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DEAL ZONE – Tamrac Aria 6 Camera Bags for just $19,95 :: SWEEPSTAKE – Win a Fuji X30 and Instax Cameras (USA/CAN)!


Tamrac Deal

For a few hours only, you can get the Tamrac Aria 6 Camera Bags for just $19,95 at BHphoto! The same bag is sold for 39,95 at AmazonUS and Adorama.

See all Deals of the Day at: USA: AmazonUS, BHphoto EU: AmazonDE, AmazonUK

X30 + Instax Sweepstake (North

Fujifilm North America is offering a Sweepstake. Main prize is the (now discontinued) Fujifilm X30. You can also win various Instax Cameras, including the latest entry in the Instax family, the Instax mini 70 with Selfie Mirror.

Check out all the details at the Fuji North America Facebook Page… for USA and Canada only (excluding Quebec)

Fujifilm X30 and Fujifilm XQ2 Officially Discontinued: the Death of Fuji’s 2/3 sensor X-cameras? :: Dpr Compact Camera Roundup


It’s over, for the Fujifilm X30 and Fujifilm XQ2. The are now officially discontinued!

If you think this means the Fujifilm X40 is coming, well, don’t put too much hope into it. Knowing Fuji, nobody can 100% exclude that there will be, eventually, one day, a successor called X40… but currently there is no such thing on the horizon. Read the Trusted Japanese Source rumor here.

What we are assisting now, is probably the definitive death of Fuji’s 2/3 sensor X-series camera line. And looking at the very low sales of these cameras, I guess most X-shooters won’t really miss them. Already a few days after its launch, it was clear that the X30 was a failure (read my X30: Bad Start & Low Sales article). The reason is simple: as dpreview says in today’s Compact Camera roundup herewe don’t like the small sensor compared to competition“.

But what is bad for Fujifilm, is good for deal hunters. Just look for X30 ebay deals here and XQ2 ebay deals here.

Fuji X30: USA: eBay / AmazonUS / BHphotoFocusCamera / Adorama / Pictureline EUROPEeBay / AmazonDE
Fuji XQ2: USAeBay / AmazonUS / BHphotoFocusCamera / Adorama EUROPEeBay / AmazonDE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA

Full List of Today’s Gold Box Deals: AmazonUS, BHphoto, AmazonDE, AmazonUK

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Should Fuji drop the 2/3 sensor X-series camera line?

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Trusted Japanese Source says: “No Fujifilm X40 on the horizon”. Is the Fuji X30 the last of the line?


_ _ _

The first in the line, the Fujifilm X10, is now available for only $299!

_ _ _

I get this questions quite often via email: when will Fujifilm launch the Fuji X40?

Well, according to what the Top Trusted Japanese Source told me in our chat yesterday, Fujifilm has currently no plans at all to make it.

So what… is the Fujifilm X30 really the last of its line? At the moment it looks like this. But in the meantime you guys know Fujifilm. right? Plans can change so quickly at the Fuji Headquarter, that you should take every single long term rumor with a grain of salt, even if it comes from trusted sources.  An example is the Fuji X70, planed by Fujifilm in 2013 (rumor here), then canceled and finally announced in 2016.

So nobody, not even the trusted Japanese source can 100% exclude that there will ever be, one day, eventually, an X40. But at the moment Fujifilm is focusing on other stuff (Medium Format Fuji anyone?).

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Fujifilm Manager at CP+: “Fuji X-T2 will have 4K. No plan to add it to X-Pro2 via FW :: Monochrome X-Pro? X30 successor?”

X-Pro2 is shipping

Fujifilm X-Pro2
: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / AmazonUK / WexUK / PCHstore / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

_ _ _

The CP+ opened its doors, and the French site focus-numerique (translation) had the opportunity to talk to Fujifilm Managers Shugo Kiryu and Shusuke Kozaki.

They confirm that the X-Pro2 is actually 4K capable, but they do not plan to add this feature via Firmware. But the X-T2 will definitely have 4K!

Here some excerpts (google translated):


We asked users of the X-Pro 1 if they used it for video and 80% of them said no. By cons, of course, you can make high quality videos FHD with the X-Pro 2. But according to our studies users do not expect 4K feature on the X-Pro 2. Technically, we could add this feature with a firmware update but we do not plan to do so in the future.

We will integrate the 4K video in the next models of the T series

Monochrome X-Pro

At the beginning we wanted to develop a device of this type, but in the end we opted for the simulation mode ​​(silver black and white films) obtained from color files. For us to judge image quality for a draw. Our tests have shown that visually, the image quality between a photo after an X-Trans sensor color then treated black and white film simulation and a photo of a monochrome sensor was identical. In addition, we asked our ambassadors photographers who responded that he had an urgent need for color images and they were not to use multiple field devices.

Plans for X30 Successor?

Currently not. This segment is very competitive with the presence of Sony, Canon and Nikon now (new range of compact Nikon experts DL). At present, we do not 1 inch version of our X-Trans technology. It takes time to develop.

What will come at Photokina 2016?

This is top secret! I can not reveal anything, but maybe new products will be launched at Photokina. You can perhaps guess!

Top secret… hehe… just stay tuned on FujiRumors via Fuji X Forum, Facebook, RSS-feed and Twitter  ;)

Hot Fuji X Deals :: Save $400 on graphite X-T1 :: Save $200 in XF 10-24 :: X-T10, XF35mm, XF23mm and X30 deals too!


