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SUPER FULL FRAME Fujifilm GFX 50R First Look and GF 50mmF3.5, 100-200mm F5.6, 45-100mm F4 Images


One thing I liked form the Fujifilm GFX 50R and GFX 100 live stream announcement, is that Fujifilm asked what full frame means.

Full” indicates that some kind of limit is reached. So what is the Fujifilm GFX system? Well, then Fuji calls it a “super full frame” ;)

And just for fun I will tell you this: in German we often refer to “full frame” as “Kleinbild“, which means “small frame“, because it’s smaller than… guess what?… you got it, medium format!

So what now, is full frame actually a small frame?

In order to end the confusion, I will tell you this: every system is “full frame”. Fuji’s APS-C system is conceived and designed for APS-C, and so is their MF system. M43 is build around the M43 sensor and so forth.

Whatever you hold in your hands right now, from an iPhone to Phase One, it’s “full frame”.

Fujifilm GF Lenses

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Fujinon GF50mmF3.5 Firmware Still Suspended

Suspended Firmware

Back on April 27, Fujifilm released firmware updates for lots X and GFX lenses (plus some cameras).

Among them there was firmware 1.10 for the Fujinon GF50mmF3.5 with some welcome improvements.

However, at some point Fujifilm removed the firmware and said:

It has been confirmed that there are some rare cases where the upgrade process fails with Ver. 1.10 released on April 27, 2023. For this reason, we have just removed the download button for this version here. We will resume the download button as soon as a fix is ready.

Customers who have successfully upgraded this firmware can continue to use the product.

Since then, nothing happened and the firmware is still suspended.

As an owner of the Fujinon GF50mmF3.5 myself, I just share this friendly reminder to Fujifilm that there is this suspended firmware and that we would really appreciate if they’d fix it… just in case Fuji forgot about it.

Fujifilm Facebook Groups

Spring Brings Huge Fujifilm X and GFX deals plus Tamron, Tokina, Sigma (18-50mmF2.8 Included) Rebates

Spring is very generous with us in terms of deals.

Not only there are massive Fujifilm X and GFX rebates, but also lots of deals on other gear, such as a first time ever rebate on the Sigma 18-50mmF2.8 for Fujifilm X mount.

Top on Kickstarter

German company Spinn has now launched the 2023 edition of their fully self-adhesive camera wrap. The SPINN CW.01 protective wrapper – Edition 2023:

  • comes in three new optimized dimensions
  • a new colour that hides dust
  • and another all-new XL size to safely cover professional, large-format camera accessories.

You can check out all details and get your wrap at a discount at the dedicated Kickstarter page here.

Fujifilm Deals


X Series Deals




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SURPRISE: Save 30% on Fujinon GF50mm f/3.5

At the time of this post, AmazonUS here and BHphoto here are offering the Fujinon GF50mm f/3.5 with a 30% rebate.

At BHphoto here, you also get a free UV filter on top of it.

This is not an official deal, so no idea how long it will remain available.

I own this lens and it makes the perfect everyday walkaround lens for the GFX100S, making your 100MP medium format system ridiculously compact and light. When I am out with my family and decide to take the GFX100S, then this is the lens I glue on it.

New Fujifilm Patents: Fujinon GF 20-30mmF4, GF 24-50mmF3.5-5.6 and 50-380mmF3.3, 35-280mmF3.3 (Cine Lenses?)

I was debating with myself if I should stop to report about patents at all.


Because in 10 years of blogging I have shared hundreds of patents on FR, and none has ever seen the light of the day. What I have seen once or twice, is a patent surface only after the real lens had been already announced (making the patent “leak” useless)

The problem?

I notice that when I report about patents, people think this means the patented item will surely come, it’s just a matter of time.

And that’s a problem, because:

So I don’t want to create false hopes by sharing patents, as those are concepts written on paper, and they remain such in 99% of the cases.

On the other hand, this is a rumor site. Those patents exist, even if the products in those patents will never see the light of the day.

So I decided that I will report about patents, but I will put my disclaimers hoping people will read more than just the mere headline.

And today we talk about a couple of GF and probably Cine lens patents surfaced on the web and brought to us thanks to the Japanese website Asobinet here and here.

So let’s look at them one by one below.

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Fantastic Black Friday Deals: Save Big on XF50mm f/1.0, GFX50R, X-T4, Capture One, Peak Design, DxO, SanDisk and Much More

Lots of fantastic Black Friday deals started now, including new official Fujifilm X and GFX deals. Down below you can see a curation of the best photography related deals.

Tempting: a sweet deal on the XF50mm f/1.0 and a massive rebate on the GFX50R.

Anyway, there are deals on tons of other products, so definitely make sure to check out the general Black Friday deal pages.

Black Friday Pages



X Deals

GFX Deals

Software Deals

Other Lenses

Peak Design

Peak Design has just launched its biggest sale ever. The deal runs directly at Peak Design store and also at official retailers like BHphoto. If you are from Europe, you can also purchase directly from the Peak Design Store.





Luminar Neo Deals

Godox & Lighting Deals

New Fujifilm X and GFX Deals include XF50mmF1.0, X-T4 and More (Save up to $1,500)

Fujifilm has launched new X and GFX savings. Here they are:

X Deals

GFX Deaks

Note: Huge GFX50R deal running also in UK. In UK there are even more Black Friday deals. You can check them out at Fujifilm Connect.

