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Update – Quickstart Lightroom 4 iPad App Temporarily Free



Update: it was a limited time offer, the app is no longer free. :-(

If you are using Adobe Lightroom 4 for your photographic workflow, then this may be of your interest. Quickstart Lightroom 4 is an iOS app that usually is sold for $5.99, It’s free today so grasp it while it lasts clicking here.

A few user reviews:

  • Excellent overview – a real help. I wish I had this program earlier.
  • Another wonderful app from Serge Ramelli. Worth every penny. It’s to the point hands on training. App includes the raw files so you can practice. Knowledgable, funny and charming teacher. I’ve paid over $100.00 for training and learned more from these apps. Keep up the great work.
  • This is great. A tutorial made by someone that actually uses the software and doesn’t assume other end users are not complete idiots.
[via theappwhisperer]