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Fujinon XF Wildlife Photography Lenses Needed, Base ISO 100, Firmware Wishes and More – FR-Readers Wishlist Corner

Here is another roundup of wishlist shared by the FR-community to me via email at

Previous Wishlist Episodes:

Because it touches the wish expressed by Michel, Willy and Kenneth, I invite you to check out also our big Fujinon XF wildlife photography survey and other long telephoto primes articles we have previously shared (list below).

Overall, there seems to be a strong wish by the FR-community for longer primes.

But we know the stellar Fujinon XF200mm f/2.0 did not sell well, and hence it’s obvious that Fujifilm is now a bit reluctant to invest further in long lenses.

But keep in mind, the XF200mmF2.0 comes with a 1.4x teleconverter designed specifically for this lens, which transforms the XF200mmF2 lens basically in a 280mmF2.8 lens. So, with 1 single lens, here is what you get:

  • XF 200mmF2.0 = full frame 280mmF2.8 (f/2.8 DOF equivalent)
  • XF 280mmF2.8 = full frame 420mmF4.2 (f/4.2 DOF equivalent)

If you want to, you can check out our previous “long telephoto primes” related articles.

I also got many wishes regarding future cameras, but since this roundup is already hefty enough, I will share the “camera-wishlist” at a later point.

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FR-readers Wishlist Corner

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FUJIFILM Announces possible XF 50mmF1.0 Shipping Delay due to Demand Exceeding by Far Fuji’s Expectations

The Fujinon XF50mm f/1.0 is scheduled to be be released in September 24/25.

But now Fujifilm has issued an official press release, where they announce that demand is far stronger than they expected, and hence there is a possibility that there will be shipping-delays. Fujifilm writes:

The “Fujinon Lens XF50mm F1.0 R WR” announced on September 3, 2020 (Thursday) has received inquiries far exceeding our expectations, and we cannot deliver the product on the release date. There is a possibility.

We are currently working hard to meet the number of requests, and we appreciate your understanding.

Fujifilm is not a company that uses the “high demand” phrase too often. When they decide to inform us about high demand, then it’s usually also accurate.

I think last time they spoke about “high demand” it was for the Fujifilm GFX100, and we all know how that ended (biblical long waiting times and 50% higher demand that Fujifilm expected).

Here on FujiRumors, the brand new Fujinon XF50mmF1.0 enjoys one of the strongest XF lens pre-orders of all time, so at least our little FR-Universe seems to confirm Fuji’s statement.

Notice Regarding Product Supply of “Fujinon Lens XF50mm F1.0 R WR”

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Top 10 August Posts: Leaving Sony FF for Fuji X, Mysterious New Fuji X Camera, The Power of Fuji Colors, Why No Full Frame and More

Here are the top 10 posts for August:

  1. Global Shutter: 120+ MP for Fujifilm GFX120 and 31 MP for Fujifilm X-H2?
  2. This Professional Landscape Photographer Explains Why he is Leaving SONY Full Frame for FUJIFILM APS-C
  3. Fujifilm Manager Explains Why Medium Format and Not Full Frame, Talks About Fixed Lens GFX, X-Trans MF Camera and More
  4. RUMOR: Fujifilm to Release a New Mid-Range Camera that is NOT an X-T30 or X-E3 Successor (Mysterious new Fuji)
  5. Hungry for Fujifilm X-H2, Visions for X-T5, Hopes for X80, Modular Fujifilm GFX, Monochrome and More – FR Readers Wishlist Corner
  6. LIVE NOW: Fujinon XF50mmF1.0 Beta Tester Shows First Sample Images
  7. A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Should Fujifilm put a Full Frame Sensor in the GFX G-Mount?
  8. BREAKING: Fujinon XF 50mm f/1.0 Announcement on September 3 and cost $1,500
  9. The Power of Fujifilm Colors: See Pure Fuji Colors in Action at our New Fujifilm Film Simulations Group
  10. LEAKED: Fujinon XF 50mm f/1.0 Press Text – World’s First F1.0 Autofocus Mirrorless Lens!

Bonus Posts:

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Fujifilm X-A7 Discontinued after Only 11 Months: Fujifilm X-A8 Coming or X-A7 Failure?

The Fujifilm X-A7 is actually a lovely little entry level camera launched just almost a year ago and hit the market about 11 months ago.

