Surprise at Photokina? Low and High end X model coming!


So guys, Finally we are getting first rumors about what’s coming from Fuji at the biggest Photo event in September, the Photokina show. Fuji already said in the past that a lower priced X model may come this year but according to rumors we got there will be another High End X model too!

We have been told the low end model will feature a hybrid viewfinder like the current X PRO 1 and cost slightly less with slightly less features.

The new High End model will have some completely unique features compared to the current X PRO 1 model. I have no info yet about those features but I hope those sources reading this post may can help me out on this.

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  • adriaantie

    Perhaps X200?

  • i bought a X-Pro 1 one month ago.
    If they release a high-end B&W camera i…i… i don’t know, but i’ll try my best to buy it :)

  • shinnn

    oh come on…just ordered a x-pro1 a week ago…
    i would like them to improve th x-pro1 further before releasing anothre high-end cam…

  • Renato S.

    I would rather have a EVF-only camera costing less than a HVF one and losing some feats.

    What Fuji has to solve is the AF and the focus by Wire.

  • Wesley

    I’m sorry but I hope that they leave the camera manufacturing and focus on the sale of the sensor.

    • Denis

      This sensor is designed and produced by Sony. Fuji only added their X-Trans filter, that introduces more problems than it solves.

      • Boris

        X-Trans Filter? What the heck? It is definitely not a filter – it is the sensor with a non-bayer color array or rgb pixel order…

        • GH

          It is exactly a filter. CFA = Color Filter Array. The Trans-X is a Sony sensor with a Fuji CFA, just like Nikon, Pentax, etc. use their own CFAs on Sony sensor.

          To be honest, I hope Fuji goes back to using a standard, bayer CFA, because raw converters aren’t ready for the complicated calculations required to get the most from X-Trans, and I think the conversions look plasticky and bad, especially at lower ISOs.

          • Boris

            Ok, thanks for the clarification – totally not got it

          • WilzWorkz

            I personally think how others’ raw convertor works has nothing to do with what CFA fujifilm uses. I will choose Fujifilm’s method over Nikon D800E’s solution anytime. Complicated? If we have quad core in our phones now, the calculations is actually much faster these days with the new processors.

            If Fujifilm goes back using Bayer then all the improvements in what we are seeing in terms of IQ from Fujifilm will be lost. Worth it? Nah.

            I shoot JPG primarily and use RAW for difficult lighting situations and the JPEG are so good one do not really need the RAW. Even the in camera post RAW editing, though limited in some ways, is very good for a lot of situations.

          • Interesting. Everyone else is gushing over this sensor and the output it produces. If you’re seeing bad conversions from RAW, then it’s not because there’s any problem with the sensor – clearly we can see what it’s capable of – the problem lies with those who are doing the conversions.

            Have you thought your comment through? Obviously not. Why would Fuji ever go back to a standard sensor when the one they have is producing incredible images just because, as you claim, RAW converters aren’t ready?

      • Oz


        Can you please elaborate on the on the problems you are refering to caused by the xtran modification to the sensor.

      • Chris D

        Dennis – you’re talking rubbish mate

        Smells a lot like trolling in fact

      • No, Denis, isn’t NOT designed by Sony. It may be produced by Sony (doubtful) but it’s designed by Fuji.

        Good try but you fail.

    • Renato

      Agree completely. 2.000.000 pixels EVF and on board 5 axis stabilization!!

  • ben

    C’mon please, an X100 with better AF, no dancing blades, dedicated ISO dial and distance scale on the lens. Please, just a simpler X100, that’s all. Want to add something significantly relevant ? Ok tropicalize it an we get the perfect cam. No new “things” ; the sensor is perfect IMO. PLease just a simpler cam.

  • badpickev

    bummer, i really want a new dslr, not something halfway in between

    • Yes….and make it weather sealed.

      (Damn it! Meant to reply to the comment above.)

  • I find both those highly doubtful. There is barley a market for the X Pro so why would they unleash two cameras less then a year later that would cannibalize the sales of all three? They are fully dedicated to making the X Pro the best camera it can be and will only move on from it when its time for the X Pro 2. Fuji is well aware they are not Canon or Nikon so rumors that they would try to use their model structure is just not plausible. Thats not to say Fuji will not release a full frame DSLR to compete with the D4s of the world but it’s safe to say it will not be in the vein of the X series.

    • WilzWorkz

      then buy a DSLR…I think looking at the XPRO series won’t help.

      And Fujifilm already announced they won’t go back to DSLR ( a tacit assurance to Nikon and Canon that they won’t affect the status quo?)

  • It’d be nice to see something else with a leaf shutter this time for us strobists wanting a smaller package.

    • John, I totally agree with you….I don’t see them updating the Xpro until late 2013 at the very earliest, probably more like early 2014.

