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Trusted Reviews Raves About Fujifilm X-H2s and X-H2, but Only One of them Gets a 5 Star Rating

On BH Photo, customers average rating is 5 stars for both cameras.
On BH Photo, customers average rating is 5 stars for both cameras.

The Fujifilm X-H Line

Trusted Reviews raves about the latest Fujifilm cameras, the Fujifilm X-H2 and the Fujifilm X-H2s.

And while both are excellent, only one of them gets a 5 star rating: the Fujifilm X-H2.

Fujifilm X-H2

Our one five-star review for this week goes to Fujifilm for its ground-breaking APC-S camera. It’s well-constructed, weatherproof and lightweight, with a fantastic articulated screen, and a large and bright OLED viewfinder plus a control layout that few will have problems getting to grips with. This is one of the best cameras around.

Score: 5/5

Fujifilm X-H2s

The Fujifilm X-H2S is a versatile camera with a speedy burst mode, updated subject detection algorithm and support for 6K video. However, it’s not as high-resolution as the X-H2 nor as visually appealing as the Fujifilm X-T5, both of which can be found for less money.

Score: 4.5/5

So that’s the thing with PSAM dial cameras. They tend to get more attention by huge review sites than more niche retro styled cameras. And good press never hurts.

Also CineD declared the Fujifilm X-H2 the best camera launched in 2022 for video work. As working professional videographers, their opinion matters and debunks the myth that the X-H2s is the video centric cameras and the X-H2 the stills centric one. As we always told you, both are perfect hybrid machines, and the difference is not video vs stills, but speed vs resolution.

And and yet keep in mind that Fujifilm still offers more Retro styled camera lines than PSAM camera lines. So in my humble opinion there is little to complain for retro lovers like me and probably many of you if we look at the 2022 best sellers on FujiRumors, where the X-T5 demolished all sales records.

You can check out the Trusted Reviews article here.

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Rumors and Discussions

Watch Out, Sony: Fujifilm X-H2s Firmware 3.0 Tracking Tests Show 95% Hit Rate in Tough Conditions

Watch Out, Sony ;)

Watch out Sony and Canon, as it really looks like Fujifilm is now right up there with you in terms of autofocus tracking… but with one potential advantage left for Fujifilm.

While Canon, Sony and Nikon’s very best cameras can’t shoot more than 20/30 fps (full RAW), the Fujifilm X-H2s can go up to 40fps. So, if accuracy is also increased at the highest 40fps frame rate, then the Fujifilm X-H2s could give significantly more sharp images per second than any other brand, which for some photographers might be a big deal.

And let’s just skip the fact that in order to get comparabable AF performance in full frame you have to spend at least two or three time as much as for the X-H2s (one can buy lots of nice lenses with the money saved)

So why this intro? What happened?

Let’s go with order.

What Happened

Fujifilm has very recently released a major firmware update for the Fujifilm X-H2s, which promises to drastically improve the autofocus performance.

First tests we have shared here show that indeed the Fujifilm X-H2s is now getting to a point, where you can call it at least on the same level of the other top performing stacked sensor cameras (all of which cost massively more than the X-H2s).

Now we have a few more tests.

You can see all the videos below as well as read a summary in case you are in a hurry.

The Tests

Test 1 – Birds

** CLICK HERE to Read the Rest of the Article **

Fujifilm X-H2s New Autofocus Firmware Tested (Huge Improvement)

Fujifilm has just released a bunch of firmware updates, including a rather substantial one for the Fujifilm X-H2s.

It promises to drastically improved autofocus tracking in a variety of situations as well as additional subject trackings. You can read all the details and download the firmware in this article.

Well, the first tests of this firmware are out. You can find them down below.

If you own the X-H2s, feel free to share your impressions in the comments, but it seems to be on the level of the very best you can find from other brands out there (and that cost several thousands of dollars more than the X-H2s.).

Especially the first video linked below shows the X-H2s performing brilliantly in backlight, with far away subjects and other very challenging conditions.

We remind you that Fujifilm also announced the next Fujifilm X Summit for April 2023.

X-H2s Firmware Tested

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EXPLAINED: How the Fujifilm X-H2S Predictive Autofocus Works and Why 20fps Will Give You Higher Accuracy than 40fps

I see myself in need to share this follow up article to our previous follow up article to this original article.

