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Fujifilm Manager: Fujifilm X-H2, The Problem With Telephoto Primes, GFX MK II and IBIS, Fujifilm X80 vs Compact MILC, Fast Primes & More

Fujifilm UK manger Andreas Georghiades returns to the Fujicast postcast.

It’s an almost 1 hour podcast, and if you are in a hurry and can’t listen it all, I provide a summary of everything the manager says, so you can get it all in under 5 minutes.

The Interview Summed Up

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Top 20 Fujifilm Manager Statments about Fujifilm X-H2, X100V/X-T3 Firmware, Monochrome, Open X Mount, Fixed Lens GFX and More

With the Fujifilm X-T4 about to hit the market (and actually already shipping in some), Fujifilm managers all over the globe are giving tons of interviews to make the world ready for the best camera it has ever seen to date: the Fujifilm X-T4 :).

Of course, I pre-ordered it, too :)

Now, for your convenience, I always provide a practical summary of all manager statements in my various article, and yet, with so many interviews, there might be some statements you might have missed anyway.

So I thought I filter out those statements, that I consider most relevant, and put them all into this article.

However, there is so much more interesting stuff to read, and so I strongly recommend you to check out all the original articles. I will provide all links below.

Manager Statements

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New 43 Megapixel Sensor for Fujifilm X-H2? :: Fujifilm X-T4 Leaks :: X100V Controversy :: Sigma & Fujifilm :: TOP February Articles

February was an extremely busy month.

With 108 articles published in 29 days, you might have missed some here and there, so here are the top articles shared in February.

  1. LEAKED Fujifilm X-T4 Full Size Images Front and Back
  2. See the Controverisal Fujifilm X100V Promo Video Removed by Fujifilm
  3. Sigma CEO: “Our Mission is to Support as Many Systems as Possible, But Fujifilm X Mount….”
  4. Fujifilm X100V Leaked Image Shows New 23mm f/2 MK II Lens
  5. Fujifilm X-T4 vs X-T3 vs X-H1 – The Ultimate Specs Comparison Sheet
  6. Fujifilm X-T4 Press Release Leaked
  7. New Sony APS-C 43 Megapxiel 8K Stacked BSI Sensor, for Fujifilm X-H2?
  8. Fujifilm to Release 3 New X Mount lenses within 2020 (in addition to XF50mmF1)
  9. New Firmware Updates for Fujifilm X-T2, X-Pro1, X-A7, X-E1 and Fujinon XF8-16mm f/2.8
  10. Fujifilm X-T3 Firmware Update in Spring/Summer will Bring “a Significant Number” of Fujifilm X-T4 features to X-T3

On the 11th position, but worth the mention here, is the Fujifilm X Summit live stream article.

I hope you had a good time in February.

And I have the feeling that March could be exciting, too, because we might have to talk about some important decisions Fujifilm is making.


Then make sure to follow FujiRumors, as it’s the only place, where you will read about it.

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5 Reasons Why FujiRumors just Pre-ordered the Fujifilm X-T4 and Won’t Wait for Fujifilm X-H2

So I did it. I placed my pre-order for the Fujifilm X-T4.

I hope it will come in time for the wedding I will be shooting.

So why did a rangefinder lover like me buy a SLR-styled camera with selfie flippy screen? And why not wait for Fujifilm X-H2? Here are 5 reasons:

  1. I love dials: the Fujifilm X-H2 will have a top LCD screen. I prefer to have an exposure compensation dial… as many dials as possible. That’s what brought me into the Fujifilm X system, and that’s why I remain there. And I don’t care if the Fujifilm X-H2 has 43 megapixel and new processor. Ergonomics are more important than megapixel to me.
  2. I love compactness: the Fujifilm X-H2 will have a massive grip. That’s great for many of you, but I like my cameras to be smaller (which is why I shoot also the amazing X-E3)
  3. there is no hiding, I would have preferred a 3 way tilt screen. But then I thought, that I use the screen maybe 10% of the time, as I am total viewfinder fan. And in those 10% of the times, I will get used to flip that screen out. It still allows for portrait orientation (which the X-T100 screen does not). And it still allows for low and high angle shots. But again… my thought… I use the EVF anyway all the time. For the rest I will just keep it flipped inwards, like the “hidden screen” of the X-Pro3.
  4. As you know I am a teacher, and in the last few years I started making more and more videos with my students, as this is an extremely motivating activity for me and for the students. So far I filmed with my X-E3, or X-E2 (which I destroyed). Now it’s time to step up my game and get a camera with IBIS and serious video specs. At the beginning of June I will be on a 1 week school trip abroad, and I hope to have the X-T4 to document it.
  5. The X-H1 was close to make it into my camera bag. But looking at the massive autofocus improvements on the X-T4, I just had to pass and get the Fujifilm X-T4.

So yes, I am in. I pre-ordered the Fujifilm X-T4. Now the long waiting begins, just like all of you guys, as I have absolutely no privileged contacts with Fujifilm.

Wait… you want to know which color? Well, make your guess in the comments. I will let you know later on ;).

We Repeat, Fujifilm X-H2 will Come, but not in 2020

Fellow FR-readers!

We would like to underline once again, that we always told told you since back in 2019, that unlike many other reports where saying, the Fujifilm X-H line is NOT canceled.

It seems that our persistance worked, as slowly I finally see the web trusting us in regard that the Fujifilm X-H2 will come.

It remains to be seen if it really has the new 43 megapixel Sony sensor or not.

We remind you that Fujifilm always defined the Fujifilm X-H1 as flagship, and so will also the Fujifilm X-H2.

