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The (slow) Rise of Mirrorless: “Non-Reflex” grows from less than 20% to about 25%! (CIPA shipment data 2014)


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Mirrorless vs dSLR

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The latest CIPA reports are online. You can download all the statistics at the CIPA site here, or go directly to the excellent summary and graphs made by Dicahub.

The reports confirm (once more) that shipments for all types of cameras are decreasing.

So let’s focus on the little good news for mirrorless shooters: Non-Reflex (*) is increasing when compared to the same month of previous year, while dSLRs decreased. Mirrorless is now at about 25% (until mid 2013 it was mostly under 20%) – see DicaHub graph above.

That’s a positive trend for mirrorless, but still not as positive as some companies expected. In fact, DicaHub reminds us how Panasonic forecasted mirrorless would reach 28% in 2014. Also Samsung’s prediction that mirrorless will sell better than dSLR in 3 years is a bold claim.

(*) Non-Reflex” includes cameras such as so-called mirrorless cameras, compact system cameras, rangefinder cameras with interchangeable lens and interchangeable unit system cameras, and similer cameras.

Mirrorless vs dSLR vs compact camera

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