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The waiting is almost over: the X-A1 could come in the next days!


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The Fujfilm X-A1: a long rumor story that could end in the next days!

Back on May 20 I told you here that Fuji was planing to launch 2 different mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras, one with X-Trans sensor, and one without X-Trans sensor (it was the first rumor I got from the Japanese source who has been quickly upgraded to trusted source).

After 10 days, on May 30, another source revealed the name here: X-A1. A couple of weeks later the Japanese source confirmed the name here and told us that it would feature an APS-C sensor, come by the end of this summer and be very cheap.

On July 26 the┬áKorean national radio research agency registered the name “X-A1” here and almost a month later (August 20) Fujirumors posted the first image of the X-A1 here. Many of you were talking of a fake image, but on September 5 everybody could see it: the blue X-A1 wasn’t a joke!

On September 5, at the Czech site fotoskoda, we had the opportunity to read the whole leaked press release of the X-A1 and XF 23mm here, which means that it was originally planed to be announced together with the XF 23mm but Fuji postponed the launch. Thanks to a Czech reader who linked me to the site, I was able to copy the release before fotoskoda removed it.

And now the official announcement seems to be very close. As you can see from the image of the leaked press-release, we will soon know more also about the second “XC” zoom lens produced by Fuji, the XC 50-230mm.

I’m very curious to see how the X-A1 will perform compared to the X-M1. It will be an interesting 16MP Bayer vs 16MP X-Trans sensor battle. But also the price should be very interesting, as it is supposed to be very cheap!


stay tuned on Fujirumors via facebook and twitter if you don’t want to miss the official announcement of the X-A1.

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