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Fujifilm X-T4: About Overheating, X-T4 IBIS vs Olmypus EM-1 III, Comparison with Sony A7IV

I have been asked to keep it short. So I will. No summary, no recap, no nothing. Less is more, right? ;)

I really would like to tell you the Fujifilm X-T4 overheated after almost one hour constant video shooting under the direct early summer sun (but in his last act before shutdown, still saving the file on the SD-card), and that under similar condition the Sony A7III failed after 26 minutes…. but I must keep it short.

And how good is the IBIS of the X-T4 compared to widely acknowledge class leading Olympus E-M1 III? No words. Keep it short.

My thoughts on the image comparison between Fujifilm X-T4 and Sony A7rIV? None… keep it short ;).

So, down below is an X-T4 roundup.

X-T4 Roundup

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FUJIFILM Firmware Updates Coming in June for X-T4, X-A7, GFX100 and More?

It looks like June will be a interesting month, when it comes to Firmware updates.

Yesterday we reported about a free ProRes RAW Video Firmware update coming for Fujifilm GFX100.

Now we get hear reports that also the X-A7 should get an update, as well as the Fujifilm X-T4 (this one scheduled for the end of June).

I don’t know yet, if other cameras will get an update.

But keep in mind:

If there is one thing that Fujifilm can easily delay at any point in time, it’s firmware updates. If they feel it is not ready for their planed released, they will simply move it back a few weeks.

But what I know surely, is that the very same second Fujifilm Japan releases the firmware, you will read about it on FujiRumors.

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X-T4: BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama, FocusCamera
GFX 100: B&H Photo, AmazonUS, Adorama, Focuscamera

Fujifilm GFX100 will Get Free ProRes RAW via Firmware Update Soon and Unclear if X-T4 will Get it Too

We received report (thanks), that Fujifilm will soon release a free firmware update for Fujifilm GFX100, which will add ProRes RAW capabilities to Fujifilm GFX100.

ProRes RAW is a new codec released by Apple, that allows for much smaller video file sizes than before, while retaining the higher quality video data rates and editing capabilities, of the original Uncompressed RAW video.

If the Fujifilm X-T4 will get it too, it’s still unclear. But we know, those things are always harder to achieve with X Trans sensors (such as pixel shift, too, for example).

Speaking of pixel shift, that’s also to come with a firmware update on Fujifilm GFX100, but I am not sure when this will happen. Fujifilm is still working full power on it. It will be released, only when ready.

Looks like the Fujifilm GFX100 will be covered with lots of Kaizen firmware love!

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Toshihisa Iida: “Fujinon XF50mmF1.0 Coming This Year, Well Balanced used on X-T4”

Fujifilm manager Toshihisa Iida introduced the Fujifilm X-T4 and teased the Fujinon XF50mm f/1.0 at a recent online 1 hour and 36 minutes event for Fujifilm India. Here is what he says:

  • X-T4 has new and more accurate IBIS, bigger battery and new shutter mechanism
  • Fujifilm colors are “memory colors” (more about it here)
  • Fujifilm has a long history with lens development. It’s one of the only 2 companies in the world, that can develop broadcasting lenses
  • he shows a early working prototype of the Fujinon XF50mm f/1.0 (image below), world first f/1.0 lens with autofocus
  • Fujinon XF50mm f/1.0 will be launched this year
  • Still balances well on the Fujifilm X-T4

The very long event continues with a live Q&A session with Fujifilm India Product Team. Bad audio, half of it in Hindi… it’s up to you ;).

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I Don’t Get it: FUJIFILM X-T4 gets Highly Praised SONY ‘Real-Time Tracking” Feature, but (unlike with Sony) Nobody Talks About it – VIDEO

There is something I do not get (help me out, if I miss something).

When Sony released their “real time tracking”, it rightfully got tons of coverage and praise.

The killer feature?

Sony’s autofocus system switched automatically between subject tracking, face tracking or eye tracking.

Imagine you are face/eye tracking a person with your camera, but then the person either puts her hands in front of its face or just turns around. Well, the camera will keep up tracking whatever “replaced” the person’s face (the hands or the back of the head etc.).

That’s cool, because it means that when the camera loses the face, it will keep up tracking the subject.

I remember DPReview made a couple of videos and articles praising it as “a big leap forward for AF“. All the vloggers and blogs covered it in countless videos and articles.

