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Big Fuji Show: X200 and X-PRO2 to be announced at photokina? (source – mirrorlessrumors)


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At BHphoto you can get the X-PRO2 screen protector now and the camera in about 6 months (according to mirrorlessrumors) ;-)

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Big Fuji show at the photokina, at least according to mirrorlessrumors here: They say that Fuji will announce both, the X-PRO2 and X200 (both, according to mirrorlessrumors, with non organic new ASP-C X-Trans sensor) at the photokina (September).

They also say, that the X30 will feature a 1” sensor (while xjrumo said here the sensor will be bigger than 1”) and come earlier (dpr rumored here July 3rd).

Well, despite my pretty tough stress period at my day job, I’ll try to dig up something for you as soon as I can… and of course, any sincere help is warmly welcome.

You can contact me at fujirumor [at] or 100% anonymously via rumor box (if you use it, feel free to create a nick name, so that I can eventually recognize you in future.)

In the meantime you can already purchase the Expert Shield Screen Protector for the X-PRO2 at BHphoto.

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