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Fuji will release a firmware update for the Nissin i40 to enable HSS flash sync with TTL metering! (src – Nissin Rep)

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You might remember that, at the beginning of February, FR-reader Sascha told us in the comments to the “Wild Rumors post“, how to force HSS on your Nissin i40. The tirck spread also on wimarys‘ website.

The trick works, you can enable HSS… but without TTL metering.

Well, wimarys had a conversation with a Nissin rep, who told him that Nissin is “waiting for the HSS firmware update to be released by Fujifilm”. This update will allow you to use HSS with TTL metering!

thanks for the link, vadim.

And what about the long expected (and rumored) Fujifilm Flash?

I was a bit worried when, a few days ago, I shared the news that the mecablitz 26 AF-1 digital release has been pushed back to April. As FR-reader Just a Thought commented: “The delay might well be due to the insolvency that Metz went through.”

You might wonder why this should affect the release of the Fuji flash.

As you can read in this rumor, a source told us that the Fujifilm Flash will be made by Metz. And back in November 2014 a tursted source told us that it was expected to come in spring 2015. Well, I hope the insolvency of Metz won’t affect the release of this (really needed!) flash… or that the anonymous source was not right and the flash is not made by Metz.

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Fujifilm EF-42 

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CP+ German XF Hands-On video: “XF 100-400 probable aperture range from f/5 to f/5.6 to make it more compact”


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Fujirumors’ window to CP+: DAY 4
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ValueTechTV shared 2 short video presentations of some unreleased lenses at (Part1 –  Part2).

For non-German speaking FR-readers, here are what I consider the most interesting things they say:

Part 1: The XF35mmF2 will come end of 2015. It’s smaller than the 35mmF1.4, which is very good if you look through the OVF, so the lens protrudes less into the viewfinder. [admin: the journalist probably just forgot to add: “ if you look through the OVF… of the X-PRO2” ;) ]

Part 2: ValueTechTV says that the XF 100-400 was delayed, because Fuji decided to change the aperture range at the wide end [mock-ups at photokina showed an aperture range from F4 to F5.6]. Always according to ValueTechTV, Fuji is still “experimenting”, but it will have more or less a range that goes from F5 to F5.6 in order to make it more compact.


X-Mount Filter Lens video  mounted on a X-A2

DPR Hands-On Photos with all lens prototypes + XF 120mmF2.8: “You can expect a lot from this lens!”

 photo dpr_zpsobz96iwg.png

Fujirumors’ window to CP+: DAY 3
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Dpreview posted some hands on photos will all the unreleased lenses in the roadmap… and some information:

XF 35mmF2: faster AF than the 35mmF1.4 – weather sealing not confirmed – available last quarter of 2015
XF 120mmF2.8: will have OIS – WR still unconfirmed –  focus limiter – available 2016… and I can’t see any tripod mount in the pictures
XF 16mmF1.4: coming soon – AF speed similar to 23mmF1.4
XF 100-400: not the final design

I repost also an updated version of the new roadmap. In the previous versions there was a bit of confusion, because Fujifilm ordered the lenses from left to right according to their focal length, and not their estimated release time… making the time indication much more vague. Well, now in this roadmap, you can see the lenses ordered more clearly, this means with the horizontal position showing the release time.

So we can see that:

XF 16mmF1.4 & XF 90mmF2 should come in the first half of 2015
– XF 35mmF2 somewhere around next fall (right in time for the X-PRO2??)
– XF 100-400 early 2016
– XF 120mmF2.8 1:1 Macro around spring 2016

 photo asasaaaag_zpsv4qkuiiv.jpg

FujifilmXworld published another teaser of the unreleased lenses. This time it’s about the big brother of the XF 60mmF2.4.