      I’m loving my XPro1 as I can live with it’s quirks, but I honestly think Fuji will address many of the issues with FW updates.

      • Yeah Clint considering that they aren’t releasing a 23mm for the XP1 until later this year solely for the reason that they did not want to risk eating into X100 sales (which is weird since they are different cameras) I think it’s safe to say it’s just a rumor. I’m using the X Pro 1 with Leica glass for now and I literally find it to be the perfect camera, but I have been shooting with 6 year old technology for the last couple years in the M8 so my perception is a little skewed. I think they might release a cool DSLR at Photinka along with the new lenses for the X Pro and a major FW update. Predict the X100 won’t be replaced till next year since it’s still the best in it’s class.

  • Paul

    I have a heart attack reading this rumor. I scrateched my head and cannot quite believe or finding any rationale to believe this rumor to be true but I can be wrong. I have owned X10, X100 and now Xpro1. To me, the Xpro1 is a great camera but please start making the diopler adjustment filter. I once ordered some when I was in Japan (Cosina version) and they told me no production till Sept this year. Dear Mr. Fuji, please stock them (now I saw that on the catalog)

    Just to add some imagination on this rumor again. Perhaps, a plastic version of X100? which should bring down the price. Or perhaps a plastic version of the Xpro1, which should also bring down the price. Eliminate the EVF might also be a cost down effort (Like X10 did, the reason I sold it!) As fo the high end, a Ti material version? Some special tweak again at the sensor? More focusing point? I will kill myself if Fuji add diopler adjustment and called it the high end version of Xpro1!

  • Erzuandy

    Please be a good Successor to x100 with simpler menu and less functionless functions. Better and more pixels for the Hybrid Viewfinder so it will be easier to focus manual for close ups and keep that 35mm equivalent range and ever so lovely Fuji film mode with velvia and the nice B&W filters.

    And at least be compatible with the Wide angle adaptor you guys just released so as to not chase your loyal fanbase with your indecisiveness. Fix the auto focus problem and make it quicker!

  • Kaushik Parmar

    Greetings from Ahmedabad (India).

    I am huge fan of Fujifilm’s cameras, they are indeed truly innovators!

    I am proud owner of Fuji X100 and using it since last two years and I am fully convinced it, great performer.

    I love to do shoot videos with my X100, it gives great film look like result, though it only offer 720p but look like 1080p!

    I hereby post some videos done by me with my X100:

    This is first ever video by my X100:

    Low light performance:

    Colors are soothing to eyes:

    Low light performance:

    Fuji X100 vs. Panasonic GH2:

    My Fuji X100 with lens hood:

    Low light performance Fuji X100 vs. Panasonic GH2:

    Street food:

    Digital Zoom test of X100:

    Film look like colors by Fuji X100:

    Film look like colors by Fuji X100:

    Bokeh effect by Fuji X100:

    Evening walk with X100:

    Amazing low light performance by X100 and great Bokeh:

    Visit to Royal Enfield Showroom:

    There is no deny that Fuji X100 has weak Auto focus and struggle much in video mode, but I really enjoy doing video with my X100, hope Fujifilm give dedicated video features like Panasonic GH2, I also own GH2.

    Feedback & suggestions are welcome.


  • Am I the only one Who would like to have a rangefinder in the XPro1?

    • shigzeo

      I second that. Though, a real hardware rangefinder would moot the hybrid useless. I wish fuji would implement a software overlay for focus are only with eitheragnification or a software rangefinder with matching image.

      I would purchase the x pro now I’d it had that functionality. Switching to the poor evf just to focus is poor. I use L lenses with digital and won’t invest in an all electronic lens set that will only work with one camera ever especially as it is fly by wire.

      Focus area only magnification or hybrid/emulated rangefinder through hybrid viewfinder and software.

  • Steve

    hopefully a fast autofocus X Pro-2 ?!

  • hoping & wishing

    Full frame?
    M mount?

    …..any of those 3 might be …………. nice?

  • Markdphotoguy

    My bet at the high end would be X200 with X-Trans sensor, improved AF, refined HVF, some sort of focus peaking of better MF assist.
    At the low end a more traditionally styled (think em-5 or G5 shaped) plastic bodied x-mount camera available as a kit with the new 18-55. EVF only, faster AF than Xpro1
    I’d also be willing to bet on a firmware update for X-Pro1 users to bring up the AF performance on par with the newer cameras.
    Speculation is fun. Can’t wait till Photokina time to see what (if anything) besides the lenses we’ll get.

  • Markdphotoguy

    If I had my wish though I’d want a monochrome X-Pro1.