A massive coverage and well-deserved hype for Sony.

But guess what?

I am playing around with my brand new Fujifilm X-T4 and I notice that my Fujifilm X-T4 can do pretty much the same!

In fact, my Fujifilm X-T4 also switches automatically between subject tracking, face tracking or eye tracking.

I will demonstrate it with a video I just did, tracking my mother, my dog and a car.

To set it up in your camera, do this:

  • wide tracking
  • AF-C
  • face/eye AF enabled
  • half press shutter button

Even in the latest DPReview review of the Fujifilm X-T4 I think I did not read a single line about this feature. And yet, on the Sony, they called this feature a “big leap forward for AF” (video below).

Ignore faces with face detection enabled? I tell you how.

If you put your focus box on an object and half-press the shutter button, and then a face comes into a frame, the X-T4 sticks with the object you chose, but a grey box appears on the new face, just to let you know “Hey, I saw a face, if you want, I can track it“. But it won’t let your chosen object go. Unless you want to.

To switch to the detected face, let the shutter button go press the focus stick, and the camera switches to the face. You don’t want the face again? Press focus stick again, place your focus box on the object you want, and track it, ignoring faces (but always with the grey square around faces, just so the camera let’s you know it is detecting faces).

Down below a short video I just did at midnight here with my wife to demonstrate it.

I select the couch, and even though my wife’s face is in the frame, the X-T4 sticks with the couch, because I told the camera I want so. But there is a grey box around my wife’s face. I toggled to the face doing what I told you above. And then quickly back to the couch.

I am not saying the Fuji AF is as good as Sony. But I say it is at least something they should have mentioned, tested and eventually also compared to Sony.

But don’t worry, I have a plan

I am going to tape a Sony logo over my Fujifilm X-T4 and send it for testing to all possible vloggers and bloggers, so they might notice this amazing feature also on the X-T4 and maybe, who knows, even praise the full frame image quality ;). Just kidding, in these days where all is so heavy and full of bad news, we need a bit of lightness.

Now seriously, as I applauded Sony, when they released that feature in their AF system, I think I should do the same also with Fujifilm now.

And especially, I’d like to let you guys know about it. Sure, Fujifilm came a bit late compared to Sony, but now with the X-T4 we are here, with a real-time tracking that could simplify our tracking experience quite a bit :).

Remains to see, how well it works compared to Sony’s version.

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DPReview Fujifilm X-T4 Review – Gold Award: “Attractive Images, Superb Video Quality, $2000 Full Frame Threat but APS-C offers…”

DPReview just published their Fujifilm X-T4 review, and it gets the Gold Award with a rating of 88%.

From their conclusions:

It’s a really good stills camera, it’s a really, really good video camera, but the thing it excels at it switching back and forth between being both. We’re not sure there’s another camera that offers such a strong combination.

The thing that threatens to overshadow the X-T4 is the ~$2000 full frame mirrorless camera

The Sony a7 III and Nikon Z6 both offer in-body stabilization and similarly sized bodies, and are old enough to sell for near the X-T4’s price. Full frame can offer undeniably better image quality if you use lenses that are equivalent or faster, which can’t be ignored. But APS-C offers a different size/weight trade-off, allowing smaller, perhaps more manageable body/lens combinations which don’t necessarily give up too much in image quality. In video, the Fujifilm more than holds its own. If you’re shooting a scene and need to maintain a minimum depth-of-field, the Fujifilm’s 10-bit footage will have similar IQ and be more gradable.

What we like What we don’t
  • Excellent image quality
  • Wide choice of attractive color modes
  • Very good video quality
  • Effective and customizable ergonomics
  • Image stabilization allows hand-held video shooting and more stable stills
  • 15 fps shooting with mechanical shutter and >100 shot JPEG buffer
  • Fully-articulating screen great for video
  • Good separation of stills and video to enable fast switching
  • Separate stills and video menus simplify things even for stills-only shooters
  • Good battery life
  • Can be charged and used with USB power but an external charger is also supplied
  • Extensive customization of buttons and interfaces
  • Strong range of video tools (peaking, zebras, punch-in while recording, corrected preview for Log shooting)
  • 10-bit internal Log capture with selection of useful LUTs provided
  • Autofocus performance is heavily subject-dependent
  • No AF subject tracking in video
  • AF performance highly lens dependent
  • Face/eye detection is awkwardly integrated and not as dependable as rival systems
  • IS system not great at identifying intentional movement (can give ‘grabby’ results)
  • Buffer lasts less than 3 seconds for Raw at 15fps
  • Need to retain USB-C dongle to attach headphones
  • Fully articulating screen may not be your preferred option for stills shooting

You can check out the full review at dpreview here.

