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Sharpening Fujifilm X-TRANS files with No Wormy Artifacts in ADOBE and the X-T100 BAYER sensor has Worms, too!


Sharpening Fujifilm RAW Files

In our Debunking Fujifilm X-Trans Myths article, we already explained that you can get wormy-artifacts less results using Adobe products only. Sure, you have to sharpen differently compared to how you sharpen Bayer RAW files, but it is possible.

And it is curious to note that 2 products from the same company, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, behave differently when it comes to X-Trans RAW sharpening. Out of the box, Photoshop works very well, Lightroom not so.

If you don’t use Photoshop, my recommendation is to use Irdient X Transformer as a Lightroom plug-in, so you take advantage of Iridient’s better default X-Trans demosaicing directly in Lightroom.

Anyway, the more X-Shooters make videos or write about how to get best sharpening results with X-Trans files, the better it is. We have to spread the word that you don’t have to live with wormy artifacts at all.

Adobe Lightroom Vs. Photoshop Vs. Fujifilm JPEG

Today it’s Omar, who shows in a video how he sharpens his X-T20 RAW files. And just as we recommended in our X-Trans Myths article, he uses photoshop for his sharpening.

He also shows that Fujifilm’s Jpegs are really good, and we often hear that Fujifilm Jpeg files have simplified life to many photographers, since they are so good out of the box, hence they reduce noticably the editing time.

To see the whole video, check out “Sharpening Fuji Files in Lightroom vs Fujifilm’s Jpegs” at Omar Gonzalez Photography Youtube.

BAYER has Wormy Artifacts

Ming Cai purchased a Fujifilm X-T100, which has a 24MP Bayer sensor.

He compared the X-T100 and X-T2 RAW files in Lightroom, and he finds wormy artifacts also with the BAYER X-T100 files.

But wasn’t Bayer supposed not to show wormy artifacts?

Ming Cai speculates, that the issue might not be related to X-Trans, but in general with Fujifilm’s RAF files in Lightroom (not in Photoshop).

He then compared Lightroom to Capture One, and there is a clear difference at lower ISO in favor of Capture One. At high ISO with extreme sharpening applied, both, LR and C1, perform similar, but Ming Cai still prefers Capture One.

See the video “Bayer sensor has the wormy artifact too? And why Capture One is better for Fujifilm” at  Ming Cai youtube.