But now it is already marked as discontinued at BHphoto here, it’s on low stock or backordered at Adorama here and it’s unavailable also at AmazonUS here (where you might find some via third party only) and FocusCamera.

For a long time, the Fujifilm X-A line was an absolute best seller in Asia, especially in Thailand. In fact, pushed by the X-A line, Fujifilm was able to outsell all other camera brands (Canon included) and reach an incredible 50% mirrorless market share.

Don’t believe me, but check out the official Fuji-data leaked by FujiRumors here and other Fujifilm manager statements listed below.

Now the options are two:

  1. the camera is going to be replaced already and we will soon get a Fujifilm X-A8
  2. the X-A line lost its magic appeal in Thailand and sold terribly bad

Looking at the Fujifilm X-A line release timeline, we can see that there was a successor about ever 16 to 18 months. If Fujifilm would stick with that, then the Fujifilm X-A8 should come in early 2021. So in my opinion, it’s a bit too early to discontinue the X-A7, but maybe Fujifilm doesn’t think so, or they are really going to replace the X-A7 earlier than expected.

More likely in my opinion is that the X-A line just lost its magic in Asia, especially in Thailand, and that it fell victim to the rise of smartphones and to COVID-19.

Fujifilm X-A line success story:

  • Fujifilm managers said in March 2018 to dpreivew: “In Thailand, our market share for mirrorless is over 40%.”
  • Fuji Guys Billy said in February 2017, that “Fujifilm is Nr.1 brand in Thailand“. He does not specify if DSLR is included, but it seems from the video he is including DSLR cameras, too.
  • in 2016 a source told me that “Fujifilm was the best-selling MILC in 2015, outselling all the Canon interchangeable lens cameras (DSLR and those EOS-M lines) combined
  • a Manager said to Spanish website in 2016, that ““there is a little known fact: in Thailand, for example, X-A series outsells Canon!”

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Focus On Glass: Fujinon XF 50-140mmF2.8 Even Better with Future X Bodies and Why no OIS on XF 16-55mmF2.8

We already reported in this post, about the first episodes of the Fujifilm series “Focus on Glass“, which included the XF8-16mmF2.8 and the GF30mmF3.5.

Now new episodes have been uploaded at Fujifilm Spain, this time about two lenses, that we can define the “workhorses” in the X mount lens lineup, the Fujinon XF16-55mmF2.8 and the Fujinon XF50-140mmF2.8.

It includes statements made by Fujifilm managers and engineers about those lenses, which I will report in written form here, to make you safe some time ;)

Fujinon XF50-140mmF2.8

  • no excuse is allowed for this lens:
    – autofocus has to be fast
    – image quality has to be impressive
    – weight has to be light
    – size has to be compact
    – it has to tick all boxes
  • it has outstanding resolution
  • a flawless lens
  • clear color reproduction
  • minimal chromatic aberration
  • Fujifilm is proud of the result
  • 23 glass elements inside with many ED lenses
  • the more the Fujifilm X bodies evolve, the more the potential of this lens is executed
  • an engineer says he can see its performance extended even further in future

Regarding the better performance in future, they probably refer to autofocus speed, but possibly also to sharpness. We know from this Fujifilm manager statement that Fujifilm X glass can resolve at least 32 megapixel, hence, Fujifilm might hint that the XF50-140mmF2.8 is one of those lenses that is currently underperforming on the 26 megapixel X-Trans sensor.

Fujinon XF16-55mmF2.8

  • in order to maximize optical performance, Fujifilm decided to remove OIS, it was not an easy decision
  • it’s a must have lens
  • you can attempt any photo shoot with this lens
  • a reliable partner
  • no excuses are allowed, when making a red badged lens
  • Fujifilm would give it 5 stars

I have been told in the past by my sources, that the optical performance at the wide end did not satisfy Fujifilm completely, hence they decided to remove OIS. At that point in time a strongly debated discussion, but now that Fujifilm offers cameras with IBIS, we can say that in the long term this was the right decision.

You can see both videos down below.

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Mid-2020 Rumor Check: What We Got Right, What Wrong and What’s Still to Come… and About the Fujifilm X-T3 Firwmare Update

Rumors 2020

Half a year of rumors is over, and it was probably the most successful we ever had on FujiRumors.

With a total amount of 44 rumors shared, we are currently sharing more rumors than ever in the years before.

