Switching to… or discovering the Fuji X: “Photography is fun again!” – FR readers stories


Did you read the last “switching to the Fuji X” post (read here). Still not convinced to switch? So here is part II of this mini-series. And if you also have a “switch story” to tell (or rumors ;)), just share it with Fujirumors.

have a great weekend

P.S. Rico is waiting for the Zeiss lenses and the Silkypix update to come, and he’ll write about it in the next X-pert corners. Mastering the FUJIFILM X-Pro1” (Kindle Edition) (Apple iBook Store) (German version).


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Hey Pat,

I wouldn’t say I have a “switching to Fuji” story but rather I made a discovery – I discovered a gem and that happens to the X-Pro 1.
My Nikon set up was stolen around 10months ago, and during that period, I couldn’t find the passion to shoot unless it was a commissioned job.
For those jobs I borrowed friends Canon‘s (5D2) whilst I kept my eyes on the latest Nikon offering (D800), but none of them excited me in the slightest – I know that the DSLR’s would get the job done but after about 10months out of the game, I wanted something that would excite me, something that was different, I wanted a new challenge.

Whilst looking into the X-Pro 1, I can recall thinking, “I am about to do something that could go amazingly well or horribly wrong” I shoot weddings full-time!
But I like taking risk – that is just who I am – if what you want to do doesn’t excite & scare you at the same time, then it is probably not worth it.
So I pulled the trigger and now I shoot fuji exclusively.

With these, I can go back to basics ; To learn more about this craft that we all love, to learn more about composition, framing, reciprocals etc.
With these I can shoot, shoot, shoot, make mistakes, learn, make more mistakes, learn, grow and develop.
If I am going to develop to become a good photographer, these will be the tools that will aid me to do so; they make we want to explore and take images; Photography is fun again!

As stated above, I am not sure it is a “switching to Fuji” story but I am glad I am now on Fuji and I am also glad that I cam across FR.

You probably help more people than you know! The X-PRO 1 is awesome, FR is awesome and I think you are awesome too (Maybe not as much as the X-Pro) Haha.

Feel free to stop by the blog: http://vopoku.com/mariage-en-france-isabelle-florent-preview/



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paris photo wed2_zps33650726.png


“Hi. I made the transfer to the Fuji X series when the X100 first was introduced promting me to soon switch entirly from using Nikon full frame and have a wonderful photography life finally compatible with my reflexes and third eye.
I travel a great deal to Japan and also run an exclusive book publishing label producing limited edition photobooks on subject matters like Irezumi (traditional Japanese tattoos) and Zen buddhism. I apply a zen outlook towards photography and have a blog where I write about it. The Fuji X-PRO1 is the ideal camera system for a person like myself and since I made the switch a few of my colleagues have done the same. I am currently working on a photobook showing my Fuji X work and will be heading back to Japan in October in order to document further for this project. I follow Fuji rumours on a daily basis and value Your work greatly! If interested you can have a look at my Fuji X work at www.senjuphotography.com
Kind Regards


 photo embrace_zpseaa2f34b.png


“First of all, I love your blog! I check it several times a day, as I have become a complete Fuji X-Series nut. I just wanted to send you links to a couple galleries of photos I took with my X-E1 on a weekend in San Francisco. I used both the 35mm f/1.4 and the 14mm f/2.8. All photos were shot in RAW and processed in LR 4.4. San Francisco in Color and San Francisco in Black & White.
FYI, I sold all my Nikon gear for the Fuji X-Series, and I couldn’t be happier.


San Francisco photo sanfrancisco_zpsf8a816e7.png


“Hi Fuji Rumors, Thank you for this amazing and informative site. I’ve been following every updates ever since i have ordered my X100s. I have been shooting Asian wedding professionally for the last 5 years. My current equipments are the Canon 5dm2 with some of the L lenses. But now with the X100s, i could totally use it as a 2nd camera at a wedding. And never again will I need to bring my dslr to a vacation. The X100s is totally my first choice for travel photography. Just wanna share some pics taken at a friend’s wedding with the X100s. It will be awesome if you think my shots are worthy to be shared on your site. To me, the X100s is not only built for street or travel photography, it’s also built for wedding photography :) Thanks, Devin” See Devin’s wedding shots here.