If you missed the previous episodes, here is an ultra compressed summary:

  • guy gets 61% sharp images at 40fps shooting birds when testing the Fujifilm X-H2s – read here
  • people complain that 61% is not that much, as Sony cameras tested by the same guy get 85-90% accuracy
  • FujiRumors explains that 61% of 40fps results in more sharp images than 85% at 20fps – read here
  • FujiRumors claims that at 20fps the hit rate on X-H2s would be even higher
  • people call me out on this and say:
    – it’s BS: slower frame rates won’t improve accuracy, as the AF calculations speed remains the same (120fps)
    – people say I speak random stuff and ask me to prove it

So let’s get nerdy ;)

** CLICK HERE to Read the Rest of the Article **

Tricky Numbers, or How 61% AF Accuracy on Fujifilm X-H2s are Better than 85% Accuracy on Sony A9

I posted an X-H2s autofocus test made by a German guy specialised in Wildlife photography, and translated it for you here.

The particular thing about his test: he set up a dedicated “bird tracking test track“, which basically allows him to compare the various cameras for bird tracking under comparable conditions.

On his test track, he got the following results for the Fujifilm X-H2s.

  • 30 out of 49 = 61% tack sharp images
  • 33 out of 47 = 70% tack sharp images

Some people were disappointed by those numbers, especially when compared to the 85-90% hit rate of stacked Sony cameras.

But percentage alone is not the whole story. You have to factor in the frames per second into the equation.

So let’s do just that (taking the worst results he got with X-H2s – 61%)

  • Fuji X-H2s: 61% of 40 images per second = 24 sharp images per second
  • Sony A9: 85% of 20 images per second = 17 sharp images per second
  • Sony A1: 90% of 30 images per second = 27 sharp images per second
  • Sony A7IV: 50% of 10 images per second = 5 sharp images


In his test, when every camera is shot at its maximum burst, the X-H2s will give you more sharp images than any other camera, except for the Sony A1.

If you want to get 3 additional sharp images per second (27 instead of 24), then you have to spend $4,000 more and get the very expensive Sony A1.

My take:

I want Fujifilm to beat any other brand in terms of sharp images per second. So I am not happy with the result of the X-H2s. I want a hit rate of 80%+ at 40fps.

And I also want an even smarter autofocus and the camera to match in terms of AF smartness in this case is the new Sony A7rV.

That’s why I am not completely satisfied and I want firmware, Fujifilm… more firmware in 2023!

Tracking Birds with Fujifilm X-H2S vs Sony Stacked Cameras (Best Test I Have Seen so Far)

The German Youtube channel AmazingNature Alpha (who shoots a lot with Sony cameras)tested the Fujifilm X-H2s autofocus with the XF200mmF2 and the XF150-600mmF5.6-8.

Now, there are lots of autofocus tests for wildlife out there. But what sets this one apart from all the others? Well, I’ll tell you below.

Before we dive into it, here are few considerations he makes.

NOTE: it’s in German, so you get it “Patrick-translated” below.

Gear Used

General Considerations:

** CLICK HERE to Read the Rest of the Article **

TESTED: Sirui 1.25x Anamorphic Adapter on Fujifilm X-H2 and XF33mm f/1.4

Let’s catch up with a piece of gear that I can’t remember I have ever talked about: the Sirui 1.25x Anamorphic Adapter.

As far as I can see it is available at Amazon since October 2022, but the Japanese guys at Mapcamera, who have now shared a test of the adapter on a Fujifilm X-H2 with XF33mmF1.4 lens, say that it will be available only this month.

Anyways, it’s something I have not talked about so far, so here is how it works.

** CLICK HERE to Read the Rest of the Article **

This LEAKED Internal Fujifilm X-H2 Document Confirms Fujifilm’s Plan to Advertise X-H2 as Having Improved Low/High ISO Performance

If you have seen our big yearly rumor roundup, you’ll have noticed that out of 85 rumors, I’ve listed 2 as wrong and 83 as correct.

And I was extremely severe to myself, as one of the wrong rumors was that I said Fujifilm would advertise the X-H2 40MP as having better low and high ISO performance.

