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You Have 24 hours to Convince me that the 3 Lens Kit I’ve chosen for my imminent Trip is a BIG MISTAKE – Perfect Travel Lens POLL


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Farewell Dear Readers!

So, I’m leaving tomorrow (Tuesday). My backpack is ready. It’s small and light, that’s how I like to travel.

I’m heading off (along with a good friend) to a TOP-SECRET DESTINATION for 3 weeks. Just a Hint: I’ll share my images in this FXF thread ;) ).

If there is any X-shooter in that area, here is How You Can Recognize Me: if you hear a guy with an 11″ MacBook Air flaming about the slow WiFi or 3G connection in a cheap hostel, a restaurant or at the top of a volcano, than that’s very likely me.

FujiRumors CLOSED FOR HOLIDAYS? Never !!!

Especially during travels (or when I’m busy with my day job), keeping FR updated multiple times a day can be a real challenge for me (I run this blog alone).

So how am I able to work on FR 365 days a year, 24×7? Well, sorry guys, there is No Secret Recipe: it’s just… a Lot of Effort!

So, also during this travel, FR will continue to run, just give me the time to organize a hotspot capable 3G SIM-Card, and I’ll make sure that you don’t miss anything about what’s going on in the X-world.

And Please Fujifilm, don’t announce anything in these three weeks… you don’t want me to spend my 3 weeks journey on the computer? If you do, I’ll leak the roadmap until mid 2017 !

My Travel-X Kit

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The 3 Lenses

So what do I take with me? The tough choice, as always, are the lenses. I never take more than 3 lenses with me. Last year I travelled with the 18-55, 55-200 and 35mmF1.4. It was a great combo, but I missed something wider for dramatic landscapes.

This year I’ve changed the entire lens trinity. Here are the three lenses:

XF 18-135mm: The Swiss-Army-Knife XF Lens. I took advantage of the Cashback deals in Europe and bought it. This WR zoom lens replaces the 18-55 and 55-200.
USING IT FOR: a bit of everything.
compared to the 18-55 and 55-200
Save space. Versatility. Better OIS. Weather resistant.
CONS: Slower. I’ve also read some feedback that it is not as sharp as the 18-55 or 55-200…. I need more testings and can’t judge it for now. Anyway, at the moment I’m very pleased with the results I get. I’m pretty impressed for a super-zoom lens, as you can see here.

XF 23mmF1.4: I was undecided between this one and the 35mmF1.4. I’ve flipped a coin, the 23mm won ;) .
USING IT FOR: street photography and low light situations
compared to the XF35mmF1.4
PROS: For the way I shoot, it’s a better all-rounder prime than the 35mm. Faster AutoFocus.
CONS: The plastic Lens hood on that gorgeous lens is ugly. One day I’ll have to buy a cooler one. I’ve looked for some and shared the results here. Any other recommendation? Let me know here.

Samyang 12mmF2: The discussion about this lens is one of the hottest over at the Fuji X Forum. You can read it here.
USING IT FOR: Landscapes and a bit of Architecture
compared to XF14mmF2.8
PROS: 2mm Wider.
CONS: IQ is pretty good for the money I’ve paid, but it can’t match the one of the 14mm.
I DON’T CARE: Speed: the Samyang is faster, but I won’t use it wide open. When I do landscapes, I generally want to have the whole world in focus. AutoFocus: The Samyang is Manual Focus only. But that’s not a problem. I plan to do mostly landscapes with it, so I’ll have all the time I need to compose my shot.

Would you have chosen another Travel Lens Trinity? Well, then say it in the comments and try to convince me that there are better travel kits… my flight is about 24 hours from now… I can still make some last second changes.

There is also a “Perfect 3 Lens Combo for Travels” Poll at the bottom of this post… feel free to drop your vote.


Fujifilm Instax Share SP-1 Printer: A no brainer. There is dedicated thread at the FXF about it, with some feedback of X-shooters, who used it in their travels.
Eyelead Sensor Gel Stick: It’s a practical way to clean your sensor.
Rocket Blower: For obvious reasons.
Wet Sensor Cleaning Kit: When the Going Gets Tough, you simply need it. To me, it’s still the most efficient way to clean your sensor.
4 Batteries: I own two original batteries and two cheap but great third party PATONA batteries.
2 Battery Chargers: I want to charge all my batteries as quickly as possible.
A Battery Charger Adapter: Less cables in my bag. Another must have!
2 small bags: In the Tamrac Rally I’ll store the camera with one lens attached and my Instax Share SP-1 Printer. In the even smaller VANGUARD 2GO 15 I’ll store the other 2 lenses.
EF-X8 Shoe-Mount Flash: It comes with the camera. I rarely use it, but it can be handy in some backlit situations.
SD Cards: The Lexar Professional 32 GB should give me enough space, but of course I have a few more with me.

And this is where all the Stuff you saw above actually fits :)

 photo Bag Full_zpss0gryjwl.jpg

For The Blogging

In order to keep FR running non-stop even during my journey, I need two things: Mobile Internet and Extra Battery Power!

iPhone 5: I’ll try to quickly organize a 3G SIM-Card. Whenever there is no WiFi, I’ll hope there will be at least a good 3G coverage. There will be times, though, where I won’t have any Internet access at all… and let’s hope Fuji won’t annouce anyhting exactly in that moment.
Mophie Juice Pack: Battery life on the iPhone sucks. I need more Power… and this battery cover is just great!
11″ MacBook Air: Small, long battery life, almost no heat production… and it just works like a charm.
Universal Travel Adapter: Always useful.

So, that’s it. I’m ready. And I hope that you also are packing your X-gear and leaving for a great trip!

Have a GREAT summer… and safe travels,
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Oh, right… the “Perfect 3 Lens Combo for Travels” Poll. Here it is… and feel free to add in the comments any other lens not included in the Poll.

Top 2 Lenses for Documentary photography

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