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Fujifilm FF240001 Registration Found (3rd Unreleased Product): The Rumors Go Wild with Fujifilm GFX25, GFX100SII, X-Pro4, X100 and More

On the Chinese Weibo (linked below), the patent for a third unregistered Fujifilm camera has surfaced, the FF240001.

So we are now at a total of three registered cameras that have yet to be released.

  • FF230002
  • FF230003
  • FF240001

From here all possible speculations start and you can read them down below.

How do I know these are just made up speculations and not rumors?

Well, because there are so many errors I will have to correct ;). In short here are the “rumors”.

  • What they say is Sure (+ Possible)
  • 4 to 6 cameras coming in 2024
  • GFX100SII with X-T5 retro style body and no 8K video and lack of many video functions
  • X100V successor almost done. 40 MP biggest possibility
  • Highly Reliable
  • X-Pro4 updated to X-T5 performance with normal flip screen. But another source it has still the mini-LCD on the back. New film simulation
  • X100V with IBIS and OIS and 160MP High resolition mode
  • Generally Reliable
  • X100V with 50mm mode (20MP resolution)
  • 2024 is the year of GFX, with GFX100SII and several GF lenses with good focus performance
  • GFX25 coming mainly for video shooting (multiple sources confirm this)
  • Basically Impossible
  • GFX200 with 200 Megapixel
  • X-T40 ready to be released with 40 megapixel
  • No Reliability Rating
  • X-E series update in summer 2024
  • GF 14-20mm coming
  • 2x TC for GFX

But hey, it’s online. Let’s have fun even if it’s just made up stuff :).

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DEAL: Fujifilm GFX50S II Drops to $2,999 (-$1,000) and GFX100S to $4,399 (-$1,600)

Fujifilm has decided to increase the rebate also on the Fujiiflm GFX50SII body and kit. You now save $1,000 (previously $800).

Just as the $1,600 rebate on the GFX100S, also this deal runs until December 31.

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Fujifilm GFX100S II Coming First Months of 2024: Speculating about Differences to GFX100 II

Fujifilm GFX100SII
Speculated Specs and Questions

We recently told you that the Fujifilm GFX100S II will come in the first months 2024.

So the question now is: what could be the differences or similarities between the Fujifilm GFX100S II and the Fujifilm GFX100 II?

To be clear: these are just speculations, not rumors.

  • lower price than GFX100II
  • lower EVF resolution
  • still no battery grip option
  • lower bursts rates than GFX100II
  • smaller body
  • a bit inferior video specs (due to smaller body and not optimal heat dissipation)
  • no full size HDMI and Ethernet port

I think the list above makes a whole lot of sense. But now it gets tougher and the question are:

  • will the GFX100 II have the new optimized 100MP sensor (improved readout circuits, microlenses etc) or will it use the older non-optimized 100MP sensor to keep price as low as possible?
  • will it have only SD-card slots or also a CFexpress card slot?
  • will it offer integration in camera body or not?

And last but not least (and maybe most importantly):

  • will the GFX100S II still have the PSAM layout or will retro dials return on GFX with the GFX100S II?

These are just some of my personal non-rumor based speculations and questions. Feel free to add yours in the comments below.

As usual, all the answers will follow on

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Fujifilm on Fire in 2024 :: Major XF16-50mmF2.8-4.8 Leaks :: First GFX100S II Rumors :: Top 3 Cameras Fujifilm Should Make and More – Top 10 of November

Fujifilm is On Fire

Fujifilm is on fire. They are preparing lots of good stuff for launch in 2024.

This means that, thanks to our awesome sources, it’s high-rumor-season here on FujiRumors.

That’s why in November lots of rumors have been shared. And more will follow. So stay tuned on FujiRumors.

  1. RUMOR: Big Start for Fujifilm in 2024 with Multiple (and Record?) Camera Announcements
  2. Fujifilm 2024: A Look Ahead Between Rumors and Speculations (X-Pro4, X100R, X-E5, X-T40, New XF Lenses, GFX Future)
  3. BREAKING: This is Fujifilm’s Next MILC Camera Coming Early 2024
  4. BREAKING: Fujinon XF16-50mm Coming to Replace XF18-55mm f/2.8-4
  5. Sony A9III: The Revival of Global Shutter and a Glimpse into the Fujifilm X-H3s?
  6. Which Cameras Do You Think Fujifilm Will Announce in First Months 2024? VOTE NOW
  7. Top 3 Cameras Fujifilm Should Make for Instant Success (X and GFX)
  8. LEAKED: First Images of Fujinon XF16-50mm f/2.8-4.8 R LM WR
  9. Third Party X Mount Autofocus Lenses Ranked by Popularity (among FR readers)
  10. Fujinon XF16-50mm f/2.8-4.8 with Internal Zoom (Will Not Extend when Zooming)

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Fujifilm GFX100S MEGA-DISCOUNT Extended

Fujifilm has decided to extend its insane deal on the Fujifilm GFX100S until December 31.

