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SHOTEN LM – FX M (Leica M lens → Fujifilm X mount conversion) Sales Started


SHOTEN LM – FX M (S) Silver, LM – FX M (B) Black released

Manufacturer’s preferred price ¥ 23,000 (excluding tax)

SHOTEN LM-FX M We will release LM – FX M, SHOTEN (Leica M mount lens → Fuji Film X mount conversion) mount adapter with helicoid. The color is silver [model number: LM – FX M (S)] and black [model number: LM – FX M (B)].

A helicoid equipped with a payout amount of 6 mm

For the range finder camera such as Leica, the M mount interchangeable lens has a relatively shortest shooting distance, but the shortest shooting distance can be shortened by using a helicoid equipped adapter. As SHOTEN LM – FX M ‘s payout width is 6 mm, it can be drastically shortened, making it possible to take’ Leaning ‘with Leica M mount lens.

Model number LM – FX M (S) / LM – FX M (B)
Corresponding lens mount Leica M mount
Corresponding camera mount Fuji Film X Mount
Characteristic With helicoid (extended amount: 6 mm)
Material brass
Color Silver [LM – FX M (S)] / Black [LM – FX M (B)]

SHOTEN LM – FX M helicoid

The extension amount of the helicoid part is 6 mm

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