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Apple Engineer Explains Why MacBook Pro has No SD-card Slot :: X-T2 for Sports :: XF23/F1.4 Vs. XF23/F2 (miXed zone)

Apple Engineer Interview

A clear and sober admission, why Apple decided to get rid of the SD-card slot with it’s brand new Macbook Pro 2016Youtube Video Here

Fujifilm GFX

Shared at GFX Facebook Group here: Say Hello to X-T2 and GFX. What is lovely pair.

Fujifilm Manager talks about Fujifilm GFX at photography life youtube

Fujifilm X-T2
USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / Calumentphoto DE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / PCHstore / WexUK / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

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  • The Fuji X-T2 as a travel camera? at childrensportraitslondon
  • Fujifilm X-T2 – 4K compilation – Wales, Talyllyn Railway Halloween, Machynlleth Lantern Parade 2016 at mirrorlessons youtube. On his email to me, Mathieu wrote “the continuous AF that is impressive. It works seamlessly in good and low light. It reminds me the Dual Pixel AF of the Canon C300

XF23mmF2 WR

Thoughts About The XF 23mm F2 Lens at olafphotoblog

  • A Matter of Stops: The Fujifilm 23mm f1.4 VS the 23mm f2 at fathersonphoto

Fujifilm X-Pro2

X-Pro2: When the Leaves Come Falling Down at littlebigtravelingcamera / First attempt at using a rangefinder for street photography – Fuji X-Pro2 at bershatsky /

Other X-series cameras

X-T1 with the 50-200 and 10-24 visiting the Rocky Moutains at mattrussellphoto / X-A3: Fujifilm thinks you need a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera for selfies at soyacincau / X100T Snapshots by Kevin Mullins at /


Fujifilm FUJINON XF50 140mm Lens at thefxworks / 35mmF2 review at toolsandtoy / Fuji XF 35mmF1.4 lens review with samples at Christopher Frost Photography youtube / Fuji X-T2 56mm @ f1.2 at /

X-Trans / Converters

How to Get Best Image Quality Out of Fuji X-Trans III RAW´s at hendriximages / The Fujifilm RFC RAW Convertor: Part Three – Working on Multiple Images at adambonn /

a bit of everything

The Day I Went Fuji X-System at ipcloud /

DigitalRev X-Pro2 Vs. X-T2 :: Fuji X-T2, New Benchmark for Mirrorless :: Why I Can’t Use Mirrorless Professionally (miXed zone)

DigitalRev compared the X-T2 Vs. the X-Pro2 (sadly not with latest firmware 2.00, which improves AF for the X-Pro2) here

Rico’s X-workshop in Luxury Villa in Thailand
only 1 space left for English / only 2 spaces left for German

Fujifilm GFX

Fujifilm X-T2
USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / Calumentphoto DE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / PCHstore / WexUK / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

XF23mmF2 WR

Fujifilm X-Pro2
: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / AmazonUK / WexUK / PCHstore / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

Other X-series cameras

The Fallen and Forgotten Victims of Hurricane Matthew photographed with X-T1 by 17-year old Raphaella on facebook here. You can check out more or Raphaella’s work at her Instagram and her website ralphisphotography / Fuji X100T vs Olympus Pen F at David Fleet youtube /


Hands On With the Fujifilm XF 35/2 | Detroit Street Photography GoPro POV at KeenanRIVALS youtube / Fuji and Samyang 135mm Lens at thefxworks /

a bit of everything
and “why I can’t use MILC for Pro work”

Why I Can’t Use a Mirrorless Camera Professionally at fstoppers / Matt Brandon at thedigitaltrekker’s Reviews Damien’s latest Books “Portraits” and “Fuji X Series Guide” here / Politics of Running (Not) That Successful Photography Blog at olafphotoblog / Another RAW Processor at thelightweightphotographer / Instax Monochrome Comparison at imgur / Fujifilm LH-X100 Lens Hood Review at christopherjwilson / Overview and Test of the New Cactus V6II Wireless Flash Trigger for High-Speed Sync at photography9816 /

RockyNook offers 50% discount on every ebook at their store here

Ken Rockwell Says X-T2 Not Really for Pro’s :: Peak Design Everyday Sling :: X-T2 LCD Color Inaccuracy + More Top FXF Thread & Images

Image by ChangshaNotes

Streetphotography (open thread) shared by ChangshaNotes

shared by Aswald Film vs. Digital

shared by Patrick FR Ken Rockwell X-T2 Review… X-T2 not really for Pro’s… and he was unimpressed by the X-Pro2, too.

