Fujifilm X-E3 to Come in Fall 2017 – New Source

I already told you that the Fujifilm X-E3 is be back on Fuji’s “To Do” list. This comes from a reliable source.

Well, I have to add one more tidbit: according to a New Source, the Fujifilm X-E3 will come in fall 2017! But take this with an extra grain of salt for now.

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BREAKING :: GF 110mm F2 Release in May :: Capture One WILL Support the Fujifilm GFX :: Fujifilm GFX First Impressions!

Capture One GFX Support

I got the first hint here at the Fujifilm GFX facebook group: GFX member Theodoros had a talk with a Fuji rep, who promised him that Capture One will support the Fujifilm GFX – read this thread here.

Only a rumor you say? You need more?

Well, then you can add this one: in his recently published GFX review, popular X-photographer Patrick La Roque says that he knows Capture One WILL support the Fujifilm GFX… and Patrick is definitely someone, who has the right contacts to be able to claim that.

GFX First Impressions

So yes, Patrick published his GFX First impressions. I know some of you say that reviews of official X-photographers should be taken with a grain of salt, but I don’t really think so. These are guys, who perfectly master their X-gear and are super-familiar with it. If they criticise a Fuji camera, it’s for sure not because they missed to read the manual and don’t know, how to use or set the camera properly (which I’ve seen very often on youtube-reviews).

And btw, Patrick La Roque is the same guy, who at the day when Fujifilm announced the X-M1, wrote a review, where he demolished the X-M1, saying that he does not like it all and it’s the most uninspiring piece of gear Fujifilm ever produced. So Patrick has proven not to be afraid to say what he thinks.

So here are some considerations he made in his great first impressions:

  • I’ve been told it WILL be supported by Phase One
  • What has me most excited is the overall smoothness of the image. It’s very hard to explain but when I compare to similar images shot with previous cameras, there’s less edge, more fluidity.
  • Very impressed by the zoom’s performance and leaning towards the wider range it offers

Patrick also tells us that the GF 110mm f/2 will be released in May. Go to laroquephoto.com to read more.

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The Fujifilm GFX (and Lenses) will Start Shipping February 23 (in USA) – Annoucement January 19

The current shipping embargo of the Fujifilm GFX is February 23. Of course there can be changes anytime, mostly depending on eventual last second firmware issues. But also in that case, Fujifilm will work hard to ship the GFX before the end of March, when the Japanese fiscal year is ending and Fujifilm would like to share some positive GFX sale numbers with its investors ;)

The shipping embargo rumor is for USA, but it should apply to all the world (maybe it will ship even earlier in Japan).

Recent rumor confirm, that the price for the body + lens (63mm) will be of $8000

Fujifilm GFX Facebook Group

Full dpreview Interview with Fujifilm Manager T. Iida :: Fujifilm GFX will Hit the Market in Spring!


dpreview just pubished the full interview with well known Fujifilm Manager Toshihisa Iida. They talked about the Fujifilm GFX. Among the others T. Iida says here:

  • APS-C is more speed, more portability – that’s our X-series. And our medium-format is for ultimate image quality.
  • Fujifilm GFX: The challenge is how to get the light hit the sensor evenly – in the center and also at the corners. In order to achieve that we customized the microlenses . […] Also we optimized the silicon process. We spent a lot of time and resources on this kind of customization.
  • The challenges [of recording 4K Video] for every manufacturer are power and heat. And there are two ways minimize their impact. One way is to make the camera bigger. The second way is to make the video file smaller, by recording video from a cropped area of the frame. We think that it’s important to pursue the ultimate in quality, so on the X-T2 for example we tried to minimize the crop factor. Some manufacturers are offering crops of 1.5 X or 1.7X. This doesn’t help photographers at all.
  • We designed these new lenses to be future-proof. The potential resolution of these new lenses is much higher than 50MP. Our benchmark is 4700 line pairs. So the lenses can resolve at least 100MP.
  • Probably, in 2 years time, the size of the mirrorless market will exceed the market for DSLRs, globally.
  • The smartphone is not the enemy, it’s a complement to a camera. And how to enable connectivity between a smart device and our cameras is very important. We will focus on making it faster, smoother.

You can read this and much more in the dpreview interview here. They also gave us a more precise idea of when the GFX will hit the market. According to dpreview it will be spring (so late March/April at earliest)

Fujifilm GFX Facebook Group

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