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RUMOR: Next Version of Lightroom will support X-T1 tethered shooting (new source). Fujifilm launches SDK


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As you migh remember, back in November, Fujifilm announced the Tethered Shooting Software “HS-V5 for Windows® Ver. 1.0”. According to Fujifilm itself, the windows software should be available as soon as this months (quote: “The HS-V5 for Windows® Ver.1.0 software will be on sale from January 2015. Pricing will be announced on launch.“)

Now, according to a new source (thanks), Adobe is right now working on the tethered shooting support for the X-T1 and will implement it in the next version of Lightroom.

The grain of salt is mandatory for now… but if true, with the next LR update both, Mac & Windows users, could be able to use tethered shooting.

And just a few hours ago, Billy of the Fuji Guys offered (via twitter) an SDK to those who would like to develop their own tethering software. Sadly, the SDK is not availble for public download (for now).

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