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Software Deals: Luminar AI End of Winter Sales and New Topaz Video Enhance AI at Half the Price


Luminar AI has just launched their end of winter deal here which will end February 28. You can check out the various offers and grab your discounted copy here.

Topaz has released a new version of Video Enhance AI with some major improvements, and it’s on sale now at half the price. Full release notes about the latest version can be checked out here.

Topaz Video Enhance AI 2.0.0 Release notes below


Major Features

  • Two new model updates: Artemis v11, and Dione v2
  • Artemis LQ and MQ v11 evolve from Artemis v10 with added ability to handle over-sharpening artifacts in medium or low-quality progressive input videos
  • Dione TV and TD v2 are enhanced from v1 that also remove over-sharpening artifacts in medium or low quality interlaced input videos
  • UI has been updated and overhauled to provide for a better experience


  • Menu toolbar has been added on Mac
  • When multiple videos are selected, settings in the right panel now apply to all selected videos
  • Able to open videos in their containing folder when videos are done processing
  • Model parameters and post process settings have been changed to sliders to provide for better fine-tuning
  • Reset Settings button has been added
  • Output FPS has been added to the footer at the bottom of the program
  • Reset Trim button has been added to the scrubbing toolbar

Ends Today: Luminar AI end of winter deal here
Topaz New Version of Video Enhance AI released now for half the price