RUMOR: Fujinon GF20-35mmF4 Announcement on September 8

The Fujifilm X Summit on September 8th at 2PM New York time will have one huge protagonist: the Fujifilm X-H2.

But it won’t be an X-H2 event only, nor an exclusive X series event.

Nope, also Fujifilm GFX shooters will have something to look forward to.

In fact, according to our trusted sources, Fujifilm will announce the Fujinon GF20-35mmF4 on September 8, too.

As an owner of the incredible Fujinon GF32-64mmF4 myself, having a zoom that starts more or less where my current lens ends and goes all the way down to 20mm (15.8mm FF equiv.) making it the widest GF lens available, is something that is really tempting to add to my G mount lens arsenal.

Because even if I currently can’t go beyond 64mm with my GF32-64, thanks to the 100 megapixel on my Fujifilm GFX100S I can crop the heck out of my files and get closer while retaining sharp and crisp images. But I can’t capture things that are outside what my lens can see, so a wider option could definitely come in handy for my landscape photography.

You see… my GAS is already triggered. ;)

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New York City Center of Fujifilm World: X Summit on September 8 and Fujikina on September 10

New York City is about to become the center of the Fujifilm world soon.

But I’ve noticed some misunderstandings. So let me clarify.

In the past, Fujifilm called their product launch events “Fujikina” (with reference to the former largest photography fair Photokina). But after Photokina was axed, Fujifilm changed the name for the launch events to “Fujifilm X Summit“.

But suddenly, Fujikina is back. In fact, there will be one on September 10 in New York. So some people thought that this will be the day when Fujifilm will announce new gear.

However, that won’t be the case. The latest and greatest Fujifilm gear will be announced during the X summit on September 8, which will also take place in New York.

Here are the events:

  • Sep. 8 at 2PM EST – Fujifilm X Summit with new product announcements
  • Sep. 10 all day – Fujikina with photowalks, stage talks, workshops and more

So, the hottest day will be September 8 at 2PM New York time. The X summit will take place online, new products will be announced, and of course we will stream it live here on FujiRumors.

Then, on September 10, there will the Fujikina, with workshops, photowalks, stage talks and more. We reported about it here with links where you can register for free.

But guys, you don’t have to wait for September 8 or September 10 to have fun, as lots and lots of rumors will drop well before those dates ;)

Nice and original rumors of course ;).

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Fujikina NYC 2022 on September 10 – Book Your Spot Now to join Photowalks, Workshops, Stage Talks and More

Not only there will be the Fujifilm X Summit with new product launched on September 8 at 8PM New York time (taking place in New York).

For this occasion, Fujifilm has also revived the Fujikina event. It will also take place in New York, but two days after the X summit.

So if you are interested in it, book your spot for September 10 in New York.

Workshops, stage talks, photowalks and more. Sounds like a super fun day for Fujifilm X lovers.

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Press Release

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MARK THIS DATE: Fujifilm X Summit NYC 2022 on September 8 at 2PM New York Time

Fujifilm X Summit

The Fujifilm X Summit has just been announced for September 8 at 6PM GMT time. It will take place in New York City.

So definitely mark this date in your calendar:

  • September 8th at 2PM New York Time
  • September 8th at 8PM Berlin Time

The only thing Fujifilm has announced for September is the high resolution Fujifilm X-H2, which we have already shared the price and some specs of.

What else has Fujifilm on their official roadmap for 2022? Let’s look at it:

NOTE: THIS DOES NOT MEAN that it will all drop on September 8. It could well be that Fujifilm will make it an X series exclusive event. Or that they’ll only focus on the Fujifilm X-H2.

Whatever it is, FujiRumors will let you know soon enough.

Rumor Storm Incoming

And you know what?

A terrific rumor storm is about to unleash ahead of September 8, so don’t miss out to read FujiRumors in the next days and weeks ;).

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Fujinon GF20-35mm f/4 Constant Aperture (According to Fujifilm’s Own Mock-up)

Back in September 2021 Fujifilm held a very interesting X summit, where they also displayed a couple of mock-ups of future lenses.

One of the mock-ups displayed was the Fujinon GF20-35mm lens (which we find also on the G mount roadmap).

Well, one detail about the GF20-35mm passed unnoticed until today.

In fact, after FR-reader Lars contacted me asking about more details about the GF20-35mm lens, I went back to the mock-ups and gave them another look.

To my surprise, I noticed a detail that during the hasty hours of the mega-launch-summit back in September I missed (and apparently nobody else noticed it either): if you look closely, blurred but still recognizable, you can see “1:4” printed next to “GF20-35mm” (see image above).

This means that, at least at the time of the X summit on September 2021, Fujifilm did plan it as a constant f/4 zoom, hence Fujifilm Fujinon GF20-35mm f/4 R WR.

So there was a change over the internal roadmap we leaked back in 2017, where it was displayed as Fujinon GF20-36mm f/3.5-4.5.

If Fujifilm sticks by that, then it would bring the Fujinon GF20-35mmF4 in line with other top tier GF zooms such as the Fujinon GF32-64mmF4 and the GF45-100mmF4.

For additional images about this lens, make sure to check out our original article here.

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