shared by darkshine231 My icelandic trip with my fuji x-pro2

shared by FX Admin Fuji GFX 50s Images

shared by Bjorn Moerman Fujifilm XF 23mm f2 lens – REVIEWS HERE

shared by Velvia Fujifilm XF 55-200mm F/3.5-F/4.8 or XC 55-230mm F/4.5-F/6.7?

shared by Tikcus X-T10 discontinued….. roll on X-T20

shared by Ron Groot Wifi X-T2

shared by Tom H. Peak Design Everyday Sling

shared by davidknibb file management

shared by Puma Cat X-T2 rips through the Indy Car Race at Sonoma Raceway!

shared by CuzinVin29 Backbutton Focusing

shared by AdamWoodhouse Quick test some XT2 owners can do?

shared by petergabriel 35mm f2.0 or f1.4 – never mind the noise or speed!

shared by Ketaha 35mm f2 vs. 35mm f1.4 after firmware

shared by sharkman53 Fuji XT-2

shared by Alexander Haase Color inaccuracy of EVF vs LCD (X-T2 vs. X-T1)

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Why I Sold My Nikon D5 for the Fujifilm X-T2 :: Photographing Prince William with X-T2/Pro2 :: X-Pro2 FW 2.00 ** miXed zone

Documentary Wedding Photography / 25 Frames / Fujifilm X at Kevin Mullins youtube

Fujifilm GFX

Fujifilm X-T2
USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / Calumentphoto DE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / PCHstore / WexUK / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

Fuji X-T2 Auto Focus at

  • Why I Sold My Nikon D5 for the Fujifilm X-T2 at petapixel
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  • Fujifilm X-T2 10-Second Timeout & reports of X-T2 being “laggy”. No Bug. The answer at Theoria Apophasis youtube + Confirmed ISSUE -*- Fujifilm X-T2 Vertical Grip. Easy to ‘fix’ and get around at Theoria Apophasis youtube
  • X-T2 review at camerajabber


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Fujifilm 2017 :: The Big Rumor Overview… and 2016 Rumor Check (91% Correct Rumors)

Crystal ball

So, Photokina is over. The most important announcements have been done. So it’s high time to put some order in the remaining rumors.

But first some facts:

  • 650+ blog post published in 2016 so far
  • 101 rumors shared in 2016
  • 13 rumors still to be verified
  • 81 correct rumors (+1 one more correct, but not in ranking. Read why at the bottom of this post)
  • 8 wrong rumors (but actually at least 4 of them were right at the time of sharing. It’s just Fuji that changed plans… that’s the risk I pay for sharing early rumors, and I accept that)
  • 91% correct rumors shared so far in 2016 (and it would be at least 95+%, if Fuji wouldn’t have changed plans on some long term rumors)

And now… what to expect next!

I don’t think Fujifilm will launch much more in 2016… but surprises are always possible. If I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

In 2017 we should see the X100F and the X-T20. And of course the Medium Format Fujifilm GFX will hit the market. It’s also rumored that Profoto will add flash support for X-series cameras. And maybe, so my hope (but not a rumor), after some small and compact weather sealed lenses (35, 23, 50, 80), Fujifilm will also work again on the long rumored 8-16, 33/1 and 200. NOTE: the 33/1 and 200 were rumored in 2015, so they are not included in the 2016 overview.

Sounds already now like a very interesting 2017… and I’m confident Fujifilm will surprise us with something more. Stay tuned on FujiRumors to find it out.

My deepest thanks goes to all sources, who helped me a lot and reached a level of accuracy that is almost scary for a rumor site… I really would like to hug you all :-)

Also, thanks to everybody, who spotted some interesting Fuji related news/rumor/deal/review on the web, and took his/her time to drop me an email with the link to it. Much appreciated… and feel free to keep it up. ;-)

* 75% to 99% correct

– Fujifilm X100T Successor to be Released in 2017 (shared July 28)
– Profoto Will Add Support for Fujifilm X Cameras in 2017 (shared September 12)
– Fujifilm X-T20 Coming in 2017 (and not at Photokina) (shared Septmeber 17)
– Fujifilm X-Pro2 Firmware Coming October 6 (shared September 29)
– Fujifilm Will Release a Dark Grey Fujifilm X-Pro2, probably in 2017 (shared September 30)

