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Fujifilm X30 with 2/3-inch sensor (trusted Japanese source)

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I know, other rumor sites reported rumors of an X30 with a 1“ sensor (or bigger). But according to our top trusted Japanese source, that’s not correct. The sensor will remain a 2/3 one. I have no reason to doubt what the trusted Japanese source told me.

Let’s start it again, the rumored specs list:

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted / ORS = other rumor sites)

  • 2/3 sensor (TS)
  • announcement at photokina (ORS)

Reminder: the rumor of a release on July 3rd was spread by a forum member of dpreview. FR just reported about it.

 photo X30_zps9bc7e7f8.png

well Robert, I’m working on it ;-)

If you can help me to find out more, feel free to contact me completely anonymously via rumor box (and maybe give yourself a nick-name, so that I can eventually identify you in future if you decide to share some more rumors) or drop me an email at fujirumor [at]


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P.S.: if you click the “READ MORE” button, you’ll see a list with all the rumors spread in 2014 arranged by reliability. You’ll also be able to check what turned out to be correct and what was wrong this year.

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xjrumo confirms: X100S successor announcement at photokina, better AF and EVF + 24MP

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Let’s start with little rumor summary about the X100S successor.

February: Back in February (click here) I’ve spread the first rumors (of a new source) about the X100S successor giving the following specs: 24MP X-Trans sensor, faster AF than X100S, tilt screen, new fixed lens, new EVF, better than X100S, but not as much as X-T1, wider detection area.

May: Then, in May, mirrorlessrumors confirmed that the camera will feature an APS-C X-TRANS sensor and also said that it will be announced at photokina (September).

July: Now, also the usually well informed xjurmo confirms the specs: 24MP ASP-C sensor, better EVF and faster AF.

The Name: If you remember, I told you here that a new source shared a rumor with FR that I couldn’t publish because it said: “Please confirm it with your other sources first as marketing department might change the plans“. I did my homework and had a talk with our top trusted Japanese source. And it confirms: Fuji has plans to call the X100S successor X100T. So I shared the rumor. Now xjurmo’s source said that the name could be X100T or X200. So maybe the final word has not yet been spoken? However, he confirms that both option are/were on Fuji’s table.

The rumored specs list so far is the following:

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / ASwN = Anonymous source with nick-name / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted / ORS = other rumor sites)

  • X100T (TS + NeS)
  • 24MP (NeS + ORS)
  • X-Trans Sensor (NeS + ORS)
  • faster AF than X100S (NeS + ORS)
  • tilt screen (NeS)
  • new fixed lens (NeS)
  • new and better EVF (NeS + ORS)
  • wider phase detection area (NeS)
  • announcement at photokina (ORS)

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Coming Early September: Nissin i40 Flash for Fujifilm X-series (TIPA awarded as Best Portable Lighting System)

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Hi all,

as you may remember, a forum member at dpreview said that the small and powerful Nissin i40 for Fujifilm X cameras will be available in October. Well, according to a FR-source, it will happen earlier.

The actual availability date will be various between countries, but the first lot of flashes will be in stock at authorized dealers around early September

The Nissin i40 is a new great super compact powerful and flexible flash with ergonomics of the Fujifilm EF-X20. It recently won the TIPA Award 2014 for the“Best Portable Lighting System”.

“The small (3.35 x 2.4 x 3.35 inches) and lightweight (203g, without battery and soft box) Nissin i40 is available in models dedicated (TTL) to Canon, Nikon, Sony, Four thirds and Fujifilm models, and can cover a lens angle of view from 24-105mm, with additional coverage to 16mm with the supplied diffuser. The Guide Number is 40 at the 105mm setting (meters/ISO 100) and 27 at 35mm. An innovative LED illuminator sits where smaller fill flash modules were in the past, and the light can be used for both still and video recording with 9 steps of output. The i40 offers rear, front curtain and high-speed sync, wireless slave and can be swivelled up to 180 degrees right and left and 90 degrees vertical.”

I wish you a great weekend,
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P.S.: if you click the “READ MORE” button, you’ll see a list with all the rumors spread in 2014 arranged by reliability. You’ll also be able to check what turned out to be correct and what was wrong this year.

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Fuji patents evolution of the “real-image zoom optical viewfinder”.

 photo ovfzoom_zps0188fb01.jpg

This is one of the (many) Fujifilm patents you can check out at freepatentsonline here (PDF file here). It was published back in April (04/29/2014), Filing Date or the Patent: 01/02/2014

It seems to be an evolution of the “Real-image zoom viewfinder” already present in the X20 viewfinder. There is plenty of technical stuff to read at freepatentsonline, but petapixel sums it up saying that “the viewfinder would be able to optically zoom in synchronization with the varying focal length of a zoom lens.” And, at least looking at the image of the patent, this viewfinder should find its way into future compact Fuji Point&Shoot cameras.

