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Nissin i60 and Nissin i40 High Speed ​​Sync Firmware Update for Fujifilm Cameras Available

According to a Nissin distributer in the Netherlands (and to some more feedback I got from FR-readers), the firmware update for the Nissin i40 and Nissin i60 flashes is available now to enable HSS for Fujifilm cameras.

To get the update you will have to send in the units to them.

I waited to share the news, until it’s official on Nissin’s website, but now that a distributor asks customer to send in their Nissin gear for update, I recommend you to contact an official Nissin Service Center.

Firmware updates for the Nissin Air 1 and Nissin DI700 will be available in mid June.

Here is the news at the Dutch distributer (google translated)

Press Release – Click READ MORE

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Nissin Air 10s Release Postponed. Sony Version in July. Fujifilm & Co To Be Released in the Following Months

Back in February here, Nissin announced the Nissin Air 10s.

At that time, Nissin planed to release the Sony version in April, followed by Fujifilm & Co versions in the following months, but it seems there will be a delay.

In a press release of April 28, Nissin says that the launch of Sony version has been postponed to July “and the other models will gradually be released to the public in the following months.”

You can pre-order the Fujifilm version of the Nissin Air 10s at BHphoto, where it is currently still marked as available on Jul 18, 2017, but I guess this will change soon.

Product Highlights – More detailed product description and images at BHphoto

  • Nissin Air 2.4 GHz Radio TTL System
  • Compatible with Fujifilm TTL
  • Wireless TTL with NAS Flashes & Receiver
  • 328′ Range; 8 Channels & 8 Groups
  • Crossover TTL Control of NAS Flashes
  • Manual Power and Zoom Control
  • TTL Exposure Compensation
  • Color LCD Panel; AF Assist Beam
  • Slow, 1st/2nd Curtain Sync
  • microSD Card Slot for Firmware Updates

Press Release

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Nissin Postponed High-Speed Sync. Support for FUJIFILM to Mid-May (Firmware Update only via Nissin Official Service Center)

Press Release 1

Nissin Marketing Limited announces the High Speed Synchronization function (HSS) will be available for existing Nissin flash users in mid-May of 2017 (for Nissin Speedlight Di 700 A, Air 1, i 60 A, i 40 )

We noticed a high-demand from our customers regarding the use of HSS function in Nissin products on Fujifilm cameras. Therefore, we have planned to provide firmware update service to existing Nissin flash owners in enabling the HSS function*.

For more details, please contact the local Nissin products distributor in your region. Their contact information is listed on your Nissin product packaging and/or your guarantee card.

*The firmware update process can be performed in the Nissin official service center only. Customers who are unable to bring the Nissin products to our service point may need to bear the delivery expense, this depends on the sales condition of reseller / distributor in the different regions.

via Nissin

Press Release 2

Notice and apology of postponement of high-speed sync. Support for FUJIFILM

We are informed that the high-speed sync schedule for Nissin Speedlight Di 700 A, Air 1, i 60 A, i 40 Fujifilm will be coming soon, but we will inform you that it will be postponed to mid-May.

The reason for postponement is that it took time to prepare for development of compatible firmware and because there was a significant change in specification during development. We apologize deeply for the inconvenience caused to our customers waiting for correspondence.

I would like to apologize again for the delay of the guidance of this case greatly.

We will strive to be sincerely able to respond as soon as possible.

via Nissin

a question at the Fujirumors facebook page here

Nissin Developing Fujifilm Compatible Ultra-High Heat Resistance Strobe + Phottix Ares II Flash Trigger Available


Nissin is developing next-generation ultra-high heat resistance strobe with specially designed quartz tube to mark the new industry standard.

Nissin Japan Limited (Chairman Mr. Goto Chikara) proudly announces the development of next-generation ultra-high heat resistance and durable strobe, equipped with specially designed quartz tube. This new strobe is a successor of the high heat resistance “”Nissin MG8000 Extreme flash” that discontinued in 2015.

The next-generation strobe is expected to feature with high guide number, and equip with the Wireless 2.4Ghz Nissin Air System. Also it will be compatible with Fujifilm, Sony, Micro Four Thirds, Canon, and Nikon cameras.

The new strobe information including product specification, availability and pricing are expected to release in Jun 2017.

Related Article: Nissin Announces Air 10s Advanced Wireless TTL Strobe Commander also for Fujifilm

via Nissin

Phottix Ares II


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Fujifilm X-Pro2 Will Get New Firmware (ver. 2.01) on November 8th… adds Nissin i40 Compatibility


As you know, Fujifilm will release a Firmware update for the X-T1 (ver.5.00) and the X-T2 (ver. 1.10) on November 8th.

Well, I’ve received the information, that also the Fujifilm X-Pro2 will also get a new update (ver.2.01). With the new Firmware, the X-Pro2 is again compatible with the Nissin i40.


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Radio-Controlled Nissin di700A Flash for Fujifilm X available in Germany


The Nissin Di700A has just been released in Germany (sold via third party at Thanks to the FR-reader, who dropped me this link to 43rumors.

We reported about the (radio controlled) Nissin Di700A flash for Fujifilm X back in March 2016 here. At that time, the flash was scheduled to be available for Fuji X within Summer.

Learn more about the Nissin Di700A at the official Nissin Page here.

Nissin: New Firmware for HSS on X-T2/Pro2 Coming “at a Later Date” + Air 1 Commander in November ** HSS with Cactus Beta Firmware (VIDEO)


If you follow FujiRumors regulary, you’ll know that the Nissin i60 is in stock since mid September. You can find the Nissin i60 at Adorama, AmazonUS and BHphoto.

One of the issues, though, is that with the X-T2 (and the X-Pro2 FW 2.0) Fujifilm introduced new flash protocols (read also Fujifilm & Flash, The State of The Art here). This means that flashes like the Nissin i60 need firmware udpates in order to work properly.

Well, apparently Nissin is working on it. If I got the google translated version right, Nissin just said in an official press release to the Nissin i60 launch in Japan here (via, that they are working on a firmware udpate, in order to unlock the HSS feature.

“[google translated] Regarding the for Fujifilm, with FP flash (high-speed synchro) non-compliant at the moment, is scheduled to correspond by firmware updates at a later date.

In addition, NAS commander “Air 1” Fuji Photo Film for Four for the Thirds, is expected to release November.

Regarding the Nissin i40, FR-reader Fujica explains that “you will need to send your flash to the distributor for the update as the i40 does not have a USB port.”

As shared here on FujiRumors back in September here, Cactus is also working on a new firmware and you just have to drop them an email to get access to the Beta Firmware. ZedProMedia did it, and shared his feedback on his youtube channel here.

Yes, the Nissin i60 Flash AIR System Will Be Compatible with Fujifilm Cameras

air system

When Nissin announced their Nissin i60 flash, it was not really clear, from the press release, if Fujifilm cameras will be compatible with the Air System. Moreover, some sites, like flashhavoc, didn’t mention the Fuji X compatibility.

However, stores like BHphoto, clearly listed the Fujifilm Nissin Air compatibility as one of the product highlights.

Confused? Don’t worry… at the official Nissin i60 product page, you can now see, that Nissin’s Air system will be compatible with Fujifilm cameras… of course only once Fujifilm released a firmware update to support it.

I remind you that the Nissin i60 was originally planed to hit the market in mid June (report here), but has now been postponed to late July, according to BHphoto.