closest equivalent is about £ 699,- 10-18mm. The fuji goes to 24mm and I’m expecting it to be sharper at f4 and these are not the definitive prices. I suspect it will be £ 599,-. Closer to the other zooms. So why would that be the reason for switching to NEX?

      • MJr

        You’re not supposed to get it, that’s why it’s a troll comment. :)

    • Adamant

      Good one! (Do people really think this way?)

  • Mike

    IMHO..now ..x100s era is going to end.

    23 1.4 + x-e1 (or next x-pro2, x-e1) is the best solution.

    I bought x100s few months ago but I’m going to sell it for 23 1.4 + x-e(2) or x-pro (2).

    • Xmas

      I agree!

      • SmartAlec

        Bull! The X100/S has the leaf shutter and much more compact. So no, don’t think its the end for the X100S line

        • Gorgon Empire


    • http://www.flickr.com/photos/dirk23/ dirk

      Oh, come on! The X100s is way smaller than the X-pro1/2 and the XF23 are gonna be. All you gain is one stop. And the X-E1/2 doesn’t have the hybrid finder.
      Also the interchangeable lens options will be more expensive. And don’t forget about the leaf shutter with the incredible sync time.
      I also prefer the the XF option but there will be other photographers with other preferences as sure as Fuji is better than Sony. 😉

      • Xmas

        I love my x100 but an X-E1 with 23mm as my walk around may be a better backup to my X-Pro1.

      • SmartAlec

        Dam right!

      • Mike

        We do not know what will be the size of the new models of x-e2 or x-pro1. I do not exclude that they are smaller than current models.

        • SmartAlec

          ..Oh please..

        • MJr

          The X-Pro1 hopefully yes (they can make it bigger with a grip), but the X-E1 already is the size it should be. Don’t think that one will get smaller.

    • deng

      Wish my X-Pro1 sync the flash at 1/1000s.
      But it doesn’t – so my X100 is not in danger.

      • SmartAlec


    • lol

      You really think Fuji is that stupid not to differentiate their products? Personally I’m too happy with the 100s. So dam slick on a sling strap. But if I had money to burn, I would get the 24mm and 56mm for my xe1 in a heart beat. Oh lets not forget the 14mm.

    • Cliff

      I value my X100s (and to some extent my X100) much higher than my X-E1 for one reason…the leaf shutter. To able to sync flash up to 1/2000 sec on any other current system, with at least comparable image quality, would cost you thousands more (RX1/RX1R). Even +$10k-$40k Phase One IQ backs can ‘only’ sync up to 1/1600 sec. Obviously, for those who have no use for such high flash sync speeds, none of this really matters. But, for those who do value it, it’s worth it’s weight in gold.

      That said, I love my X-E1 and 35mm and 14mm lenses. The ability to use different lenses is the main advantage for the X-Pro1 and X-E1. If Fuji decided to make X-mount leaf shutter lenses (lenses would probably cost $1500-$2000 or more), then I would agree with your statement. I would be the first person on the pre-order list.

  • Mike

    I hope this prices will turn out to be true as it would make the 23mm cost around $800 – less than I expected. Yuppie 😉

  • Piero

    It’s seems not accurate.
    I hope for the price of the 56mm lens, but according to Fuji, that lens will be 1.2 and not 1.4 as in preorder in that website!!!
    Anyway, my opinion, the 14 + 23 + 56 and wil not need anything else

  • Gorgon Empire

    I wonder if Fuji will make an f1.0 lens. Now that would be Xciting!

    • fujimoon

      maybe an updated 35mm will get f1.0 in some years

  • Fuji Master

    Expect in 2015

  • Steeevyo

    The two I want are the most expensive. What a surprise ….

  • Steeevyo

    Also currently 899 British Pounds are 1300 US Dollars …. I hope the dollar prize is more correct than the GBP.

    • Steeevyo

      Oops thats 799GBPs

  • Antoine

    £800 for the 56mm… That’s much more than the 60 or 35mm. I think I’ll go with a manual lens instead.