*50% to 74% correct

– Fujifilm will develop a XF 8-16mmF2.8 WR lens! (shared 26 May 2016)
– Fuji X100T Successor still with 23mm lens!
– No X-E3 in 2016 (shared February 2, 2016)
– Fujifilm working on a XF200mm… F2 (!) lens (shared Feb.5 2016)
– Fujifilm Global Shutter Camera coming in 2018 (at the earliest) – (shared Mar 14, 2016)
– Fujifilm X-T1 will get one more (and final?) Kaizen Firmware Update This Year! (shared 13 Mai 2016)

*25% to 49% correct

– Fuji X100T & Kaizen Love? High Chance of Firmware 2.00 for Fuji X100T (shared February 11)
– The Fujifilm X100T Successor Will Be Called Fujifilm X100F (shared August 31)

*1% to 24% correct

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miXed zone :: Fujifilm History by Tony Northrup ** Fujifilm X-T2: 10 things I wish were different ** When GAS becomes Stupid

2016 Crankworx Whistler Red Bull Joy Ride with Fujifilm X-T2 at joengphotography

Full List of Today’s Gold Box Deals
AmazonUS, BHphoto, AmazonDE, AmazonUK

Fujifilm GFX

  • Fujifilm’s Medium Format GFX 50S Digital Camera: First Impressions And Frequently-Asked Questions at popphoto
  • Opinion & Thoughts by a Pro Photographer using Medium Format cameras on the Fujifilm GFX at frankdoorhof
  • Welcome to Fujikina (with X-photographers backstage images) at blickwechsel
  • Bert Stephani and Patrick La Roque filmed their road to Photokina 2016 and their stay in Cologne and at the Fuji booth. Check it out at Bert’s youtube channel.
  • Max De Martino, X-Photographer: 360° Hands on Fujifilm GFX 50S medium format camera on youtube
  • Why Fuji’s New Medium Format Camera Is Important at fstoppers

Fujifilm X-T2
USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / Calumentphoto DE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / PCHstore / WexUK / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

X-T2 + 100-400 at Alex Benyon Photography youtube

XF23mmF2 WR

  • The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride at ivanjoshualoh
  • The difference between the XF23mmF2 WR and the 23mmF2 on the X100 series at thephoblographer

Other X-series cameras

Cologne with X-Pro2 + X70 at ivanjoshualoh / Nikon D5 & Fuji X-E2 Shooting Live Theatre at blog.stanleyleary / Budapest, a city trip with the X100T Part I at stockografie /


Fujinon XF 10-24mm Lens Review: High Quality Wide Angle for Crop Sensor Cameras at improvephotography /


Lightroom CC 2015.7 and Camera Raw 9.7 are now available. Nothing Fujifilm specific.

Travel X / Switch (or not) to the X / X Weddings

Switching back to Fuji… or When GAS becomes stupid at stockografie

Acessories / Flash / Bags

Cokin P-Series Filters are Good Enough – My Favorite Landscape Filters for Fuji X Mirrorless at roycruz

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Wireless Printer Review at ephotozine /

a bit of everything

Fujifilm History: Kodak Film Wars, Lenses, & the Rise of X-Mount at Tony Northrup youtube

Fuji X-T2 In Stock at eBayUS (7 left) and AmazonUS (1 left) – UPDATE: X-T2 Kit In Stock at Adorama


UPDATE: the kit in stock at Adorama

The Fujifilm X-T2 is available at eBayUS via Top rated and authorized Fuji Seller Kenmorecamara here. There is also still one left at AmazonUS (via third party seller Focus Camera – official Fuji Seller).

Moreover, I’ve heard from a FR-reader, that Adorama received some X-T2 boxes. They are now in the warehouse and Adorama should ship them today or tomorrow.

Posted earlier today:

Fujifilm X-T2: USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / Calumentphoto DE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / PCHstore / WexUK / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

Marine Shoots Bride & Groom on Their Wedding Day!

Wind in the Hair by Rick Birt with a Meyer-Optik-Goerlitz Trioplan f2.8/100

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

*RequestI have just been informed that one of my photos has been nominated for an award. I would greatly appreciate it if you would support a fellow Fuji X-shooter by clicking this link and like, love, or comment on my black and white portrait. Thanks to all of you, and to Patrick for suggesting I add this request to my post.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Write Your Articles Directly On FujiRumors!