 photo we_zps577124e4.png

  • patachou

    i switched my NIKON D800 for a Fuji X1 pro system , not a single minute of regret !
    i have fun all days with it …

  • wow!
    more and more people switching to the X. :)
    While I love the IQ and the colors of the Fuji, I can’t yet ditch my DSLRs for paid assignment (weddings). I even purchased a used D700 as secondary camera recently. :-/

    I just love the 35mm but I’m not confident enough to use it for candid shots, I still feel the AF gap with a DSLR is too much of a challenge for me. Maybe I just need more practice…
    If it were IQ, feeling with the gear, and pleasure to use only, I would already be full fuji though…

    I’m really looking forward to the 23mm and 56mm, because if the AF is smooth as the zooms seem to be, these will be AWESOME lenses !

    • Chase

      I agree. AF and lenses are the two things that stops me from using Fuji full-time as a wedding shooter. I won’t even think about getting into the X system until the 56mm and a faster telephoto zoom are available which is a shame since I love the camera control dials. :/

      • Wes

        Well that’s where us Canon 5dmk2 shooters have an advantage. We never had good AF :)

  • I’m a commercial fashion and wedding photographer. I’ve been using a big bag of Canon 5D3 bodies with about 11 Pro Lens….i got tempted with the X100s… when they announced the update…. and was going to buy an X100s…. until my camera store guy handed me an X-E1 with a 35mm F1.4…..

    LOVE at first sight… it felt soo right…. the 35mm F1.4 is ridiculously sharp…. the out of Camera Jpegs are insane….. I am so in love with this camera…

    I took it with me on my commercial fashion shoots… and my god… that thing is so sharp…

    do i love my X-E1?? You betcha… it now goes with me on all my professional commercial gigs as well as my wedding gigs… and best of all….

    when i go out to family outings…….. and friends kids birthdays… i just take my beloved little X-E1…… it does everything i need…

    Well done Fuji…. you’ve got an avid fan in me… what ever you do…. keep innovating on the X Systems.. cos i will be investing more $$$ into it!!!!

    I also did a review of the X-E1

    check it out at http://www.studiorlphotography.com.au -> click the blogs and check out the X-E1 review with sample pictures…

  • terry b

    Hi –

    My first DSLR was Canon 10D that I used off and on for many years. Most of my regular day to day shooting though was done with a series of Canon ELPHs. Then my job changed and I found myself on the road between US, China and Ireland on an almost constant basis. I tried to use the ELPH because it was easy to pack, but of course it lacked sorely in the picture quality department. The 10D was just to big and did not pack well in my shoulder bag so I searched and ended up with a Panasonic LMC-D1, one of the first 4/3 cameras. It’s Leica-like shape meant it fit well in shoulder bag and the stock 14-50 lens was great for walking around. But still it was big.

    Next up, a Canon G9 good pictures but an inadequate zoom. I messed around with supplementary lenses but they were honestly a hassle. Suddenly, along comes micro 4/3 and my prayers are answered. The best of size, weight and good lens offerings, even an adapter for my older 4/3 lenses. The only lack – low light performance. But I was willing to trade that for ease and portability. In fact I was wonderfully comfortable carrying my G1 and a GF1 which generally meant no lens changes.

    By now I was living in China and doing a lot of after-work street photography and the low light limitations of micro 4/3 just became insurmountable. So while I was on a home leave, I picked up a 5DMkII and handful of L lenses and my problems were solved. Great photos, especially night time street scenes but of course the cost was weight – I was back once again to the original 10D problem.

    After taking an early retirement and returning to the US, I dragged the 5D along on trips to Asia and Europe, choosing to bring only my 24-105 to save weight. But even that combination was a killer when walking 20km a day around my favorite cities. When this year’s vacation came around, I went looking at micro 4/3 lens alternatives, bigger apertures, better glass. That’s when I discovered the X-E1 and researched its performance. Rather than spending a bunch on more lenses for poorly performing night time cameras, I went with the system – body, 14mm, 18mm, 35mm and the 60. I walked 200km around Sevilla and Madrid this April, with the body and a couple of lenses depending on the goals of the day and I have to say I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

    So….I didn’t really “switch”, my 5D will always be there when I have car support. But for everyday use and anything involving walking – it’s the X-E1 from here on out.

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