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Switching from Lightroom to Capture One for Fujifilm X-Trans Files: More Flexibility, More Tools and More Details


Capture One Vs. Lightroom

Ming Cai (a photographer and youtuber who has way less subscribers than he deserves, so go and subscribe!) is now in the process of switching Capture One Pro for his Fujifilm X-Trans files editing.

He shared the first video of what will probably become a series of videos about Capture One. So make sure to check out his channel and see the first video at Ming Cai Youtube.

He really likes C1 and he seems to prefer it over Lightroom, since it offers features and tools that Lightroom does not have.

  • Capture One Pro renders details better than Lightroom. You can get same sharpness with Lightroom, but it requires extra processing steps
  • Capture One Pro gives more control over images (more tools)
  • Capture One Pro allows to add contrast without adding saturation
  • Capture One Pro has a much more advanced color editing tool

Capture One 10% Off

Remember, you can get Capture One 11 with 10% discount at Capture One here, by using coupon code “AMBFR”.

Capture One & X-Trans

In 2017, Capture One has made huge steps forward when it comes to Fujifilm X-Trans files support by adding Fujifilm compressed RAW support, OpenCL and more (we reported about it here).

Tethering is not supported, but if you own an X-T2, X-Pro2 or X-T1, an easy and quick workaround is to use Fujifilm’s free tethering software X Acquire.

C1 still does not offer film simulation profiles, but there is a great homebrew at the fuji-x-forum. However, a Capture One manager said in 2017 here, that “there is no reason why we can’t offer Fuji’s film simulations profiles in future“.

C1 is slow, when it comes to add new cameras to their supported list. They just recently added Fujifilm X-E3 support and there is no Fujifilm X-H1 support yet (but it will come).