And if you don’t trust me, then trust Fujifilm managers, who already said here, that both lines, the X-H and X-T, will continue to exist in future.

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New Sony APS-C 43 Megapxiel 8K Stacked BSI Sensor, for Fujifilm X-H2?

The IMX671AQR specs sheet leaked out by Luke Driftwood in the comments on FujiRumors.

Sony’s next gen sensor is 2.51um (vs current 3.76um), which is 43MP for APS-C, mass production in 2021, just in time for X-H2.

The APS-C sensor has 43MP and records 8K 12bit video too! It also has stacked DRAM and up to 16 bit depth for stills images.

As you know, our sources said since day 1, that the Fujifilm X-H2 will come, but not in 2020. But we don’t have the precise details about it yet.

We will work on the details and update you as soon as possible.

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via Luke Driftwood

Fujifilm Manager About Full Frame vs APS-C, Firmware Updates for X-T3, DSLR vs Mirrorless and Talking Fujifilm X-H2 is like… :)

Fujifilm Manager Interview

The latest Fujicast podcast episode of Kevin Mullins and Neale James just went online.

It’s a special episode from the Fujifilm House of Photography in London with Fujifilm manager Andreas Georghiades.

The podcast is one hour long and you can listen to it here. In this article, we will focus on the Q&A with the Fujifilm manager.

And guess what?

Of course it starts with the Fujifilm full frame evergreen ;).

So the first question is, what is this obsession with APS-C? Full frame would be Fuji’s opportunity to capture the market.

  • There is not really an obsession
  • When Fujifilm first looked at mirrorless, APS-C was the best balanced system in terms of size, weight and image quality
  • Obviously there are advantages to bigger sensors, which is why Fujifilm developed the GFX system
  • bigger sensors also have disadvantages in terms of speed and performance and other things [FujiRumors listed them in this article]
  • that’s why Fujifilm decided to fight on two fronts
  • there is a lot of noise around 35mm. The manager does not call it full frame, as in photography history what was considered full frame always changed. Today it’s just a great marketing terminology
  • if you want high resolution, you can get GFX
  • if you want something smaller and lighter than DSLR, there is the APS-C X series
  • if you go bigger sensor, you also go bigger and more expensive lenses, and you end up with bigger kits
  • Canon, Nikon and Panasonic full frame offering does not give you any benefit in terms of size and weight over DSLR
  • you have to ask yourself the question, why do you go mirrorless. If you want to save size and weight, APS-C is better

How to stay competitive in the market?

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You Voted: Fujifilm X-H2 beats X-T4 and X100V as Most Wanted 2020 Camera and Only 3% want Full Frame Fujifilm

Well, looking at the results of our most desired Fujifilm camera 2020 survey, the Fujifilm X-H2 comes out on top of the list.

In fact, many hoped to see an X-H2 already under our 2019 Christmas tree.

However, as FujiRumors always told you, the X-H2 was never planed to hit the market in 2019, and to my knowledge there won’t be one even in 2020.

So what, did Fujifilm kill the X-H line?

Absolutely not!

In fact, I say, repeat and underline again: Fujifilm has plans for a Fujifilm X-H2. Just give them a bit more time, ok?

I hope this helps to make you feel better.

In our survey, Fujifilm X-H2 is very closely followed by the Fujifilm X-T4 and the upcoming Fujifilm X100V.

On the forth position, we find the Fujifilm X-T3s, basically an X-T3 with IBIS.

Now, we will surely get the Fujifilm X100V in February and we won’t get the Fujifilm X-H2 in 2020. And what about the Fujifilm X-T3 successor?

Well, we already told you in our future cameras release timeline, that, if Fujifilm respects their past refresh rate, the successor to the Fujifilm X-T3 (which is still selling strong and top recommended by DPR) could be a possibility for 2020, but it remains to see if it really comes out, and which form and shape it would eventually take.

Also worth to notice: only 3% of FR-readers want a full frame Fujifilm.

What did FujiRumors vote?

Well, I gave a vote to the Fujifilm X-H2 and to the Fujifilm GFX-T, which is something like the Fujifilm X-G mock-up that Fuji officially displayed to the press. That camera, I am sure, would be a home run for the the GFX system.

Anyway, whatever comes, and whatever will be under our 2020 Christmas tree, just follow FujiRumors to find it out before anyone else ;).

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Fujifilm X-H1 (and X-T2) Marked as Discontinued: The Era of 24 Megapixel is Over, but the Time for Fujifilm X-H2 has Not Yet Come

Good Bye Fujifilm X-H1

The Fujifilm X-H1 is now marked as discontinued at BHphoto in basically all its configurations.

Just a few days ago, the same happened to the Fujifilm X-T2 here.

The era of Fujifilm’s 24 megapixel cameras is over.

But I feel I need to say a few words about the Fujifilm X-H1, a camera that didn’t get the success it deserved, mainly for a very unlucky timing by Fujifilm: releasing the more powerful Fujifilm X-T3 just half a year later.

I have no idea how Fujifilm Japan thought this could work out well. Maybe they thought that IBIS alone is enough to keep the X-H1 attractive also once the X-T3 hits the market. But apparently they were wrong.

And yet, at its very last moments, the Fujifilm X-H1 lived moments of glory, by selling like hot cakes thanks to massive rebates.

Ok, I hear you say… Fujifilm X-H2 is coming.

Well, the Fujifilm X-H2 is on Fuji’s “to do” list, and it will come, but Fuji won’t release it in 2020.

X-H1 anyone?

The Fujifilm X-H1 is running out of stock, but you can still find it available in some stores, for example at Adorama here.

So, if you want to grab one, you better do it now.

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