    • Clint Dunn

      You’re not another Leica Monochrom luster are ya:) Not for me…I want the ability for colour and B&W. Besides, the in camera processing on the XPro-1 is awesome and you can shoot colour and convert to B&W based on different filters IN CAMERA.

  • Lee

    Nah. The last thing fuji will do is a monochrome on the current CMOS.
    And I hope the high end would be something different, like a APSH sensor, Phase Detection AF, weather proof body, and 24 MP.

  • Andy

    I’d be much more interested in an x200. Besides, why on earth would they upgrade the x-pro1 after such a short period of time?
    iMO, X-pro1 is too big, might as well get a DSLR instead.

  • chris

    Fuji, pls add in varied angle & touchscreen focus. that would be great.

  • All- your thoughts- After 2 months of grueling research I am back to my original choice of x100 BUT- am I crazy to ignore all reported issues? Should I wait until after Photokina? i am not reach-artist/painter big decision…. please reply…….

  • brudy

    I’m pretty to close to pulling the trigger on the XP1, although I’m torn between going smaller with an OMD or going whole hog with the 5D3 (I have a lot of canon glass and a 7D right now). I also have an x100 that I love, but now I think I’m going to wait until Photokina or more rumors come out on what will happen before I buy.

    • Kaushik Parmar

      Hi! I am proud owner of X100, I am using it since last two years and I am fully satisfied, indeed X100 is great camera!

      Sure you must wait for new launch, maybe replacement will come, and I am sure that would be better than current X100, well X100 do not have any problem in my opinion, just focus has some issue but it is okay.

      I need Fujifilm put more attention to its video department, they should give Panasonic GH2 like video feature yes I also have GH2, great video camera!

      And if you are getting X100 very cheaper price than you should bye it, indeed it is fantastic camera, IQ is great, you will surprise!

      Better wait till September 2012.

  • don marko

    just for everyone’s info, I think the rumor has some solid grounding as the Fuji country director of France hints heavily in this short interview about the next X series models:

    start watching at 2.10:

    Roughly he says: “the X series cameras are far from finished and there are several big photoshows in 2012 such as Photokina and I just can’t imagine that Fujifilm would NOT try to knock our socks clean off”.

    I’d say that a country manager usually should have a decent idea of what’s in the pipeline so something is probably around the corner.

    Hope this helps,
    all the best,

    • Sunny California

      Would you stop rambling about your Fuji and its video capabilities?
      As you can well notice, no one here seems to give 2 hoots about video.

  • Nq

    Photo Rumors speaks about an x-200
    For the high end, what about a x-pro with panoramic sensor? Hassleblad
    Ight release an x-pan digital at photokina, and fuji had legend camera in this sector ( think about the G617

  • Tiago Alves

    About the Low End X model, for me it’s clear that it is a replacement of the X100. Other rumor sites state that is being out of stock. That being said, I truly hope they bring a faster focus mechanism (which was the most claimed featured by reviewers). The question to me is then, will the X100 replacement allow interchangeable lenses?

    What puzzles me is the announcement of an High End X model. Does this means Fuji will replace the X-Pro 1 or come up with something new altogether?

    I don’t know if it is possible to use the X-Mount lenses with a full-frame sensor (but looking at the lens roadmap in which there is no 50mm – albeit there will be a 56mm – and no 90mm/135 lenses) I doubt if a full-frame is in the pipeline. That is a pity. Leica M8 started with APS-C and then moved to a full-frame on the M9. I would truly love to have a more affordable alternative to Leica (and no I don’t want a Canon 5D or alike).

    That being said, I really wonder what would come up for High-End X… any thoughts on that?

    I’m seriously considering getting a Fuji this year and I’m looking forward for what Photokina will bring :)

  • ras

    hmm…what would make each one appealing yet distinct…

    high end: IBIS and weather sealing.

    low end: smaller but only one viewfinder magnification.

  • Close-to-buy-a-x10

    Hi ALL (especially Rmr Editor/Writer),

    So new High-end would be -> new xpro1 ?
    And new low-end would be -> new x100 ?

    what about a new x10?

    are there any hints (rumors) about an upcoming maybe called “X20″ (X10 succesor) – maybe your sources also told you something about high-end-p&s as well.

    thanks in advance – sebastian

  • DIcolorist

    x100 sized body with xpro mount.

  • Sunny California

    Lets have Fuji put manual rangefinder focus on the X100 (if at the cost of removing the EVF if it gets in the way of the rangefinder feature) and we will have a winner.

    Nothing else needs doing.

    • That’s an astute answer to a tricky qseution

  • jyno’s in0

    i’m waiting !!!!

  • Constantin Goldenberg

    i’m waiting for X-PRO 2 Full Frame with better AF and 24 MP (retro body)
    this will be the Photokina 2012 King.
    Leica – your end is coming :)

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