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Fujifilm X-T20 Vs. Olympus E-M10 III :: X-T20, X-T2 or X-E3 :: X-T20 Camera of 2017 :: X-T20 Tekiac Eyecup


Fujifilm X-T20 Success

The launch of the (in many ways superior) Fujifilm X-E3 does not seem to have affected negatively the X-T20 sales. The X-T20 keeps up staying in the high positions of the AmazonUS ranking. In fact it is the best selling Fujifilm camera at AmazonUS at the moment.

X-T20 body or kit (save $100): BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS, FocusCamera
Fujifilm X-E3: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS, FocusCamera

So let’s dedicate to the little and successful X-T20 an own roundup… enjoy it :)


The mirrorlessons guys are back. This time they compare the Fujifilm X-T20 with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 III. Here are their final conclusions… and make sure to read it all at mirrorlesscomparison:

Choose the OM-D E-M10 mark III if you:

  • want a beginner-friendly interface with lots of extra features
  • want better image stabilisation for stills and video
  • want a wider selection of lenses
  • want to spend less

Choose the Fujifilm X-T20 if you:

  • prefer a camera with simple controls and more customisation
  • want better autofocus for action and video
  • want a little bit extra in terms of image quality (resolution, dynamic range and high ISOs)

And here is more X-T20 content for you guys :)

  • X-T20 – A practical comparison with the X-T2 at andymumford
  • Fujifilm X-T20 declared System Camera of the Year 2017 by
  • Fujifilm Comparison: X-T2 versus X-T20 at macfilos
  • Fujifilm X-E3 vs X-T20 – Which One Should You Get? at digitalrev
  • Tekiac Eyecup for X-T20. See it at instagram

Pictures of Unreleased Fujifilm Camera Leaked

Pictures of and unreleased Fujifilm camera leaked online

  • FCCID: W2Z-02100005
  • FUJIFILM Corporation
  • Communication module: TYPE 1 FJ
  • Wireless standard: WLAN 802.11 b / g / n + Bluetooth

Nokishita believes that, due to the button arrangement, it could be the Fujifilm X-A5, a camera rumored here on FujiRumors.

As we reported here, there are totally 3 cameras registered by Fujifilm and that should come next (meaning 2018). One is the Fujifilm X-T2S IBIS camera, scheduled to hit the market in the first half of 2018. The Fujifilm X-A5 is also sure to come. There is one more camera left, and it should be either the Fujifilm X-T100 or the Fujifilm X80. But remember that Fujifilm is having issues with the X80 and the whole project has been delayed.

via nokishita – original document at fccid

Fujifilm X-E3: Impressive AF Tracking… Small, but Fujifilm Needs More “Fujicake” Pancake Lenses!

LivingVertical had a long Fujifilm X-E3 live stream Q&A (1:26 hours). Check out the video above.

But since I know that many of you might not have the time right now to watch it all, and I’m in bed on my 9th day of antibiotics anyway ;), I took my time and made summary of his main points below.

Overall he is seriously impressed with the camera, especially with the autofocus. Just two major complaints: the EVF eye piece does not protrude enough to block light properly and given the small size of the camera, he would like to have more pancake options from Fujifilm, besides the XF27mm and XF18mm, in order to make it really pocketable.

Do you agree? Would you like to have more “Fujicake” or “Fujimarit” options in the Fuji X lens line-up, in the addition to the F2 “Fujicron” and the fast F1.2 or F1.4 “Fujilux” lenses?

I certainly would love them. A nice 23 pancake prime and why not, maybe even a pancake zoom, something like the Panasonic 14-42mm OIS pancake (35mm equiv. to 28-84) that I owned in my early mirrorless life, before my love story with Fujifilm started.

So… here is the summary:

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Fujifilm’s First Camera with IBIS and BSI Sensor Gets Firmware Update :) … and X-H1 Rumor Recap

UPDATE: Fujifilm changed the name from X-T2s to X-H1. All rumored specs remain the same

I know… you want a Fujifilm camera that has it all, BSI sensor and IBIS.

