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DPReview TV: What Happened to Fujifilm’s Kaizen

Fujifilm built a reputation for bringing continuous improvements to its products, a process frequently referred to as ‘Kaizen’.

In 2019, however, we saw major firmware updates from almost every camera company except Fujifilm.

So now Chris and Jordan ask, “What happened to Kaizen?”

Especially now, that the Fujifilm X-Pro3 is out with many major improvements (and the same sensor/processor of X-T3), many hoped for a big firmware update that will bring the X-Pro3 goodness also to other cameras.

But Chris remembers, that delaying the firmware love for the Fujifilm X-T3 and X-T30, is also a way to protect Fujifilm X-Pro3 sales for a little bit longer.

And guys, honestly, Fujifilm is a company that at the end of the day has limited resources and has to make profits.

So I understand if they delay their firmware, and I am fine to wait a little bit longer to get my firmware love. It’s a compromise: Fuji makes more money, and I still get what I want, just a bit later.

And as a long time Fujifilm lover (and blogger), I remember this discussion popping up so many times already.

In fact, back in 2015 I wrote this article, where we discuss the future of Kaizen already, as already back then, people were worried that Fujifilm abonded their Kaizen philosophy. Of course all discussions ended, once Fujifilm released again several huge updates.

The point is, there can’t be updates all the time and non stop. Sometimes, it just takes a bit longer.

Sure, it was not a great 2019 Fujifilm Kaizen year, but I am confident that in 2020, we will be able to “download a new camera” again ;).

I mean, Fujifilm also publicly asked us Fujifilm users, which firmware we would like next, and 14,000+ of you voted on their new favorite firmware features.

This alone shows that they do care, and that improving their cameras via firmware is always a goal Fuji has in mind, but they can that only do when:

  • they have enough resources to develop it
  • the firmware is mature and ready
  • the “market-moment” is right, meaning for example a new firmware won’t affect sales of a brand new camera all too badly.

So, be patient, and Kaizen love will be back :).

Exclusive: Fujifilm X100V Release Month and Price Leaked – Read Now on FujiRumors!

Fujifilm X100V

As you can see from our Fujifilm camera release timeline, Fujifilm usually released a new X100 camera every two years, but this time, they waited unusually long, and we gave you 3½ reasons why Fujifilm is wating so long.

But at some point, it had to happen, and now I can tell you when.

The Fujifilm X100V will see the light of the day in February 2020.

Moreover, our sources tell us that the price should be around $1,500, but that’s just the current estimate. However, in terms of price, things can change from here until launch, but right now Fujifilm is gravitating towards this price tag.

Previous X100V rumors:

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How to Fine Tune Your Fujifilm Film Simulation to Get the Ultimate Vintage Look

Let’s Go Vintage

As lovely as Fujifilm’s film simulations come out of the box, there is always a way, to fine tune them to taste, simply by changing some settings quickly in the camera.

For example, so did Pete:

  • click here – This Guy Fine Tuned his Fujifilm Film Simulation Settings Inspired by the Work of Great Film Photographers. See “Chrome Eggleston” & More

Today I would like to share the film simulation receipts of FR-reader Ritchie Roesch, which I stumbled upon in the comments to this article here.

I will share only one here on FujiRumors. For the rest, check out the links I will provide below:

NOTE: Some profiles require newer Fujifilm cameras that have the Color Chrome effect or certain film simulations not available in older cameras


Film Simulation Recipes

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3½ Reasons Why Fujifilm is Waiting so Long to Release the Fujifilm X100V

Fujifilm X100V

When I recently posted the huge Fujifilm camera release timeline, I made one single error, that thankfully you guys corrected in the comments.

I calculated, that the Fujifilm X100 series got a refresh every 2 years, which is absolutely correct. But then, based on that refresh cycle, I said that the X100V should come two years after the X100F (which was announced in January 2017).

But this would mean the Fujifilm X100V should have hit the market in January 2019, which evidently it has not. Our sources say it will come at some point in 2020.

Now, not to justify my error, but, well, I run FujiRumors 365 days a year non stop, and I wrote that particular article in a bar, drinking beer, while waiting for the rain to stop and finally go out shooting again with my X-E3, as you can see here. Well, at this point I’ll just say is that it rained a lot that day ;)

I apologize if I confused you guys, so I felt I need to address this in a dedicated article.

But also, this is a good opportunity to quickly discuss, why Fujifilm is waiting so long, to finally give us a successor to the Fujifilm X100F.

Down below 3½ reasons for that:

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Updated Fujifilm 2019/2020 Camera and Lens Release Timeline

Fujifilm Timeline

It’s high time to update our older Fujifilm 2019/2020 camera and lens release timeline.