But what’s the advantage of this specific “real-image viewfinder” compared to the one of the X20 (which delivers 85% coverage and a 20° horizontal apparent field of view)? Well, I do not know, and it must be hidden somewhere in the very complicated description of the patent.

So will maybe the X30 feature an upgraded “real-image zoom optical viewfinder”? That’s the question I’ll now send directly to our sources ;-)

But it’s good to see that Fuji continues to work on the OVF technology. It’s definitely a good news for OVF lovers. However, no OVF in the world will give you the possibility to see in real-time how your final shot will be (WYSIWYG), which is very useful, especially when you have to act fast and there is not the time to take a shot, check the result on the LCD, change the exposure, take another shot, check the image again, make adjustments and so on. With an EVF you look through the viewfinder, turn the dial, see immediately the result in the EVF… and “click“.

But what do you think? Do you prefer the EVF or the OVF? 2 alternatives, one answer. And feel free to list your PROS and CONS for a OVF or EVF in the comments.

Oh, and I know, a hybrid viewfinder would make us all happy. So, dear Fuji, don’t forget it in the X-PRO2 :-)

Between the X-T20 and the X-E3, I'd buy the...

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And just for fun. Here is how Fuji explains the “real-image zoom viewfinder“. It’s all one sentence, so be concentrated:

“A real-image zoom viewfinder substantially consisting of, in order from an object side, a variable-magnification objective lens system having a positive refractive power, an erect optical system, and an eyepiece lens system having a positive refractive power, wherein the variable-magnification objective lens system substantially consisting of, in order from the object side, a first lens group that includes a first lens having a negative refractive power and a reflective member arranged in this order from the object side and is fixed during magnification change, a second lens group that has a positive refractive power and is moved during magnification change, and a third lens group that has a positive refractive power and is moved during magnification change, the erect optical system has at least one reflective surface for converting an inverted image formed by the variable-magnification objective lens system into an erect image and is fixed during magnification change, the eyepiece lens system has a positive refractive power and is fixed during magnification change, and conditional expressions (1), (2A) and (3) below are satisfied at the same time:
1.5<U2/U1<3.0 (1),
1.76≦|f2/f1|<2.0 (2A) and
1.0<f3/f2<5.0 (3), where U1 is a distance from an object-side lens surface of the first lens to a most object-side lens surface in the second lens group along an optical axis in a state where zoom setting is set at a telephoto end, U2 is a difference between the distance from the object-side lens surface of the first lens to the most object-side lens surface in the second lens group along the optical axis in a state where the zoom setting is set at the telephoto end and a distance from the object-side lens surface of the first lens to a most image-side lens surface in the third lens group along the optical axis in a state where the zoom setting is set at a wide-angle end, f1 is a focal length of the first lens group, f2 is a focal length of the second lens group, and f3 is a focal length of the third lens group.”

via freepatentsonline / photographybay / petapixel

Unpublished X-shooter stories and shots!

When I started FR, a pleasent surprise was to discover that I’m not alone with my passion. I’ve received many emails from X-shooters all around the world telling me their stories and sharing their shots.

For a long time, I tried to feature them in the so called “X-shooter zones”. But it was not enough, as the waiting list grew more and more and I had to find better ways to share all your shots and stories.

So I had the idea to move the X-shooter zone to the FR-facebook page.

The big advantage was that everyone could share immediatly its story and shots with all the other X-shooters. And almost once a week I pick out the most voted shots and share them also on the Fujirumors blog.

But there are still many X-shooters who waited and waited to be featured. So today I’ll publish them all, all the X-shooters I’ve never shared here.

From now on, feel free to post your images on the FR-facebook page. The most liked ones will make it into the next X-shooter facebook zone.

take care,
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_ _ _

Robin Goossens

I’m just back from Iceland , and over there , in cold weather , climbing and walking all day , the low weight but incredible performance of the fuji cameras

came again more clear to me …

Altough the X100 and XE1 has no weather sealing , the cameras performed well without problems , and this even under splashing water from snow of waterfalls   (First picture on the blog really show’s a simple XE1 does fine in cold weather and harsh conditions :) )

Hope to get my hands quickly on the new X-T1 which looks amazing …

Robin Goossens

 photo tumblr_n3m8q6mSh91txg6hco1_1280_zps174216ab.jpg

_ _ _

Neil Hennessy-Vass

My story is not unusual, I was a London based Leica film camera user (M6, M7) with a hand full of lenses.  I also had a couple of Leica point and shooters as well.  Then started hearing about the X100.  That was it really, I sold some Leica glass and took the plunge.

