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Fujifilm Pulls Plug on X100F/X-T20 Repairs and Full List of Gear No Longer Repaired by Fujifilm

Fujiilfm has a dedicated page, in which they show which products are no longer being repaired.

This year (2024) Fujifilm has ended repairs for the Fujifilm X100F and Fujifilm X-T20. Both cameras had been announced back in January 2017.

Here is the full list update in April 2024:

List of Products No Longer Being Repaired by Fujifilm

X-mount zoom lens

Compact camera

LAST DAY of Amazon Prime Deals, Hoping They’ll Go Crazy Like When X100F was sold for $102!

This is the last day of Amazon Prime Day Deals.

They are so busy, that every now and then they go crazy, like when Amazon sold a the Fujifilm X100F for $102 only.

I will look around for such crazy deals, but if you find them, feel free to let me know via email at, because happiness is best when it’s shared, and such mega-deals would make many FR-readers very happy.

Until then, here is what is currently going on in the Amazon Prime deal world.

Selected Deals + Worldwide Prime Pages

AmazonUS – Selected Prime Deals

AmazonDE – Selected Prime Deals

AmazonUK – Selected Prime Deals

Worldwide Amazon Prime Deal Pages

TODAY ONLY: Save $80 on Venus Optics Laowa 9mmF2.8 and VERY LAST SAMPLES of Fujifilm X100F for $749

Adorama is offering the Laowa 9mm f/2.8 with for $419 only (save $80). That’s better than the $50 discount you get at BHphoto.

Also, as you know, Adorama is offering the Fujifilm X100F for $749 only! You save $550 hence 42%. The black X100F is sold out at Adorama and marked as “no longer available“, but they still have a few silver X100F available at that crazy price.

But there are more deals, such as the Flashpoint XPLOR 300 Pro TTL R2 Battery-Powered Outdoor Flash (2 Pack) now $299 off!

Dedicated Cyber Monday Week Pages

CRAZY Fujifilm X100F for $749 Only (save $550) – TODAY ONLY

Ok guys, I’m going to call this one the deal of the year!

And it runs today only!!!

Adorama is offering the Fujifilm X100F for $749 only! You save $550 hence 42%.

New Cyber Monday Deal Pages Live Now!

Apple Deals (including NEW MacBooks with APPLE SILICON M1 Chip!)

Software Deals and More

Viltrox Savings

Peak Design

Officially Fujifilm Recommended SD-Cards

Officially Fujifilm Recommended Power Banks

Fujifilm Deals

XF Lens Deals

X Camera Deals

Also, if you purchase of Fujifilm X100V, you get a free DOMKE Medium Camera bag or DOMKE Camera Strap.

GFX Gear

HOT: Fujifilm X100F now $899 Only (save $400)

The Fujifilm X100F is sold for $899 only at BHphoto instead of regular $1299. That’s about a 30% saving.

As we told you already, the Fujifilm X100F is in closeout sale and disappearing from stores all over the world.

Dedicated Black Friday Pages

Software Deals and More

Viltrox Savings

Apple Deals (including NEW MacBooks with APPLE SILICON M1 Chip!)

Peak Design

Officially Fujifilm Recommended SD-Cards

Officially Fujifilm Recommended Power Banks

Fujifilm Deals

XF Lens Deals

X Camera Deals

Also, if you purchase of Fujifilm X100V, you get a free DOMKE Medium Camera bag or DOMKE Camera Strap.

GFX Gear

FUJIFILM X100F now Discontinued and in Closeout

The Fujifilm X100F was a huge success.

It sold stronger than any of its predecessors leading to biblical long waiting times for pre-ordered cameras to be finally shipped (same destiny the XF50mmF1.0 faces today).

But it looks like you won’t find it for sale for much longer.

In fact, as listed at Adorama here, the Fujifilm X100F is now marked in “Closeout”, indicating that once the stock is cleared, they won’t get any more samples.

All this means just one thing: the Fujifilm X100F is discontinued!

That’s of course inevitable, since the X100F got a wonderful successor with the Fujifilm X100V.

Fujifilm X100V vs X100F Lens Comparison

For the first time since the launch of the original Fujifilm X100, Fujifilm has re-designed the 23mm f/2 lens on the camera with the launch of the Fujifilm X100V.

