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7Artisans Autofocus Lenses for Fujifilm X now Tested by Photographers

FujiRumors already told 2 years ago that 7Artisans started to work on autofocus lenses for Fujfiilm X.

Well, it looks like the development is finally done and those 7Artisans AF lenses are already out for testing, according to reports shared at the Chinese social media account on Weibo 独立摄影师联合会 here.

Full List of Third Party AF X Mount Lenses
— Available, Coming Soon, Rumored —

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New for Fujifilm X Mount: 7Artisans 24mm f/1.4 and Irix 65mm T1.5


The 7Artisans 24mm f/1.4 APS-C lens for Fujifilm X mount has just been launched and is available at Amazon here.


Irix has announced the development of the Irix 65mm T1.5 cine lens for Fujifilm X mount. It will be available in the next weeks.

Down below is the updated list of Irix X mount cine lenses

7Artisans Photoelectric Autofocus Adapter Released

You can now get the new 7Artisans Photoelectric Autofocus Adapter (Canon EF to Fuji X) at BHphoto here.

Key Features
  • EF/EF-S Lens to X-Mount Camera
  • Enables Autofocus and Aperture Control
  • Supports Image Stabilization
  • Transfers Lens Exif Metadata to Camera
  • Gold-Plated Copper Electronic Contacts
  • Integrated Tripod Mount

This Autofocus Adapter from 7artisans Photoelectric allows a Canon EF or EF-S-mount lens to be used on a FUJIFILM X-mount camera. Gold-plated copper electronics provide enhanced performance and support phase detection and contrast detection autofocus. The adapter also supports image stabilization and enables swift aperture control. If an attached lens is capable of generating Exif metadata, this adapter is designed to transfer that information so that it can be saved with image files generated by the lens and camera. Additionally, the adapter includes a tripod foot with 1/4″-20 threads to reduce stress on the camera mount when placed on a tripod.

7Artisans 12mm f/2.8 MKII Announced

7Artisans has just announced the 7Artisans 12mm f/2.8 MKII

key Feature:

  • The 7artisans 12mm F2.8 II features a 100-degree wide angle of view, which is an all-manual lens well-suited for landscape, interior, and architectural subjects requiring a broad field of view.
  • Bright Aperture: Bright f/2.8 maximum aperture suits working in a variety of lighting conditions and also contributes to the sleek form factor.
  • The 5-blade diaphragm contributes to a smooth and pleasing bokeh quality.

For all the details, charts and sample images check out the dedicated page at 7Artisans here.

7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 Available at Amazon

The brand new 7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 is now available at:

You can check your local Amazon here to see if it is available also there.

It is also available directly at the 7Artisans store here and also at Pergear here.

7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 Available Now

The 7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 is now available at the 7Artisans store and should soon be available also at Amazon here

  • Mount Available: E/FX/M43/EOS-M
  • Featuring a one-of-a-kind 225° field of view
  • Maximum aperture F2.8, larger light intake, more room for creativity
  • Photographers can create a 360° full panorama image with a minimum of 2 shots
  • The lens weight only 7.09 oz (201g) which makes it extremely portable and allows photographers to have creative shots anywhere, anytime
  • The lens can also be mounted on DJI Inspire X5 cameras for creating a unique perspective you have never seen before

7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 Drone Lens and 12mm T2.9 Cine Lens for Fujifilm X

7Artisans is displaying two new lenses on their Chinese social media platforms, that will both be available for Fujifilm X mount:

  • 7Artisans 4mm f/2.8 drone lens
  • 7Artisans 12mm T2.9 Cine Lens

7Artisans offers many lenses for Fujifilm APS-C. You can see the full list at their official store.

That’s all nice and good, but I am hoping to see also the rumored autofocus X mount lenses from them one day.

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Here are some deals on other X mount lenses:

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