The X100 is a lovely little camera that demands you to consider what you are doing.  It slowed down my photography for the better.  I then expanded with the X-E1 which I still have with the original three release lenses (18mm, 35mm and 60mm).

Then last month I went for the X-T1.  What a camera, I shoot a lot of close up work, mainly food and the view finder is a great boon in this area it is so large and clear.  It is also a lot faster in just about every way than the X-E1 and having an ‘exoskeleton’ design approach is just a joy, coming from a film background I hate fumbling through menus.  Here are a few of my recent exploits with my new ’toy’.  You can see more of my pics on my blog

Neil Hennessy-Vass

 photo ViewfromaMountaintoSea_zpse023709c.jpg


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The Big Rumor Check-Up 2014: The right, the wrong and the still to come (with reliability rating)

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Hi there,

2014 is almost 6 months old, and I thought it’s time to check back the rumors I’ve published in order to see what turned out to be correct, what was wrong, and especially to tell you how reliable the remaining rumors are.

For me, this is a good opportunity to make a rumor overview of the past half year and to answer to all those readers who dropped me an email asking me how reliable rumors published in the past months are.

Rumors NOT included: rumors from other sites and blogs, as I simply reported about them and never confirmed them with my sources (like digicame-info saying the X30 would come in February/March, the 18-135 price [it was published by a store], Fujifilm Bangladesh announcing a new X-mount camera, the freepatentsonline stuff, Dominik Fusina publishing his fake X-W1 and a few more).

And here they are. I added very low, low, medium or high rating to the rumors. I hope this helps you to get an orientation in the rumor jungle.

enjoy your day,
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X100T successor of X100S

XF16mm 1.4


X-PRO2 with APS-C sensor

No more X-PRO1S, all R&D placed into the X-PRO2

X30 coming in summer (so there is time until September 20)


XF 35mm MKII (As Fuji has first to complete its lens lineup, it could take a while before the 35 MKII hits the market… and Fuji can change plans in any moment regarding this lens.) PLEASE NOTE: This rumor was not reported accurately by other sites (as petapixel and mirrorlessrumors). They quote FR, but say that the lens is “coming soon”. Which I never said. None of my sources ever told me a release date. In fact I said on May 5th: “I do not know when it will be launched nor which improvements we can expect, but, as you may guess, I’m restlessly working on it.”

Faster AF for the 35mm MKII (This rumor is separated from the first 35MKII rumor, as it comes from another source and was posted in another article)

X200 with 24MP, tilt screen, improved AF and wider detection area (Medium rating as I think that some, but not all the specs will be correct. The name has changed almost for sure to X100T).

Button Upgrade for the early produced X-T1’s with mushy buttons.

X-PRO2 available in 2015


X-T1P release with 4K viewfinder in July [An upgrade (or special/limited edition) is possible, but not anytime soon. And, as soon as also drphotorumor says that this rumor is not correct, I’ll downgrade it to “very low rating”. As soon as/if the top trusted Japanese source and/or the good old source tells me that this is wrong, I’ll move it into the wrong rumors 2014 list]

XF 90mm (same as the 35 MKII here, the release of this lens is everything else but imminent, so a lot can change. Plus: I do not have any confirmation until now about it from trusted sources or sources who were right in the past)


Sigma X-mount coming at photokina

Medium Format Fuji (there are several anonymous sources telling me that this rumor is wrong. But I will post an update only when a trusted source speaks. And if they say, as to expect, that it is not correct, I’ll move it into the “wrong rumors” list)

_ _ _

And now let’s check the 2014 rumors

NOTE: You will see for example some X-T1 rumors (and others) listed sepratately. This is due the fact that there was, for example, a source telling me of a tilt screen, while another told me at a different time about the price and so on.

It’s fair towards my sources not to put everything together in the same pot and simply say “X-T1”, as every rumor listed here comes from a different source and was posted in different articles and could have been right or wrong.

Obviously the same goes for the wrong rumors. I don’t simply say “18-135 announcement”, but shared all 3 wrong release dates separately, so that they result as 3 errors and not as one.


