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Fujifilm Managers: “We are Aware of the Many Requests for Fujifilm X-E3. Rangefinder GFX is an Option. GF Lenses Design Challanges & Future”

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Dpreview Interviews Fujifilm Managers

Dpreview interviewed Fuji Guy Billy (Manager for the Technical Marketing and Product Specialist Group) and two more Fuji Managers, Makoto Oishi, manager of Fujifilm’s Sales and Marketing Group and Yuji Igarashi, general manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Division.

They talk about the latest big Fuji announcements. If you are in a hurry, here some of the highlights:

  • GFX TARGET: Fashion, commercial and landscape photographers. And especially when it comes to landscape, it’s not just professional photographers, but also amateur photographers. The tonality and dynamic range also mean it’ll appeal to wedding and architecture photographers.
  • NEW GF LENSES (besides the 6 already announced): We have some ideas but haven’t decided yet. For example maybe a wide-angle zoom for landscape photographers or maybe something like a 200 or 250mm and so on. We want more feedback from users about what to make next.
  • AUTOFOCUS: Some of the first [GF] lenses have linear motors, whereas the 63mm has a different motor, more like the one used in the 23mm F2. The autofocus speed is already very good: we haven’t had any complaints. Instead we’ve had some users surprised by how fast the contrast-detection system is. From a technical point of view, maybe in the future we might incorporate phase-detection pixels. On the other hand, we’re already developed advanced CDAF algorithms.’ There’s no image quality cost to using phase detection.
  • GF LENS DESING CHALLANGES: As the sensor becomes bigger, that means chromatic aberration becomes bigger: it’s proportional to the size. In GFX we’ve minimized aberrations optically and the used digital compensation only to refine then final result, and it depends on lens
  • GFX 50R RANGERFINDER?: The GFX 50S is one style: the ‘S’ means ‘SLR-style.’ Another way to do it would be a rangefinder style camera. Maybe an ‘R’ could be a rangefinder: we’re always considering other options and possibilities.
  • X100F: The X100 series presents a great opportunity: the body size means it works as a second camera for anyone: not just Fujifilm users. If they fall in love with your system then maybe they’ll consider your cameras in future.’ […] X100 is about design. Even making it a couple of millimeters thicker to incorporate a touchscreen or tilt screen would make a big difference. It could change the design completely
  • X-E3: ‘XE is an important series for us,’ Oishi says: ‘There are so many XE1, 2 and 2S users in the world. We are always thinking about the next model, whether that’s XT, XE or X-Pro. Obviously we can’t confirm anything at this point but we are aware there are many requests for this type of camera [see these FujiRumors Polls]

So there is hope for the X-E3… and I like it to believe we, the Fujirumors community, were able to make enough pressure on Fujifilm in all these months… as we already did with other products in the past apparently.

You can read the whole interview at dpreview here.

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Fujifilm’s Unreleased FF190003 Camera Menu Leaked with More Details on January 17

As you might know, Fujifilm has currently two registered and unreleased cameras

One of them is the Fujifilm X100V, which we shared price and release month here.

The other one is… well… as soon as I can, I will let you know ;).

In the meantime, Nokishita spotted further details about the menu interface of Fujifilm’s unreleased FF190003 camera.

The menu looks identical to the one of the Fujifilm GFX50R, with one more additional menu item, that you can see below and at the google drive file here. Nokishita writes:

Fujifilm’s unpublished digital camera “FF190003” passed FCC certification. Appearance images are not open until January 17, 2020. [Correction] The menu screen is that of “GFX 50R”, and only the last one appears to be a new model screen

Just stay tuned on FujiRumors ;)

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Fujifilm X-T2 Price Drops to $799 Again

Fujifilm X-T2

Fujifilm decided to add the Fujifilm X-T2 to the current huge Fujifilm X and GFX deals.

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Gear Talk Detox with These Fujifilm Images Roundup

Gear Talk Detox

Talking gear is nice and good, but using our gear is even more amazing ;).

I did try to remind this to myself, and hence, in the last few weeks, I have grabbed my X-E3 as often as I could and moved my a$$ up to the highest peaks, no matter how the weather was, to try to capture the beauty of my home.

And in fact, the shot I am most proud of lately, happened on such a cloudy day, that I was afraid my 4+ hours hike would be photographically speaking useless.

But despite the thick fog, I snapped my probably favorite image of this fall so far.

So I hope the images below inspire you to get out and shoot, too. The one shot you’ll be so happy with could just be out there, waiting for you.

And it doesn’t really matter, if all images shared down below come from our extremely prolific GFX user group. I just took them from the GFX group, because the last two image roundups all came from our explosive X-T group.

  • X-T image roundup – Fujifilm APS-C Crop is Cr&p and These Images Prove Only Full Frame Delivers
  • X-T image roundup – All APS-C Shortcomings Exposed in this Image Roundup, and How I Couldn’t “Recover” my Wife

The GFX and X-T Communities

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BHphoto Canceled Mega Fujifilm Savings Orders

So it happened. BHphoto canceled the orders for the crazy bundle savings :(

Thanks to readers for letting us know.

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BHphoto has opened again the checkout page.

The good news: they haven’t yet removed what is evidently an error: the super X-T3 and X-H1 bundle deals.

If you can, order now, before they take the deal down, and then hope they will honor the deal.

Here is how it goes (on desktop, NOT on mobile):

  • Go to BHphoto X-H1 page here
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  • Add XF16-55 for $199 only to the bundle
  • Add XF90 for $149 only to the bundle
  • Add XF8-16 for $799 only to the bundle
  • Add XF18-135 for $199 only to the bundle
  • you can also add all 4 lenses to the bundle


  • Go to BHphoto X-T3 page here
  • Select ‘Body Only
  • Click ‘Build Bundle
  • Add XF16/1.4 for $399 only to the bundle
  • Add XF56/1.2 for $399 only to the bundle
  • Add XF10-24 for $399 only to the bundle
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