XF Lens has the half macro lens XF60mmF2.4 R and recently added macro extension tube in the lineup. And we will soon have the 1:1 Macro lens XF120mmF2.8 R Macro as the latest addition.
This lens will be like a big brother of XF60mm, and XF60mm has the highest resolution capability among any XF lenses, so you can expect a lot from this lens. Start counting days for the release in 2016.”

 photo 1012384_824438234295648_4120653812249880721_n_zpsbtvxilwo.jpg

Sweet Fuji ;) –  via fujixseries Japan

 photo 10959385_869184673103193_7952123929189013655_n_zpsrjeosgrc.jpg


NEW IMAGES of XF 90mmF2 & XF 16mmF1.4 WR + NEW ROADMAP with BETTER VIEW of when lenses are coming!

 photo k_zpsxbc6jzs7.jpg

 photo XF16 1.4R WR Nano-GI _zpsaz9vd1ed.jpg

NEW XF 90mmF2 & XF 16mmF1.4

FujiXworld published a new image of the XF90mmF2… no markings on the lens, but we know from Fuji Guy Greg himself that it is going to be weather sealed. And as Markus noticed “it appears Fuji has greatly reduced the diameter of this lens compared to what was shown at the Photokina.”.

They also show a new image of the XF 16mmF1.4, and this time we can clearly read the “WR”& Nano GI coating markings :)

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Just 2 days ago, Fujifilm published a new roadmap. But there was a bit of confusion, because Fujifilm ordered the lenses from left to right according to their focal length, and not their estimated release time… making the time indication much more vague.

Well, now in the roadmap at the bottom of this post, you can see the lenses ordered more clearly, this means with the horizontal position showing the release time.

So we can see that:

XF 16mmF1.4 & XF 90mmF2 should come in the first half of 2015
– XF 35mmF2 somewhere around next fall (right in time for the X-PRO2??)
– XF 100-400 early 2016
– XF 120mmF2.8 1:1 Macro around spring 2016

 photo asasaaaag_zpsv4qkuiiv.jpg

[UDPATE] RUMOR: The mysterious new entry-level? A cheaper version of the Fujfilm X-T1 (source was right in the past)

 photo entrylevelX-T1_zps70856825.jpg

[MESSAGE TO THIS SOURCE: I could be great if you contact me also via email (if you want, use a fake email address), so that we can talk directly to each other.]

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[UDPATE: The source said it will come in 2015, whitout specifing any date. My guess was it will come in early 2015. Read here for the udpated article]

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Who follows FR regularly will already know that Fujifilm has (according to FR-rumors) two new X-cameras in the pipeline for the next few months: a fixed lens one and an entry level MILC. Now, the fixed lens one could be the XQ2, the successor of the smallest X-series camera on the market.

And what about the MILC?

Well, according to an anonymous source with “nick name”, who was right in the past, it will be a cheaper version of Fujifilm’s best selling X-series camera, the Fujifilm X-T1.

Please keep in mind that, although I try to be as accurate as possible (83% correct rumors in 2014), you should take rumors that do not come from trusted sources, with a grain of salt… including this one.

So what, would this be a smart move or not? I’m really curious to read what you think about it in the comments.

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Fuji’s first half 2015 (rumored) X-gear roadmap: 2 new X-series cameras, 1 more lens and a new flash!

 photo rumorroadmap_zps7e662a5f.jpg

Do you remember 2013, when Fujifilm released the X100S, X20, X-M1, X-A1, X-E2, XQ1, XF 14mm, XF 55-200mm, XF 27mm, XF 23mm, XC 50-230mm and XC 16-50mm? Well, times seem to be over, when Fujifilm frantically released X-gear after X-gear in order to build up an entire system from zero.

Maybe in 2015 we won’t see such an avalanche of new products as in 2013… but it could nevertheless be very interesting year, especially because…

… because of the Fujiflm X-PRO2. All the eyes (especially mine ;-) ) are focused on it. However, I try to keep my radar finely tuned also on the rest of possible Fuji X-gear.

So I’ve summed up rumors shared here on Fujirumors, focusing, for now, on the first half of 2015.

I did NOT include the X-PRO2 in the first half of 2015 list because, at the moment, release dates are simply too contradictory. They go from early or first half 2015 to second quarter and even to fall 2015 (at least they all say 2015 :-) ). I’ll wait for trusted sources to find out the facts and will then post an update with the release date.

And of course, you can help my rumor sleuthing by sharing your knowledge. Just contact FR at fujirumor [at] gmail [dot] com (with fake email account, if you want), or 100% anonymously via rumor box (possibly with nick-name, so that I can eventually recognize you in future).