– XF 18-135 coming June 16th

– X-E2 deal

– X-E2 firmware update with X-T1 EVF refresh rate coming soon (correct, it came a few days later)

– TCL-X100 will be out end of May (correct. It’s available since then in Japan, now also in Europe. Still out of stock in USA)

– TCL-X100 will cost €250 and be a bit cheaper than the WCL (correct. AmazonDE sells the silver version for €249, while the discounted WCL still costs €269)

– TCL-X100 will cost $350/400 (correct, it costs $350 at Bhphot & Co)

– TCL-X100 coming second half of April (correct, announced April 22)

– Lightroom 5.4 coming next week

– February/March lens deals with confidential Fuji document

– With the next update, Adobe will support X-Trans film simulation

– X30 won’t come in February/March as rumored by digicame-info

– Image and size comparison of the 10-24 with a protype 18-135 (real image)

– XF 16-55 and 50-140 will be weather sealed

– X-T1 announcement in January 28th at 4:30 AM London Time

– Improved WiFi for the X-T1

– UHS-II SD card slot, but no double SD-card slot + 8fps with AF tracking (Fuji originally planed a dual SD-card slot. When the first X-T1 image leaked here on FR, it even looked like a dual SD-card slot, but the Japanese source said it has just a single SD-card slot)

– X-T1 will cost $1300 / €1200

– First images of a prototype X-T1

– Firmware update for Zeiss will add PDAF support

– Tilt screen for the X-T1

– The name of the weather sealed X will be X-T1

– X-T1 will have the best EVF on the market

– black X100S will have a retail price of about £1000, about the same as silver version (the final retail price in UK is RRP £1099.99 for the black and £1049 for the silver version, according to wexUK. But now both are sold cheaper).

– XF56mm announcement at January 6th

– black X100S will be the only “new” X-camera presented at CES


– XF 18-135 announcement on Memorial Day (wrong, but, as Rico said in his first look, the announcement has been postponed at least two times, so actually the date could have been origianlly correct, but the source did not know about the updated release date. NOTE: I excluded the rumor of an 18-135 f/3.5-4.8, as this was a typo by Fujifilm at the CP+ (see this image), and I just reported about it.

– XF 18-135 will come in May (I’ve shared this in Janaury. But what was right in Janaury, is wrong now. As we know from Rico, the release has been pushed back at least two times. Announcements are a very tricky part of rumors).

– XF 18-135 in stores in February

– X-PRO2 with FF sensor (wrong, and corrected a few weeks later by the top trusted Japanese source)

Digital Medium Format Camera from Fujifilm coming by the end of summer? (new + anonymous source)

 photo FUJIGF670W_zps24f76c44.jpeg

Tell me, why go “just” Full Frame? According to a new and also an anonymous source, Fujifilm will launch a digital medium format mirrorless camera.

Of course, for now, be very careful with this information and take it with the usual grain of salt. That said, here is what the 2 sources told me:

New Source

Fuji will launch a digital Medium Format camera by the end of summer.

Anonymous Source

Fuji is working on a digital medium format mirrorless camera. The prototype is said to look like a [shoplink 12882 ebay]X-PRO1[/shoplink], with hybrid viewfinder, but more of a size of the Fuji GF670. The prototype is using the same Sony CMOS sensor present in the Pentax 645z.

_ _ _

It’s a tough battle in the fiercly contested mirrorless market! Latest rumors suggest that also Sony will launch a Mamiya 7 style MF camera (source-SAR). But, as the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! And Fuji seems to be ready to face the challenge.

Keep in mind that the Sony and the Fuji rumor are both still NOT confirmed by trusted sources.

However, if the rumors are true, then also Fujifilm has some trump cards to pull out of its sleeve. A Medium Format digital mirrorless camera, the rumored X200, X30 and the X-PRO2. (OMG, lots of rumors I have to work on! ;-) )

Ok, I’ll put my best also into this rumor and see if I can confirm the MF Fuji ASAP. Of course, feel free to help me and to make my work a bit easier. If you decide to share some information, you can do it completely anonymously via rumor box (if you don’t mind, use a nickname, so that I can eventually recognize you in future), or contact me via email at fujirumor [at]

stay tuned for more
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X20 discontinued at B&H… X30 (with sensor bigger than 1“) on the way?

 photo disc_zps3d7370f3.jpg

These days, all eyes are set (deservedly) on the umpteenth version of Sony’s RX100, the RX100MIII. It’s crazy how frenetically Sony updates its products (see also the Sony A7-R-K-S).

That’s not really the same policy of Fuji. The X-PRO1 is about 2 ½ years old, and still hasn’t been replaced. And of the 13 X-cameras currently available, only 4 were replaced by newer models in about 3 years (X10=X20, XF1=XQ1, X-E1=X-E2, X100=X100S). Fujifilm seems to focus more on firmware updates to improve the performance of older cameras. This Kaizen philosophy might be bad for electronic imaging field of the company (which is still losing money), but it’s definitely good for us customers.