FujiRumors told you from one of the most beautiful lakes in the Dolomites, that the Fujifilm GFX100SII is coming.

But in that video I also told you that, as an owner of GFX100S myself, for that price, with that discount, the GFX100S is still an excellent pick, even if the successor is coming.

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Fujifilm FF230003 Registration Found (2nd Unreleased Product): Shall the X-Pro4, X-E5, X-S30, X-T6, X-T40, X-H3, X-H3S, X80, X100R, GFX100R Rumors Magically Appear ;)

Fujifilm has registered the FF230003, so we now have a total of two unreleased products registered:

  • FF230002
  • FF230003

Ah, that’s not enough!!!

Because as we told you, Fujifilm will announce more cameras in the first months of 2024 than in the entire year of 2023 (hence 3 or even more cameras in just a few months).

So there are still registrations missing here, trust me ;).

And we also told you (many months ago) what one of the cameras will be: the Fujifilm X100V successor (which you guys decided to call Fujifilm X100R).

Now, I can see the “rumors” about the Fujifilm GFX100R, Fujifilm X-Pro4, Fujifilm X-E5, Fujifilm X-T6, Fujifilm X-T40, Fujifilm X80, Fujifilm X-H3, Fujifilm X-H3S and more pop up. But those “rumors” appeared also ahead of the X Summit on May 24 and September 12, and of course none (not a single one!!!) of them materialized. But I guess misleading readers for traffic and good SEO is a great deal for them.

Here on FujiRumors we don’t mislead you with fake rumors.

Here we will tell you the real deal, and you will know it all very soon (promised!!!).

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Fujifilm EU matches Crazy USA/UK Deal with €1,600 Discount on GFX100S


Fujifilm EU has now matched the insane deal on the GFX100S.

You now save €1,600 on it until December 1. In USA the crazy GFX100S deal will end on November 27.

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  • Capture One: save 50% (ends Nov. 27)
  • Capture One Guide by Alexander Svet: up to 75% discount + addition 10% with code FUJIRUMORS
  • Godox (via Amazon): save 40% with Promo Code 4041Y41F
  • DxO: save up to 50% on all of their software (ends Nov. 27)
  • Viltrox up to 35% discount sidewide at the Viltrox Store here. On many products use coupon code “FUJIRUMORS” gives additional 8% discount (ends Nov. 27)
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  • Think Tank: 25% off on some of Think Tank’s best-selling products (ends Nov. 27)
  • Pergear: 20% off on all lenses at Pergear store (use checkout code “BFCM2023PERGEAR”) (ends Dec. 1)
  • Topaz has just launched their best deals of the year for Black Friday with up to 60% savings (ends Nov. 27)
  • KEH: save 10% sidewide (ends Nov. 27)
  • Sirui: up to 20% off sidewide
  • X-T5 Tips & Tricks Book: Save 50% on Rico Pfirstinger’s Fujifilm X-T5 X Pert Tips book at RockyNook using code “Fuji50” (ends Nov. 30)
  • Adobe: Big Black Friday Savings (ends Nov. 24)
  • SmallRig (BhphotoAmazon): Substantial rebates on lots of products also for Fujifilm (ends Nov. 27)
  • FieldMade lens indicators now 30% off (ends Nov. 27)
  • Workshops in Italy: Fujifilm shooter Luigi is offering workshops all over Italy. Now you can get them with $200 discount with code FUJIRUMORS

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** updated Nov.24 **

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Fujifilm UK New Crazy Rebates on X-H2S (-£1,000), X-H2 (-£600), X-T5 (-£200), GFX100S (-£1,700)

Fujifilm UK has increased the offer on some of their current deals and you can now get some gear at an even deeper discount (end December 1st).

It is not listed under the official deals, but I notice some UK retailers are also offering the Fujifilm X-S20 with a £100 discount

List of Fujifilm USA + EU Deals
** updated Nov.23 **

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