Top Rated and Official Fuji Seller OneCall has many good Open Box Deals on Fuji gear. 1 year warranty inculded. Here they are.

A new, unused item with absolutely no signs of wear. The item may be missing the original packaging, or in the original packaging but not sealed.”


Fujifilm X-T1 Graphite (save $400) Fujifilm X-T10 silver body (save $150) Fujifilm X-T10 + 16-50 (save $151) Fujinon XF 10-24 (save $200) Fujinon XF35mmF1.4 (save $181) Fujinon XF23mmF1.4 (save $201) Fujifilm X30 (save $102)

Cheap Fuji: USA – Terrific Deals on X-A1 with double kit lens, X-E2 and X-T10 :: EUROPE – HOT XF56mm + 10-24 + X30 Deals!

 photo teal_zpskb6d1kqy.jpg

Good times for bargain hunter. You can get some great on Fuji deals:



AmazonDE is selling the XF56mmF1.2 for just €720! Get it here! Terrific price drop also on the XF 10-24, which sells for just €705 at AmazonDE here! And if you need the XF27mm, AmazonDE sells it for €329 here.

AmazonITA is offering the black Fuji X30 for just €382 here (until Sunday)!

I’m not sure if just a limited number is available at this price. AmazonDE & ITA ship all over Europe.

 photo 56_zpsxa9qavnv.jpg

New Firmware for Fuji X-E2, X-Pro1, X100T, X100S, X30, X20 and XQ2! – Support for Microsoft Windows10

 photo suppport_zpsv18hwkt7.jpg

Fujifilm just released a firmware update with support for Microsoft Windows 10 for the following X-series cameras. And even if don’t use Windows, please update anyway, because FR-reader Poul-Werner is right, when he writes on facebook:

 photo fae_zpsa7qjhdpk.png

X-E2 firmware 3.01

X-Pro1 Firmware Ver.3.41

XQ2 Firmware Update Ver.1.01

X100T Firmware Update Ver.1.11

X100S / X100S Black Firmware Update Ver.1.21

X20 Firmware Update Ver.1.03

X30 Firmware Update Ver.1.02

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Coming by the End of Sep 2015

Coming by the end of Dec 2015
X-E1, X-M1, X-A1, X100, X10, XQ1, XF1, X-S1
F1000EXR, F900EXR, F850EXR, F820EXR, F800EXR, F770EXR, F750EXR, F660EXR, F600EXR,
Z2000EXR, Z1100EXR, Z1000EXR, Z950EXR, Z900EXR, Z800EXR, Z700EXR, JZ500, JZ300
and REAL 3D W3

And suddenly the Fujifilm X30 is a Bestseller! $100 price drop in USA and great deals also in Europe

 photo X30 DEal_zpszajbo7qe.jpg

When the Fuji X30 was released, many X-shooters thought that the price tag of $599 war too high! The X30 never really sold well and, IIRC, it was never mentioned in any of the Fujifilm financial reports as “selling strong”.

But suddenly the Fuji X30 enters (for the first time) in the top 15 position of the AmazonUS mirrorless ranking. And that’s because Fuji just did the right thing: they decided to offer a $100 rebate on it! So you can get the Fuji X30 right now for $499 at AmazonUS here, BHphoto here and Adorama here.

Great Fuji X30 deals can be found also in Europe, like at AmazonDE, AmazonUK, AmazonITA, AmazonFRA and AmazonESP.


The Worldwide hottest deal running now in the Fuji X world is for sure the terrific Free X-PRO1 deal: buy an XF 35mm and the XF 27mm for $949 (purchased separately they would cost you $1098) and get a Free X-PRO1 – which you then can sell on ebay, if you don’t need it. You can get it for just $949 at BHphoto. Adorama is offering an even better deal here, since the bundle includes also free accessories (spare battery, SD-Card & more). Just go to this X-PRO1 page at Adorama and select the option “Camera Lens Deal“. Add the lenses to the bundle, and enjoy the Free X-PRO1.

I remind you that I’ve asked at BHphoto, and the deal has no expire date. However, Supplies Are Limited… when all X-PRO1’s are gone, the deal will be over.

AWARDED: GS X-T1, X100T & X30 win RedDot Design Award + WANTED: Fuji X-T1 Most Wanted Camera at dpreview

 photo 520_zpsahutk1ee.jpg


The Red Dot design award is one of the world’s three leading design awards (along with iF design award and IDEA Design Award). This year, companies from 56 countries submitted almost 5,000 products to the Red Dot Jury. 81 of them won the prestigious “Red Dot: Best Of The Best” award, while 122 products got an “Honourable Mention”.

This year, the Red Dot Jury awarded the Graphite Silver X-T1, the X100T and the X30. The official announcement can be read at the Japanese Fuji site here.

Of the three Red Dot Design winners, which is the one you prefer?

The Most Underestimated Fujifilm Camera is? (max. 2 selections)

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As you might know, dpreview forum members can fill in a wish list of the gear they would like to own. At the top of the Most Wanted ILC Camera ranking we find the Fujifilm X-T1.

Half of the ranking is occupied by Mirrorless Cameras (Olympus E-M1 & the Sony A7 series). Also the Medium Format Pentax 645Z makes it into the wish list.

Oh… and Happy Easter :)

here in USA and here in Europe & CO.
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