Now, one of the next cameras that could be replaced in foreseeable future is the X20. The X30 is rumored to come in “summer”, and, as the usually well informed xjrumo said months ago, the sensor will be bigger than the 1” sensor of the RX100III.

Another hint that the X30 could be in the pipeline: the silver X20 is already discontinued at BHphoto… and US stores that have some left in stock, are selling it now with a $50 price drop. Check it out at AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline.

And what do you think? Should Fuji follow Sony’s path and release udpated cameras with new (even minor) hardware changes more often (e.g. X-PRO1S)? Over at the Fujirumors facebook page Anurag said that Sony is “keeping up with the market“, while Olle said: “I myself value a brand that constantly keeps improving their current firmwares and meanwhile produces cameras with bigger improvements (x-t1) and great lenses. I work in a camera store and if its something the nex-users are asking for its the non existens nex lenses.

So the question is, if it’s better to launch an X-PRO1S/T/N or whatever, instead of waiting 3 years for the “major breakthrough” promised by Fuji with the X-PRO2.

stay tuned
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Patent: new color filter, also for organic sensor!

 photo organicsensor_zpsd911dabb.jpg

The innovation continues. Fujifilm is working hard on the new organic sensor. Will this be the sensor of the X-PRO2? I still don’t know it. In the meantime check out the patent for new color filters giving better color reproducibility and less noise, applicable also to the organic sensor, at

Organic sensor or not, looking at the various polls shared here on FR, the majority of you prefer an APS-C sensor over a Full Frame sensor.

Annual Report: Imaging division profitable, strong sales for X-E2 and X-T1 but compact camera overall revenue declines

 photo REPORT2_zpsbb04fc79.jpg

Fuji’s annual report is online here.

As you can see from the diagram above, Fuji’s imaging division is partitioned in 3 fields: 1) the photo imaging business, 2) electronic imaging field (compact digital cameras), 3) optical device field.

_ _ _

The Good News

The good news is that, overall, the imaging division is making profits… and it’s especially fiel 1 (photo imaging) and field 3 (optical device) that are leading Fuji’s imaging division out of the operational loss.

“In the Imaging Solutions segment, consolidated revenue amounted to ¥373.6 billion, up 8.0% from the previous fiscal year. Such factors as the expanded sales of camera modules for use in smartphones led to the consolidated revenue increase.

Operating profit amounted to ¥3.6 billion, due to strong sales in the photo imaging business, such as instant cameras, cost reductions and other factors.

Robust sales were seen in the optical devices field, owing to the large sales increase in camera modules for smartphones as well as strong sales of TV camera lenses.

Revenue increased and the segment turned into profitability, reflecting such factors as the strong sales in the photo imaging business (mainly instant cameras), the falling yen exchange rate, and fixed-cost reductions […] the sales of instant cameras and films increased substantially ([shoplink 17593]Instax mini 90[/shoplink] and [shoplink 23847]Instax Share SP-1 printer[/shoplink])”

The Bad News

And what about the compact digital cameras (field 2: electronic imaging field)? Well, it’s still the weak spot of the imaging segment.

In fact, the electronic imaging field is still suffering, because the “popularity of smartphones has been causing demand for compact digital cameras to decline“. So, although the sales of the premium X-series cameras are increasing, the overall revenue is declining. However, Fuji expects the sales to of X-series cameras to grow in future.

“Sales in the optical device and electronic imaging products business increased, because sales in the optical device field were strong while sales of compact digital cameras decreased.

In the electronic imaging field, the sales of premium interchangeable-lens-type cameras, such as the FUJIFILM X-E2, which was launched in November 2013, and the FUJIFILM X-T1, which was launched in February 2014 were strong, but a decrease in overall demand for compact digital cameras, reflecting the spread of smartphones, caused the overall revenue to decline. Fujifilm is working to expand sales centering on interchangeable-lens-type cameras, increasing the product lineup in the X Series of premium cameras that leverage Fujifilm’s exclusive technologies and, XF Lens Series, interchangeable lens systems.

Although the market for compact digital cameras is shrinking, demand for high-quality photographs is growing. Our X-Series of high-end digital cameras that concentrates on image quality, operational sense and texture is particularly beloved of photography aficionados. […] we expect the market for digital cameras with interchangeable lenses to grow”

The moral of the story? Drop the entry level segment and give us the X-PRO2 / X200 :-)