Written for Kelly Williams Photography by Rick Birt of

I recently had the honor of documenting the union of Anna and Hayden Taylor. They are a cute and fun couple, and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting them. I should also mention that Anna’s mother, Charla, was kind enough to provide me with a shot list, and kept everything running smoothly that day. It was arranged to be an intimate ceremony with close family in the living room of the Groom’s parents’ home. It all sounded like the perfect scenario for photographing my first wedding.

So was it all rainbows and unicorns? Not quite…

I had just switched from a Sony a7R II camera to a Fuji X-Pro2 the month before. I absolutely love the Fuji, but I still haven’t mastered it like the Sony. Moreover, I got a bad copy of the 16-55mm zoom-lens and was in the middle of an exchange – so I didn’t have it for the ceremony. Therefore, I went looking for a second body. I almost bought another X-Pro2, but I got a great deal on an Olympus Pen-F and two prime lenses the night before the big day. Suffice it to say, I had not mastered the Olympus either.

As for lighting, I purchased an on-camera speedlight, a Diva ring-light, and a small LED continuous light array. My wife also suggested I bring her light-gun, so I stopped by her studio on the way to meeting the bride, and her mother, at the salon. When I got to my wife’s studio she told me her light gun was “in the attic.” So I proceeded up the stairs to a little loft area where she keeps some of her equipment.

She then asked, “What are you doing?”

I explained, “I’m looking for the light-gun.”

She then said, “It’s in the attic – at home.”

Great :/

So, I grabbed a couple of her Westcott Ice lights and off I went.

The salon was very nice, but was pretty crowded (which I’m sure is normal for a Saturday), so it was hard to find a good shooting position, but I managed to get a few nice portraits.

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Sony Killer (?) Fuji X-T2 Tracks Dogs at Least as Good as Nikon D750 :: Good News Fuji Fans, Lightroom is All You Need (miXed Zone)


This must be the Upcoming Fujifilm Mini-Format Camera :-)
thanks to Steven Hyatt webiste / instagram

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AmazonUS, BHphoto, AmazonDE, AmazonUK

Fujifilm X-T2

Jonas Rask – Shooting The Product – Fujifilm Nordic Youtube
Shooting the X-T2 Product Images at jonasraskphotography

X-T2: USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / Calumentphoto DE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / PCHstore / WexUK / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

  • DON’T MISS THIS ONE: Fujifilm X-T2 Review by Rico Pfirstinger! 12,000 words and hundreds of sample images, animated GIFs and videos. Everything you need to know about the Fujifilm X-T2.
  • X-T2 Review at bokeh-monster: “Miles ahead of the XT1/XPRO1/XE1&2, so we wont even bother making the comparison.”
  • First Impressions of the New Fuji X-T2, Sony Killer? at cochranphotos: “I have been trying to make the jump to Sony [A7 series] so much from my Canon setup but the autofocus speed, battery and Sony lens selection have deterred me. This Fuji X-T2 though was amazingly fast for a mirrorless.”
  • Fuji X-T2 and the Dogs – Tracking Test at flipbook.schaake: “for a first test the results are impressive. I got at least the same amount of keepers as last year with the D750.”
  • Fuji X-T2 AF-C Test & More Sample Pictures by Kevin Mullins at “In comparison, I also tested a similar scenario with my X70, X100T and also my X-T1 and of course, the X-T2 was the clear winner.”
  • Ben Cherry Nature X-Photographer – Taking the best from the X-T1 into the X-T2 at fujifilm-x
  • A 2-month field test of the Fujifilm X-T2 at medium: “I am one of those who doubt if Full-Frame is actually even a necessity.”
  • Fujifilm X-T2 Review (X-T1 vs X-T2 comparison) at MWESTPhotography youtube
  • Real World Video Samples and First Impressions at cinema5d
  • First Impression: Fujifilm X-T2 at joejongue: “Fujifilm has now greatly improved the AF tracking on the X-T2 and is a serious contender for sports / action photographers
  • X-T2 Video First look at Man Down Photography youtube
  • X-T2 Vs. X-Pro2 buy or keep? at Matt Hart Youtube
  • X-T2 Vs. X-Pro2: The Value of Ergonomics at billfortney: “Ergonomics is vital to me for a user camera and the X PRO2 is  sheer joy to hold and shoot!”
  • Fuji X-T2 review in French at blogbyfred (translation)

X-T2: USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / Calumentphoto DE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / PCHstore / WexUK / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

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Two Years, Two Trips & X-E2

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guest post by Boris Chan – 500px

Hoi Patrick, hoi everyone.