Other Lenses

Peak Design

Peak Design has just launched its biggest sale ever. The deal runs directly at Peak Design store and also at official retailers like BHphoto. If you are from Europe, you can also purchase directly from the Peak Design Store.





Luminar Neo Deals

Godox & Lighting Deals

Software Deals

Capture One

  • 20% off your first year of an Annual Subscription
    – To qualify for this offer you must not have had a previous subscription with Capture One.
    – This CAN be used by customers who want to switch from a perpetual license to a subscription, those users who wish to switch from a perpetual license to a subscription should simply purchase a new subscription via the regular store, not via the upgrade store.
  • 50% off Styles
    Styles work best for versions of Capture One 20 and newer.

DxO – All Software 50% Off


USA Black Friday Pages

EUROPE Black Friday Pages

Fujifilm Wins 29 Red Dot Awards including GFX100S, X-E4, XF50mmF1.0 and More

29 products, the largest number ever, received the world-famous “Red Dot Design Award”

Ultra-short throw projector “FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z8000” won the highest award “Best of the Best Award”

Products in various business fields are highly evaluated for their designs that realize not only beautiful appearance but also excellent functions and performance

Fujifilm Co., Ltd. (President: Kenji Sukeno) is a “Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2021” sponsored by the “Nordline Westfalen Design Center” based in Essen, Germany. We are pleased to announce that 29 products such as the instant camera instax “Cheki” series and the digital cameras “X series” and “GFX series” have won the “Red Dot Design Award 2021”. Among them, the ultra-short throw projector “FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z8000” won the “Best of the Best Award”, which is the highest award of the same award.

This time, 29 products, which is the largest number ever for our company, have been awarded, and this is highly evaluated for the design that maximizes not only the beautiful appearance but also the excellent functions and performance.

The “Red Dot Design Award” is an international design award established in 1955. It is judged based on criteria such as design innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecology, and durability, and is awarded to excellent products. This award is one of the three major design awards in the world, along with the “iF design award” in Germany and the “IDEA” in the United States. This year, about 7,800 entries were submitted from all over the world and were judged by internationally active design experts.

We pursue functions and performance in the development of all products and services, and are working on design development that maximizes the excellent functions and performance. Going forward, we will continue to aim to create new value for our products by realizing designs that are not limited to the beauty of the exterior design, but are thoroughly focused on easy and comfortable operability and portability.

Red Dot Design Award 2021″ winning products (24 products excluding 5 unpublished products)

  1. Ultra-short throw projector “FUJIFILM PROJECTOR Z8000”
  2. Instant camera “Cheki” “instax mini 7+”
  3. Instant camera “Cheki” “instax mini 11”
  4. Instant camera “Cheki” “instax SQUARE SQ1”
  5. Mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM GFX 100S”
  6. Mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM X-T4”
  7. Mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM X-E4”
  8. Mirrorless digital camera “Fujifilm X-S10
  9. Mirrorless digital camera “Fujifilm X100V”
  10. Fujinon lens XF50mmF1.0 R WR
  11. Fujinon lens XF10-24mmF4 R OIS WR
  12. Fujinon lens GF30mmF3.5 R WR
  13. Fujinon lens GF100-200mmF5.6 R LM OIS WR
  14. Broadcast zoom lens “FUJINON UA 107 x 8.4 BESM AF
  15. Broadcast zoom lens “FUJINON UA 24 x 7.8 BERD S6 B
  16. Broadcast zoom lens “FUJINON HP 66 x 15.2-ESM
  17. Broadcast zoom lens “FUJINON HP 12 x 7.6 ERD-S9
  18. Zoom lens for cinema camera “FUJINON Premista 19-45mm T2.9
  19. Binoculars “FUJINON HYPER-CLARITY HC 8 × 42/10 × 42”
  20. Endoscope function expansion unit “EX-1”
  21. Clinical chemistry analyzer “DRI-CHEM NX600”
  22. Mouthpiece “B1” with splash reduction function for endoscopes
  23. Inkjet solution “UVIQUE”
  24. Magnetic tape storage media “FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium8 data cartridge”

Down below a more detailed introduction on the awarded products.

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DEAL ALERT: This Coupon Code Gives Savings on All GF Lenses (GF80mmF1.7 Included), X-T4, X100V, X-S10, XF50mmF1.0 and More – UPDATE

UPDATE: The code lasted only for a few hours and has now expired. I am happy that some of you could get a nice deal thanks to it :)

FR-reader Happy (thanks) noticed and shared with us some sweet deals you can get at BHphoto if you use coupon code “BHCC02″ (apply once product is added to cart).

The deals include all Fujinon G mount lenses (including the brand new Fujinon GF80mmF1.7), the Fujifilm X-T4, the bokeh beast XF50mmF1.0, the Fujifilm X100V and more. The deals are not available at AmazonUS or Adorama.

I have no idea how long the coupon code will remain active, so better act fast and grab now what you want.

Sadly I can’t see the Fujifilm GFX100S in offer or other cameras other the the ones I list below.

The coupon code works also on accessories such as Lexar SD cards, Godox flash and Peak Design strap.

At the time of the post, these are the deals (use coupon code BHCC02 at checkout):

GF Lenses

X Cameras and Lensers


Use code BHCC02 at once you added the product in the cart.