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Sigma Teases a “Variety of Lenses for Fujifilm X Mount Coming This Year”


I don’t know you, but I love teasers.

And yet, after almost a year of constant teasers, Sigma could also stop it and announce them already.

What are we talking about?

Well, of Fujifilm X mount autofocus lenses from Sigma.

Anyway, the latest teaser published by Sigma seems to indicate that our wait should soon be over. Here is what Sigma writes:

Stay tuned as I’m sure a variety of X mount are on the horizon in the near future.

Sigma also said:

We hope to see some X mount releases at some point this year.

I don’t know what to tell you guys. At this point I’ll just say I believe it when I see it!

And yet, I can’t stop being cautiously optimistic about it.

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