This is Boris, a newbie in this Fuji wonderland. Unlike many of you guys, I am by no means a professional photographer- not paid, not freelanced, nothing. Currently I’m doing photography as a hobby, but this pastime is getting a little bit pricey, thanks to my obsession with faux-rangefinder cameras (more on the term “faux-rangefinder later). For goodness sake it’s not a genuine German rangefinder camera. Gimme one and I’ll buy all the compatible lenses till I become bankrupt… 

It has been two years since I bought the Zeiss Touit Duo during “the crazy sale” for $900 – a deal that was too good to be true and nothing but irresistible. To be honest, it was a reckless decision because back then I didn’t even have an X-camera to go with those lenses (or more accurately, I didn’t know which X-body to buy since they all have the same 16MP sensor). Luckily there was a XE2 – XF 18mm F2 bundle and I snatched it up (not in a sense that I didn’t pay) immediately without the slightest hesitation. And that was how I hopped on the Fuji X bandwagon.

In this article, I am not going to bore you all with the specifications, scientific test charts and comparisons because you guys either know it better than I do or can read it on any review page, so I will keep this article very subjective and personal.

My first impression with the XE2 wasn’t all roses.

The build quality surprised me – the silver paint on the top plate started to chip after a week of light use, and what’s beneath is not the attractive lustre of brass as you may have expected to see in such a Leica-like camera, instead the black base paint reared its ugly head. No wonder why some confused the magnesium top plate with a plastic one. Based on my past experience with Panasonic GF1, the paint should hold up quite well, unfortunately that wasn’t the case for the Fuji.

Secondly, the autofocus is quirky. It hunts a lot, it is slow, and when it doesn’t hesitate it confidently focuses on the background rather than the subject. Whoever designed the original autofocus algorithm deserves to be spanked if not sacked. Again, that wasn’t something that I have anticipated in a highly acclaimed premium camera system, as a result I have missed focus in 20-30% of the photos I took in the first week.

Another problem is the stated ISO. I cannot get a correctly exposed image with the Sunny 16 rule, images often appear to be underexposed by one stop.

And then the distance scale – it is not as accurate as it looks, especially when coupled with the Zeiss 32mm.

If there were a 14-day return policy in Hong Kong, I would have exchanged it for a Pansonic GX7, but there isn’t any. As you could have guessed right now, I didn’t sell it. After all, Kaizen is all above constant improvements, right?

During these two years, I have taken this camera on two trips, first to the West Coast, and then to Amsterdam and the UK. And during these two years I am getting used to most of the quirks, which can be partially attributed to the new firmware improvements, and partially to the overall shooting experience.

At first, I didn’t quite get why people compared this digital camera to an old school rangefinder film camera a la Leica M – to me it doesn’t feel like a rangefinder at all. This is a faux-rangefinder camera. It doesn’t have a rangefinder. It doesn’t even have an optical viewfinder. With a liveview EVF, I can preview what the final image will look like with my exposure settings and film simulations (yes, I am a lazy JPEG shooter); and since there is no optical viewfinder to show the world beyond my framelines, I can frame as precisely as I can with a SLR camera. By the way, let’s not forget this camera has autofocus, which again isn’t something you can find on an old school rangefinder with a rare exception of the late Contax G1 &2. To keep things short, the more I shoot, the more I like this camera. 

Okay, let’s talk about the image quality. Blimey, that’s where this camera shines. Punchy & contrasty? Checked.  White balance? Quite accurate. Saturation? Slightly too saturated but in a pleasant way.  Grains? Absolutely bonkers, I swear there’s real film behind that lens. Sharpness? Well, that depends on the lens, right?

Despite all that rubbish I hear about the 18mm F2, it is my favourite lens. It may not be as sharp as the Zeiss lenses, but mind you it weighs half as much, it focuses twice as fast, and just these two points alone make this a must-have for any X shooter. And despite the wide angle distortion, it’s also a great environmental portrait lens thanks to the smooth, characterless bokeh. If you’re looking for an art lens, this isn’t it; but if you want a wide reportage lens, this is it, until the 23mm F2 comes out.

Big Wave by Boris Chan on

Sharp, contrasty, and having quite a bit of extra headroom to crop, I see no excuse to pair this camera up with a zoom lens.
Golden Gate Bridge by Boris Chan on
 With firmware 3.0 came classic chrome film simulation, which has been my favourite and default film for a year or so.

Space Needle & Sun Flowers by Boris Chan on


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