First half 2015 rumored X-gear

I think that CP+ this year (February 12 to 15) could be way more interesting than the CES. So what could come in these first 6 months? Here is the list:

2 new X-series cameras:

  • an entry-level camera: my personal guess, X-A1/X-M1 replacement/successor (trusted source – read rumor here)

  • a fixed lens camera (Anonymous Source – read rumor here). There were rumors in the past about an X70 (read rumor here), an entry level version of the X100 series with 23mm f/2.8 lens. It was definitely in Fuji’s plans in 2013, but such plans were dropped later on (information of trusted source). I have NOT heard of a comeback of the X70 until now, but it’s the only fixed lens camera I have heard about in the past. However, it could well be a completely new camera… if the anonymous source is right, of course.

2 new lenses:

New Flash:

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X-T1 + XF18-55: BHphoto (save $100 + lots of freebies) / AmazonUS (save $100)
X100S (save $450 – black version): BHphoto (free SD card and bag). The silver one comes for $973 at AmazonUS.
X-E1: BHphoto is offering the X-E1 + 18-55 for just $699.


XF 18-135 WR : BHphoto (save $100) / AmazonUS (save $100)
XF 56mm f/1.2
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XF 23mm f/1.4: BHphoto (save $200) / AmazonUS  (save $200)
XF 14mm f/2.8: BHphoto (save $169) / AmazonUS  (save $169)
XF 35mm f/1.4: BHphoto (save $100) / AmazonUS  (save $100)
XF 60mm f/2.4: BHphoto (save $100)
XF 10-24mm: BHphoto (save $200) / AmazonUS  (save $200)
XF 55-200mm: BHphoto (save $150) / AmazonUS  (save $150)
XF 18-55mm:
BHphoto (save $70)

Fujifilm should present a flash system for X series at the CES (anonymous source)

 photo asd_zps6f84ebaf.jpg

the Fujifilm EF-42 is one of the Fuji flashes available at the market. More flash units are needed…. a new flash could come in spring 2015

_ _ _

[MESSAGE TO THE ANONYMOUS FLASH RUMOR SOURCE: Thanks, and in case you decide to share more Fuji related rumors, please quote the beautiful saying you added at the bottom of your rumor, so that I can recognize you in future.]


An anonymous source told us that:

Fuji should present a flash system for X series at the CES.”

The flash has long been rumored. A guide number of 50 or 52, HSS capability, wireless control ability… previous rumors said it will be available in spring. So, if this anonymous source is right, the flash will be announced at CES (6th to 9th of January) and available a couple of months later.

It’s an anonymous source, so, for now, take it with a grain of salt… but at least we will soon see if it’s correct.

That said, I’ll do the best I can also in 2015 to match (or exceed) the 83% correct rumor hit rate of 2014. It will be hard, but I can reach this goal with your support… so, if there is anybody out there, who has some insights to share with Fujirumors, feel free to can contact me 100% anonymously via rumor box (maybe using a nick name so that I can eventually recognize you in future) or via email at fujirumor [at]

The information you share will be handled in the way you prefer and published only with your permission.

stay tuned on Fuji Rumors,
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Happy New Year… and 682 reasons to stay tuned on Fujirumors also in 2015 !

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My fellow X-shooters,

writing on Fujirumors was really fun this year. Sometimes I was so excited to let you know about a rumor or news, that I couldn’t wait to get out of the classroom, connect my iPhone to my MacBook Air, and finally inform you about it.

Sure, it was often also a pretty hard work to keep this blog running, alone, and to write 682 articles in 2014, several thousands of emails, fixing server issues, skype with sources late at night and much more, on the top of a full-time day job and in my holidays.

So please pardon me if you noticed articles written evidently in a hurry… but I wrote many of them while sitting in the bus that brings me at work, in trains, when I was sick, in bars, during the lunch break, in the middle of the night, when I was happy or when I was sad… non stop, 365 days a year. I basically never leave my appartment without my Mac and iPhone (and an X ;) ), you can see me here.