Now DPReview made a comparison between the Fujifilm X100F and X100V lens performance. They write:

Probably the most important change is the addition of a second aspherical element, which Fujifilm claims increases corner sharpness, and greatly improves image quality at close focusing distances at wide apertures.

INFINITY: The X100V’s new lens delivers comparable peak sharpness to that of the X100F, but superior sharpness and contrast towards the edges of the frame. Even at F5.6 and F8 the new lens out-resolves the old design across most of the frame, making the X100V more useful than the X100F for landscapes and cityscapes. For optimal cross-frame sharpness at wide apertures though, both cameras (but especially the X100F) reward some experimentation with exact focus position.
MEDIUM FOCUS: At a medium focus distance of the sort you might be working at for a typical portrait, the X100V’s lens is a close match to the X100F in terms of resolution at equivalent apertures, but offers higher contrast and slightly smoother out of focus areas. This results in the impression of fractionally less depth of field from the newer lens. In practical use, the biggest challenge to successful wide-aperture portraits on both cameras is focus accuracy.

CLOSE FOCUS: Again, the higher contrast and better edge-to-edge consistency of the X100V’s files makes them more attractive than equivalent images shot on the X100F. While neither camera delivers bitingly sharp images when shot wide open, files from the X100V are more consistent, with little of the ‘haze’ at wide apertures which is characteristic of the original 23mm F2 found in the X100F.

MINIMUM FOCUS: Ultimately, we wouldn’t recommend either camera for extreme closeup photography, (neither is really ‘sharp’ anywhere until F4-5.6) but for practical purposes, despite its slightly lower peak resolution, the new lens in the X100V is clearly more capable. There’s little of the haziness which X100-series users have come to expect, which makes images much more usable for everything barring critical applications.

You can read the full article and see the sample images at dpreview.

Fujifilm X100V: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Focuscamera

Top X100 Community: Fujifilm X100 facebook group

First Win: Fujifilm X100V Looks Sexier than X100F You Say :)

For a while I thought, that it could happen.

Maybe the internet would find the the ultimate harmony and bring the perfect balance into the camera world.

In fact, the various Fujifilm X100V vs Fujifilm X100F beauty surveys, showed a 50/50 preference for each camera.

And I was hoping, that maybe it could happen, like in the “neutral response” Futurama video clip on youtube, where humanity unites since 10+ years to keep the balance between upvotes and downvotes.

But at the end, the Fujifilm X100V turned out the slight favorite in all of our surveys:

So, at least according to the FujiRumors community, Fujifilm was able to make the sexiest camera in the Fujifilm world even sexier. That’s already a nice achievement.

  • – “Don’t Touch that Camera!” and About the Inspiration Behind the Fujifilm X Series Design

Fujifilm X100V
USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Focuscamera
: AmazonDE / CalumetDE / WexUK / ParkcamerasUK / JessopsUK / AmazonUK / PCHstore

Top X100 Community: Fujifilm X100 facebook group

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Fujifilm X100V Coming Tomorrow: See What Stunning Images You Can Create with 1 Camera and 1 Lens – X100F Image Roundup

So, the Fujifilm X100V will be announced tomorrow, February 4, at 3PM New York time, during the Fujifilm X Summit at the house of photography in London.

The full specs have leaked, some images too, the X100F vs X100V comparison available on fujirumors.

So I thought I take an hour off from my busy teaching life, and go through the images shared at our 30,000 members strong Fujifilm X100 group, and pick out some to share here on FujiRumors.

And if you are still a bit afraid of reducing your gear to one camera and one lens only, then I hope the images below will show you, that the Fujifilm X100 line, despite its limitations, is actually a flexible tool, as the less you worry about gear, the more you focus on the art of photography.

This is something I notice on the X100 group. It’s in the nature of the X100 cameras (and the people owning it), to focus less on gear talk. And what should they talk about. It’s one camera, one lens, that’s it.

And today we are going to look at what the passionate X100 line shooters out there create day after day, and share at our wonderful X100 group.

I tell you… there are some real stunners down there. So scroll down and enjoy :).

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