Do NOT Use These AngelBird CFexpress Cards on Fujifilm X-H2S

We recently shared the official Fujifilm recommended CFexpress Type B card list here.

We saw that not all CFexpress TypeB card are made equal and that only these 4 card models can do it all and can do it best (among the ones tested by Fujifilm).

Other cards work well too, but maybe don’t give you as long bursts as others, or can’t record ProRes and so forth (full details here).

For your convenience, here are the cards recommended

In the comments to that article many were surprised that the AngelBird CFexpress Type B cards were not included in the list.

In order to try to get clarification, I fired off a few emails to sources asking if Fujifilm simply did not test those cards on the Fujifilm X-H2S or maybe if they did test them, and saw they performed so bad that they excluded it from the recommended CFexpress Card list.

Well, today a source wrote me back and told me that the Fujifilm did test them, and they did not perform well, so they did not include them in the list.

More precisely, the source mentioned the following card models as not working properly:

So these are the AngelBird card models you should definitely avoid to use on your Fujifilm X-H2S.

I am aware about the brand new AngelBird MKII CFexpress Type B cards. I don’t have info on those ones, but I think we can be cautiously optimistic that they will work fine. However, I still don’t recommend to buy any CFexpress Card except for the ones officially recommended by Fujifilm.

Once Fujifilm updates its recommended CFexpress card list, I will inform you.

For now, you are best off with these four cards:

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We just shared an article about the officially top recommeded CFexpress TypeB cards by Fujifilm and we saw that while many cards will work fine, not all of them will unlock the full potential of your Fujifilm X-H2S.

In fact, there are some that can’t record 6K/4K, other can, but not in ProRes, other have limited burst duration.

Only these four cards Fujifilm has tested actually can do it all at its best: Delkin Black, ProGrade Cobalt 1700R, Lexar Gold and Lexar Diamond.

Well, I noticed that one of them is actually in offer until June 11:

Fujifilm Recommended CFexpress Type B Cards: Why These Four Cards are BEST and Which Ones You Should NOT Use

With the release of the Fujifilm X-H2S and hence Fujifilm’s first digital camera to take CFexpress cards, Fujifilm has updated its list of officially recommended cards to store your files.

Now, all the cards listed below are recommended.

But attention, not all CFexpress Cards are made equal.

  • Some CFexpress Type B Cards can’t record 6K/4K
  • Some can record 6K/4K but not in ProRes
  • Some can record all video formats, but when used for bursts don’t last as long as others
  • Only 4 Card Models can do it all and can do it best

Also, CFexpress Cards not listed here are not properly tested by Fujifilm. This means they could perform very well, too. But they could also have a negative impact on the performance of the camera (or even don’t work with certain features).

This is important to know, as I have already seen reviewers using the Pergear CFExpress Type B card in their X-H2S first looks. Whatever those reviewers say in terms of performance, please take it with a grain of salt, as they use cards that are not on Fuji’s list.

If you treat yourself with a Fujifilm X-H2s, please stick to the recommended CFexpress Type B cards (and also UHS-II cards) listed below.

CFexpress Cards – Official Fujifilm Recommended

Out of all the cards mentioned above, the four cards without any compromise in performance are:

In order for you to get the complete overview, I have added the full detailed chart at the bottom of this article (also for UHS-II cards).

UHS-II Cards – Official Fujifilm Recommended

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Full Chart

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