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Fujifilm X-T4 Firmware Update Released

Fujifilm released firmware updates for Fujifilm X-T4. [Note: in the original article I wrote also about X-A7 firmware, but that was the one released a few days ago, I removed that part now].

Fujifilm X-T4 ver 1.01 – download here

  1. The phenomenon is fixed that the battery in the camera body cannot be charged by the bundled AC adapter when the USB POWER SUPPLY SETTING is changed to OFF from ON (default setting).
  2. The phenomenon is fixed that repeated turning on and off a camera delays the set time.

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About my Fujifilm X-T4, my New Vlogger Career and the Crucial Question: did I get X-T4 in Black or in Silver?

So it happened.

After a long wait, today I received my Fujifilm X-T4. And it comes just at the right time.

As a teacher, I am homeschooling since beginning of March. And I film a lot of lessons that I upload on my youtube channel, such as a brief overview over the history of film and cinema, as you can see from the thumbnail of my secret youtube channel only my students can see.

I did share my vlogging setup here, with my main camera being my Fujifilm X-E3, which isn’t the ideal vlogging camera. One time I filmed myself, talking into the camera, and when my wife passed behind the camera, she asked me why the screen is off. You got it, it run out of battery and I talked into a dead camera. That’s when I started to run my X-E3 via camera remote app, to be able to see myself.

But now I have a selfie screen… thank you X-T4 :).

And overall, I must say that vlogging isn’t as easy and fast as it seems when you watch those 6 minutes youtube videos.

My 20 minutes lesson about the history of cinema video cost me 12+ hours of work spread over 2 days. Write the text, find the images and video clips to use during my talk, set up my gear, film everything, edit in Final Cut Pro, realize how many things I could have done better, hear my wife saying “knowing you, you’ll film it all again“. And so I did, I wrote everything again, I filmed it again, I edited again and finally uploaded everything.

In short: now I work at least 4 times more for my teaching job as before, but at least I keep up getting emails from parents and students, who are extremely happy by the quality of my online lessons and (don’t tell the others), they say I am the one teacher, who puts the biggest effort and passion into homeschooling. Makes me totally happy, but on the other hand I am exhausted.

So, my respect to all vloggers, who entertain us on youtube. I know how much work you put into this.

Anyway, my X-T4 is here, and I am totally happy!

I unboxed it in front of my wife, and the first thing she said was “wow, that’s so beautiful“. So we got approval here ;).

I surely will not have time to shoot all that much with my X-T4, at least not until June 16, which is when school ends. After that, maybe… if there is not another lockdown.

For now I am sorry if I run FujiRumors probably not at my best, and if I can’t deliver images from my amazing dolomites on my instagram page.

But teaching is my day job and simply has priority. We Italians pay a horrific amount of taxes, and I think public schools should honor that with great service towards students.

But after June 16, I am free. And you bet… that X-T4 will work like hell here on my mountains. Can’t wait for it.

Oh… and for the first time ever, I got a silver Fujifilm camera. I just had to try one time. And I must say, it looks pretty damn vintage, even more so if you flip the LCD screen inwards, so you don’t see the LCD at all.

So far… I LOVE IT!

P.S.: Yep, I also got a spare battery and the BC-W235 dual charger.

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Fujifilm X-T4 vs Sony A7III IBIS Comparison, Viltrox EF-FX2 on X-T4, Peak Design Anchor Mount Solution, NP-W235 Battery Analysed & More

Here is a Fujifilm X-T4 roundup. It includes

  • an IBIS performance comparison between the Fujifilm X-T4 and the Sony A7III. Clear win for the Fujifilm X-T4 here
  • Marteen noticed X-T4 lockups, particularly when the vertical grip and external power source is connected
  • Cameralabs X-T4 review
  • a test of the Viltrox EF-FX2 on the X-T4
  • since the Fujifilm GB-001 screw does not really fit on the Fuji X-T4, a solution can be found on the Peak Design Anchor Mount (images below)
  • & More

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Fujifilm X-T4 Roundup

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