But here is the thing:

When the X-H2 was launched, Fujifilm did not use the words “better low and high ISO performance“, but they talked about “better Signal to Noise Ratio” and “better Dynamic Range” and “wider pixel saturation” and “new base ISO 125” and more of this stuff.

That’s close, very close. But not 1:1 identical to what I said. So I decided to move it into the wrong section.

Well, it seems that our sources wanted me to start the year by being not too harsh on myself and they’ve forwarded me a slide of the internal Fujifilm training material, that said exactly that: X-H2 has “improved Low/High ISO“.

So, first and foremost huge thanks to all our sources, including the one who helped me out today. Without you, FujiRumors would be just half as fun as it is and being a Fuji shooter would be so more boring.

Also, I’d certainly I would make many more errors without you, as I would have no reliable guidance through the think jungle of fake rumors I receive every week.

Second, I will not correct my original rumor check, as at the end what matters is what Fujifilm said in public, and not the marketing material that circulates behind closed doors.

But at least you guys know that I am not following the sad trend to make up stuff for traffic. That’s not who we are and I leave these things to others.

What we share is what we trust in. And sure, even then I can be wrong sometimes. But I know I’ve tried all I can to be as accurate as possible.

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Fujifilm X-H2s Product of the Year 2022 – DPR

DPR has just declared the Fujifilm X-H2s “product of the year 2022”.

The Fujifilm X-H2S is our product of the year, primarily because it’s an excellent camera, but also because it’s an ambitious one. Stacked CMOS technology has underpinned a host of fast-shooting cameras in the past few years, including the OM System OM-1 that can shoot at up to 50fps with autofocus and the Sony a1, which combines 50MP resolution with the ability to shoot at 30 frames per second, but Fujifilm has done more than just offer pure speed. As was done with the OM-1, Fujifilm has also used the fast sensor to deliver information to a series of AF algorithms trained to recognize subjects, but on top of this, the company has also raised its game in terms of video.

The X-H2S’s video specs build on what the company had done with the X-T4, adding very high bitrate ProRes recording. On top of this is the addition of the F-Log2 profile, which encodes a wider dynamic range, and the camera’s ability to shoot in 14-bit mode to improve deep shadow noise when doing so. So, while we feel the Canon EOS R6 Mark II’s image quality gives it the win in the mid-price camera category, we think the X-H2S is the more ambitious product, raising our expectations of what a hybrid camera can do.

Congratulations to anyone who bought the Fujifilm X-H2s…. I wish you lots of fun and great moments with it :)

via dpreview

DPRTV Best & Worst Cameras and Lenses of 2022: Praise for Fujifilm X-H2s, Blame for XF18-120mmF4 PZ

DPRTV tells us which was the best and worst gear launched in 2022.

The Fujifilm X-H2s establishes itself as the best hybrid camera, as it snaps the first spot in the video camera category and the second spot in the still camera section.

But it’s not all good for Fujifilm. In fact, the Fujinon XF 18-120mm f/4 PZ has been declared the worst lens.

Best Lens

  1. Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II
  2. Sigma 20mm f/1.4 Art DG DN

A pity that none of the four Fujinon lenses launched this year got even a honorable mention.

Best Video Camera

  1. Fujifilm X-H2s
  2. Sony FX30

Fujifilm X-H2s: BHphotoAmazonUSAdorama / Moment

Best Photo Camera

  1. Sony A7rV: they highlight that it is definitely not best as hybrid camera. But this section is for stills only
  2. Fujifilm X-H2s: stacked sensor at a price that can’t be matched by Full Frame. Lovely handling. Greatly improved AF.

Worst Lens

  1. Fujinon XF 18-120mm f/4 PZ: designed as a video lens. It is not as sharp. Chris says it is still a decent lens. But Jordan was dispointed by it. Should be sharper to take the most advantage of 8K of X-H2 or open gate 6.2K of X-H2s.

Fujinon XF 18-120mm f/4: BHphotoAmazonUS /  Adorama / Moment / Focuscamera

Worst Video Camera

  1. Sony ZV-1F

Worst Photo Camera

  1. Nikon Z30

List of Fujifilm Related Gear launched in 2022