This is just an approximate timeline and expect to see updates to this list over the next few weeks and months.

For now, this is mainly just an update to the list we shared back in January.

All rumors are as always exclusive information. When I just make some guess, I will highlight that for you in the notes.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: We are talking about release timeline, not announcement timeline.

How Many Lenses a Year?

  • as we told you here, at the current pace and current resources, Fujifilm can release about 2/3 GF and 2/3 XF lenses a year
  • the list below contains 1 XF and 1 GF lens
  • hence we can expect to see 1/2 more XF and 1/2 more GF lenses to join the list
  • Fujifilm has given up options to vote which lenses should come next

Fall 2019

Coming 2020

Expect 1 or 2 more X as well as GF lenses. My guess:

  • GF 21mm F4 Tilt Shift
  • XF 10mm F2

Probably NOT Coming 2019/2020

* our sources say it will not be released in 2019, and probably not even in 2020. But Fujifilm managers confirmed here, that the X-H line will continue

Top Possible Bonus Gear in 2020

* based on this old rumor rumor
** wishful thinking based on XF10 disappointment
*** no rumors. but please, FUJI, PLEASE!!!
**** no rumor, just a mere wild guess

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These 4 Fujifilm Cameras Snapped World Press Photo 2019 Winning Photos

World Press Photo is world’s most prestigious photojournalism contest.

In 2017, Fujifilm was the only brand to break the DSLR hegemony and also in the 2016, the X-Pro1 was the only MILC to snap a winning price.

In 2019, it is still DSLR that dominates, by taking 71% of the winning photos, but it’s less than in the past:

2019 has been Fuji’s best year so far, since Fuji X shooters snapped 4 winning images.

Interesting to note that Fuji’s rangefinder styled cameras win over the DSLR-styled ones, as opposed to real life, where the X-T line far outsells them all, the X-Pro, X100 and X-E line.

But at the end of the day, what matters is that we can see lots of great images at the worldpressphoto page here, and I am pretty sure you won’t care which image has been taken with which camera, but simply be captured by the stories they tell.

via photolari (original source) – petapixelfujistas

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SIDE BY SIDE: Fujinon XF33mm F1.0 vs Fujinon XF16-80mm F4 vs Fujinon XF16mmF2.8

Fujinon Roadmap Lenses

For the second time today (first time here), I had to find a way through the security check and get into the Photokina halls. Stealthy like a ninja, I made it again.

This time I was armed with my wonderful Fujifilm X-E3 and I snapped some pictures of the upcoming Fujinon lenses.

I apologize for the quality, since I tried to make my way through a couple of Fujifilm managers and an angry lady, who told me “can I help you” in a tone that clearly ment “p*** off from here“.

So time was limited, the conditions difficult, I could not touch the lenses, but I made it… somehow.

And when nobody was watching, I quickly grabbed a Fujifilm GFX 50R and made a super quick hands on video.

Back to the lenses:

  • XF33mmF1.0: Yes, it’s rather big, especially compared to the Mitakon 35mm F0.95 (manual focus only). I guess Fujifilm wants to make this the ultimate lens in terms of image quality, and still offer a fast AF motor. Filter size 77
  • XF16mmF2.8: Very small. Fits perfect in the Fujicron lineup with the XF23mmF2, XF35mmF2 and XF50mmF2. Filter size 49
  • XF16-80mmF4: This lens, my friends, will fall into the hands of many fellow X-shooters for travels. Filter size 72

And do not miss our huge GFX live blogging, which will never stop ;).

Fujifilm GFX 50R – pre-orders Wed at 9am EST: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS, PCHstore

XF 33/1, 16-80/4, 16/2.8 images

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B&H Photo MEGA DEAL Zone. Save Big on Hundreds of Products for 2 Days Only

BHphoto Mega Deal Zone

BHphoto just launched a 2 days MEGA Deal Zone Special, with 100s of great deals on plenty of gear, Fujifilm X mount lenses included.

Here are some deals:

Plenty of Fujifilm X and GFX gear is discounted too (expries Saturday). Full overview here.

Internal Fujifilm Document Predicts 50% Market Share Decrease for Canon and Nikon Within 2021… and About CaNikon’s FF Mirrorless

Canon Vs. Nikon Vs. Fujifilm

** Update: Thom Hogan also things the prediction is BS. Read his article at sansmirrors **

This morning started just as usual.

I woke up at 5:30 AM to prepare my coffee in the fantastic Bialetti Brikka Moka recommended to me by a FR-reader (thanks a ton, a game changer :) ).

Usually I get about 10 emails over night, and I try to reply to all of them as quickly as possible within 6:30 AM, but this morning an email of a source made me almost spill my precious coffee.

I received the information about an internal Fujifilm document that predicts the following scenario:

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