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Trusted Source Confirms: “Fujifilm Developing Ultimate APS-C X-camera. Based on X-T Design. Price Not Yet Set, but Most Expensive X”


I recently shared with you a rumor from a new source, that said Fujifilm is developing the ultimate APS-C X-Trans camera, that could cost as much as $5,000 and have some killer features also for video.

As many of you guys, I also specualted it could be some kind of video-camera like the Sony FS5, especially given the lastest announcement of Fujifilm’s new Fujinon MK cinema lenses.

But I was wrong.

In fact, here is some new information I got from a trusted source:

  • Correct: Fujifilm is working on the ultimate X-series X-Trans APS-C camera
  • Design based on X-T line (We don’t know the name yet, but it’s seems it won’t be called “X-T3“)
  • The camera is still under development, hence the camera price has not yet been set
  • The only sure thing is that the camera will be more expensive than any other X-series camera currently on the market
  • Best Fuji APS-C camera for video work

It’s a long term rumor, so everything is subject to change. But, currently, these are 100% Fujifilm plans.

However, I have to remind you, that in some cases, Fujifilm can drop plans, just like it happened with the X-Pro1s, a rumor which I earned massively shitstorm for. Well, at least Fujifilm confirmed that FR sources are awesome, by displaying a X-Pro1s prototype at the X-Pro2 launch party ;)

I don’t know what Fujifilm’s next step will be regarding this “ultimate X-series camera”, but I hope to be able to keep you updated with news about its development.

And to prevent attacks about “made up fake rumors clickbait”, I would like to quickly share the rumor hit rate of the last years. Sure, they do not proof anything, maybe just that I really try hard to be as accurate as possible for you guys.

At this point, really thanks a lot to everybody, who helps FR to achieve this accuracy. Your guide me safly to the stormy waters of fake rumors.

stay tuned,
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The ultimate X should absoltutely have this killer feature: a pop-up smiley! :)

shared by Ed at our X100F facebook group here
Can someone give me a reason to buy the x100f over this? I mean this one plays music! I’m pretty sure this has the max f stop of 1.0. “