Well, there is one already, and it is also completely water and shock proof… the Fujifilm FinePix XP120. It now got its first firmware update (ver. 1.01) that fixes a rare over-exposure issue.

Let’s grab the occasion to make a summary about what has been rumored regarding Fuji’s second IBIS camera, the rumored X-T2S.

that’s it for now…. stay tuned on Fujirumors,
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Fujifilm Registerd Another WiFi Camera (Now Totally 3)

Fujifilm registered another camera with bluetooth. This time the code name is FF170004 (WiFi only).

Just recently, they registered camera FF170003 here and other two cameras (FF170001 and FF170011) back in August.

The FF170001 was probably the Fujifilm X-E3, so we now have 3 registered Fujifilm cameras with bluetooth, that have not yet been announced.

  • FF170003 (WiFi + Bluetooth)
  • FF170004 (WiFi only)
  • FF170011 (WiFi + Bluetooth)

My guess is that it could be the Fujifilm X-A5, the X-T100 and the X-T2S. The X80 is also an option, but not sure if it will sport the X-TransIII sensor, as reported here.

via nokishita

Fujifilm X-E3 Review and Some Considerations for X-E4

The Fujifilm X-E3 just hit the market, gets great reviews (including the Gold Award at dpreview), but of course no camera on earth is perfect. So Kevin Mullins already has some considerations for the Fujifilm X-E4… you will find it all in the X-E3 roundup down below… enjoy it.

Fujifilm X-E3: USA: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS, FocusCamera EU: AmazonDE, AmazonUK, WexUK, PCHstore

Fujifilm Registered Another Camera with Bluetooth

Fujifilm registered another camera with bluetooth, with another code name compared to the 2 cameras registerd back in August (one of the 2 was the X-E3).

So there are still 2 more bluetooth registered cameras (at least) coming.

Which one? The full rumored camera list can be seen here (with last specs update). There are the X-T100, X80, X-T2S and X-A5.

The document can be seen here. The news was spotted by letsgodigital here… thanks to letsgodigital for contacting me.

Lightroom 6.13 and Classic CC 7.0.1 add Fujifilm X-E3 Support

Adobe just update Lightroom Standalone to version 6.13 and Lightroom Classic CC 7.0.1

We get Fujifilm X-E3 support.

Will this be the last upgrade of Lightroom Standalone? Adobe says:

As we align our investments in the direction of supporting our subscription-based products, the last version of Lightroom 6 will be coming out towards the end of the year.   If there is a camera not supported in Lightroom 6, you can use the DNG converter before importing your images into Lightroom 6.

Fujifilm X-E3: USA: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS, FocusCamera EU: AmazonDE, AmazonUK, WexUK, PCHstore

TCSTV Fujifilm X-E3 Review: “Excellent Focussing Camera. Definitely a Step Up over X-T20”

Must See 360° Fuji Live Chat

TheCameraStore already gave us some X-E3 tidbits in their recent Fuji Live talk with Fuji Guy Jerry. I warmly invite you to check it out here. They also cover topics like:

  • XF33mmF1.0
  • Fujifilm X-T2S with IBIS
  • + some other rumors shared here on FR in the past.

In my live stream report I included statements Fuji Guy Billy made in the comments.

And if you ever wondered…

… how a Fuji Guys reacts, when he discovers FujiRumors is listening, then check out min 13:23 of the video ;)

Fujifilm X-E3 TCSTV review

TheCameraStoreTV just uploaded their Fujifilm X-E3 Review. Check it out and enjoy it. One of the most interesting aspects, is how the new AF tracking algorithm works… and it seems to be great.

  • AF tracking: Jordan played with it in low light and was impressed. Excellent focussing camera. Definitely a step up over X-T20.
  • great walk-around camera
  • when moving eye to EVF the X-E3 has a delay switching from LCD to EVF. Could be faster

BEST X-E3 COMBO: Fujifilm X-E3 + XF23mmF2 for $1,149. Get it at BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama, Focuscamera.

Fujifilm X-E3: USA: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS, FocusCamera EU: AmazonDE, AmazonUK, WexUK, PCHstore

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