The Fujifilm X-T4 was without a doubt the big one in 2020, and I frankly can’t remember if FR ever leaked so much about one single camera, as we did with the Fujifilm X-T4.

At this point BIG thanks to all our sources, for helping me to keep the Fuji X community on fire. Being a Fuji X/GFX shooter is just more fun, if every now and then we get something hot to talk about… ;).


Sharing rumors is one thing, sharing accurate rumors is another. And since we don’t want you to believe in fake rumors like the death of Fujifilm X-H2 or fake X-T3 firmware leak 4.00, we try to honor the time you decide to spend reading FujiRumors by delivering dry and verified rumors.

Did it work out well so far in 2020?

Let’s check it:

  • 497 blog post published so far in 181 days (about 3 blog posts a day)
  • 44 rumors shared in 181 days (2020)
  • 9 rumors still to be verified and 2 rumors not in ranking (details below)
  • 32 correct rumors out of 33 verifiable rumors
  • 1 wrong rumor out of 33 verifiable rumors
  • 97% correct rumors

Where is the Fujifilm X-T3 Firmware Update?

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Fujifilm X-T4: First Bug Reports (Menu and IBIS) and Wishlist

Many FujiRumors readers are getting their long awaited Fujifilm X-T4 in these days. As a consequence, I also already get the first firmware suggestions and possible bug reports.

by Gerald & Richard

Loving the X-T4 but why the regression in the Q menu so custom simulation names aren’t shown?

the Q menu custom items can’t be renamed as it is possible on X-T3

So, even if you set the custom names, they will not appear in the display when pressing the Q button (as they do on X-T3 & Co).

Ok Fuji, I want a firmware fix before I even get my X-T4 ;).

by Albert (video below)

Just thought i would share my findings about the IBIS in the X-T4. Fingers crossed they release a firmware update for this.

by Kirill

I just got my pre-ordered X-T4 several days ago. After setting it up similarly to what I had on my previous X-T3, I came up a couple of ideas for even greater customization:

Drive dial in video
Currently, the DRIVE dial only controls camera behavior in STILL mode. Why not propagate it into MOVIE mode, as well? I suggest that each DRIVE setting activate a dedicated video profile. Just a few (potentially predefined, but modifiable) example profiles:

    1. HDR mode
      Activates the F-Log video recording.
    2. CL mode
      Activates 120 fps  slo-mo recording.
    3. CH mode
      Activates 240 fps slo-mo recording.

Dedicated Fn-button customization for STILL and MOVIE modes.
This could further improve the (already almost perfect) camera usability. As an example, the Fn1 button can be customized for triggering different actions, depending on currently selected recording mode:

    1. STILL mode
      Turns depth-of-field preview on and off.
    2. MOVIE mode
      Turns zebras on and off.

I’ve read several times that Fujifilm executives may follow your blog and listen to customer feedback. Maybe, there is a (albeit small) chance that these thoughts can materialize?

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Top X-T Community: Fujifilm X-T facebook group
Top X-T Page: Fujifilm X-T Page

Major Fujifilm X-T3 and GFX100 Firmware Update Coming May/June

Let me first say things how they are.

Fujifilm NEVER announced any major firmware update for Fujifilm X-T3. The rumor of a Kaizen X-T3 update has been published here on FujiRumors a few months ago. And it was only a rumor.

Pressed by questions, Fujifilm managers later on just vaguely answered that such a firmware is “under consideration“.

Another thing is the huge update for Fujifilm GFX100. That firmware has been promised by Fujifilm back in February here. The main course of the meal: pixel shift multishot for 400 megapixel images.

Anyone salivating? ;)

Now back to the rumors.

According to our sources, both, the Fujifilm X-T3 as well as the Fujifilm GFX100 firmware updates should be released in the first half of 2020 (which May/June).

I asked if it could come out already in April, but my sources are sure it won’t be April.

And now a mandatory warning!

While I am 100% sure Fujifilm’s current plans are the ones I said above, after almost a decade of my life dedicated to Fujifilm blogging, I can tell you that if there is one thing, that can experience sudden plan changes at any time, then it’s firmware updates.

Fujifilm has a deadline, but especially with firmware updates, those can change quickly. The firmware will be released, only when ready.

And yet, the plan is to come out with both, X-T3 and GFX100 firmware within the first half of the year.

That’s it for now.

But if you want more, just keep us following us ;).

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