A Little Bit Of Everything (X100 Teardown, XF 14mm pre-order, and R. Cicala Humor)


Various tidbits for you to check.

Let's start with some humor: Roger Cicala's Law of New Product Introduction. See the graph below (title says it all):


Image courtesy: Roger Cicala/lensrentals.com

Next, don't forget that the Fujifilm XF 14mm f2.8 R will be released every day now, you can pre-order it at B&H | Adorama. We featured some reviews about this lens here and here. The lens is already available in Japan on eBay, so it won't take long!

And here comes the big piece of the post: A teardown of the Popular Fujifilm X100 at PetaPixel. The author writes:

[…] if you think the X100 is beautiful on the outside, it is breathtaking on the inside.

Ok, let's have a look…


Image courtesy: PetaPixel

Going on…

[…] The camera is a giant puzzle of miniscule parts. There were hundreds of hidden, miniature screws, rods, tape and dabs of glue holding it together. It was difficult to take apart to the point where it turned into a game. Iā€™d stare at the thing for 10 minutes until I found that one screw hidden behind something that held everything together. It would be absolutely impossible for me to put this thing back together.


Image courtesy: PetaPixel


It's getting thougher…


Image courtesy: PetaPixel


And that's all the X100 is made of. Funny, uh? :-)


Image courtesy: PetaPixel

[via PetaPixel]



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