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The World of Film Simulation: ProNeg, Astia and Provia


The 4th, 5th and 6th episode of Fuji’s film simulation is now online at Fujifilm X World.

In Episode 4 they talk about the PRONEG Film Simualtion.

“PRO Neg. The tonality is very soft, and the skin tone appears very soft. The rich tonality reflects the lighting setting perfectly. If you just press the shutter button without thinking of the final output, then it will just produce a boring flat image. The film simulation is most effective when you have clear vision of the final output. The film simulation is great for studio portraiture where you have time to think about composition, lighting, pose, and expression. […] “PRO Neg. Hi” has a harder tonality when compared with “PRO Neg STD”,”

Epsiode 5 is all about ASTIA:

ASTIA is designed to be used under little or no lighting and subject in action. The film simulation is carefully designed to express the soft skin tones and not to wash out at the high end while making the shadow end a little hard. Tonality is designed so that it is sharp enough even without the use of lighting.”

In Episode 6 they cover the film simulation PROVIA:

No matter what the subject, lighting, or the shooting environment may be, you will find the photos non-collapsed when it is taken in PROVIA. You will also probably find yourself not needing to change the settings when you shoot in PROVIA.”

We talked about Classic Chrome here and Velvia here.

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