Therefore I apologize already now if, also in future, you see lots of errors, typos, poor English or whatever.

But, despite all my limits, I’m ready for other 682+ articles in the new year and really excited to see what Fujifilm has to offer in the upcoming year! So let 2015 come! …  and I hope you’ll be with me on this journey through 2015.

So, thanks to all who followed FR in 2014, it was a great year with you… and special thanks to Rico Pfirstinger for his brilliant X-pert corner articles.

And now just focus on having fun tonight… Happy New Year dear readers… may all your secret wishes become true in 2015… you wonder about my secret wish? Here it is (watch at the search request ;) ).

So, for today, my slogan is: “Less Internet, More Cabernet!”as you can see here, if you look closely.

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NOTE: The image is a courtesy of Tom Grill (website)

“Fujifilm won’t have a booth at CES 2015! My Guess? Big Announcements in Late 2015” (DPR-moderator Chris)

 photo asd_zps246a5358.jpg

If you are going to Las Vegas for the CES, you will probably waste your time looking for the Fujifilm booth, since, according to dpr-moderator Chris (f-sunny, via dpreview) – who’s heading to Las Vegas soon -, there won’t be any Fujifilm booth at CES… just rooms for business meetings.

Chris assumes there won’t be “big announcement, because they have no booth to show it/them off. My guess would be Fuji will save their announcements for shows late in 2015, and have a Fuji booth at those locations.”

If Chris is right, then this means that Fujifilm has not that much in the pipeline for the next couple of months (the 16-55mmF2.8, the 16mmF1.4 and a rumored entry level X, which should be also the last one, according to actioncamerarumors).

The Fujifilm X-PRO2? Oh yes, this one is coming too, sooner or later in 2015 ;) .

Fuji manager Hisashi Toshi: “The future is High-End!” XF 16-55 will cost around 120,000 yen. FujiUK says: “NO OIS”

 photo asd_zps4c1e2127.jpg

image courtesy: heraldcorp (translation)

Hasta la vista, OIS. The XF 16-55 won’t have it.


NO OIS 1: After the 16-55 with OIS at the Fuji magazine, I’ve contacted FujifilmUK/FRA and the Fuji Guys via twitter and asked for a clarification. Just now I’ve received the answer from FujiUK (thanks). It’s just a typo, the OIS was removed from the magazine. They also said:

The IQ of this lens is going to be amazing. OIS takes physical space which means the lens elements can’t be precisely where they need to be to allow for the absolute best image quality. We feel that it will be a better lens without it.

My advice to Fuji: make an X-PRO2 with IBIS, and you could still sell plenty of these lenses. But for now, I’m afraid no OIS will be a deal breaker for many.


NO OIS 2: FR-reader Antoine was at the Fuji showroom in Tokyo and said that the mockup of the 16-55 f2.8 is not OIS, neither on the tag nor on the lens itself.


NO OIS 3: Korean interview (dated 12.12.2014) at heraldcorp (translation) with Fuji manager Hisashi Toshi. The journalist didn’t ask Mr. Hisashi Toshi about the OIS, but you can see a mock-up of the lens… no OIS marking on it.

THE PRICE: The XF 16-55mmF2.8 will cost around 120,000 yen ($1,010). This would make it the most expensive lens in Japan after the XF 50-140 (164,000 yen = $1,381) and XF56mm APD (160,000 yen = $1,347). src – Amazon Japan

In the first half of next year, the flagship product? ‘ ASPHERICAL LENS FUJINON Nano-GI XF 16-55mm. Fujifilm released as a lens technology-intensive products will launch later this year. The price is based on the 120,000 japanese yen in Japan.”

In Europe the price could be of €1.049 (see artencraft)

THE FUTURE: Mr. Hisashi Toshi also said that the future is High End Mirrorless. Seems like actioncamerarumors was right when they said Fuji will ditch the entry level segment… finally, focus on high-end X-series cameras, everything else is just distraction.

 photo 1_zpsa0a06e7e.jpg

 photo 2_zps57c4a971.jpg

 photo 3_zps59af39ae.jpg

 photo 7_zps7818ce10.jpg


 photo bg_zps1f641856.jpg