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Top Weekly Deals: 5DayDeal Photography Bundle, the $ 150K Filters, Save up to $1,800 on X and GFX gear!



The 5DayDeal Photography Bundle is now live and runs only until October 18… and it comes again with massive savings:

  • Main Bundle $2,200+ Discounted 95%+ | Savings $2,100+ | Pay Only $98
  • Pro Bundle Upgrade $1,400+ Discounted 97%+ | Savings $1,350+ | Pay Only $39
  • Complete Charity Bundle Upgrade $1,300+ Discounted 97%+ | Savings $1,250+ | Pay Only $29
  • Full Set (English Products Only) is $5,500+ Discounted 97%+ | Saving $5,300+ | Pay Only $166
  • Full Set with Spanish Bonus Bundle is $6,000+ Discounted 97%+ | Saving $5,800+ | Pay Only $195

To check out the full details and what is included, check out the dedicated 5DayDeal page here.

Amazon Prime Bestsellers

Everybody went crazy for the dedicated X hot shoe covers during the latest Amazon Prime deal event. Check out the stock down below.

X Hot Shoe Cover for USA:

X Hot Shoe Cover for EUROPE:

X Hot Shoe Cover Amazon Worldwide

The $ 150.000 Filters

Well known and appreciated YouTuber Michael has now launched his new MAVEN Magnetic filters on Kickstarter (Click here), which have raised about $150,000. If you want to know why everybody goes crazy for these filters, check out the dedicated Kickstarted page here.

X Deals

You can now save $300 on the original Fujinon XF56mm f/1.2 R.

GFX Deals

Cashback Deals

Purchase a GFX50SII body or GFX50SII body with lens kit, with up to three eligible Fujinon GF lenses and save up to $1,800. To submit your claim click here.

One lens will give you $300 discount, two lenses will give you $900 discount and three lenses will give you $1800 discount. We have shared some sample offers at the very bottom of this article (but you can make your own combinations).


Instant Rebate

Sigma X Mount Deals

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Used Fujifilm Gear at B&H Photo

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Officially Recommended Cards by Fujifilm

CFexpress Type B Cards

Out of all the CFexpress cards mentioned above, these are the cards without any compromise in performance at all:

For more details check out this article.


Power Banks officially recommended by Fujifilm

Sample GFX Offers (but you can make your Own Combinations)