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Bags for your X… The perfect bag for adventurous X-shooters? The MindShift Rotation180°!


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It’s summer (at least here in the northern hemisphere), and it’s time for holidays and travels. Everybody has its own perfect body/lens travel kit combination to bring with (as you can see from the poll).

But today it’s not about lenses or cameras, no, it’s about a really amazing bag where to pack your X-gear: the MindShift Rotation 180. A paradise for adventurous X-shooters because it gives you quick access to your gear thanks to the rotating beltpack! Photographer Trenton suggested me to try it out and said in the comments to this post:

This thing is very comfortable, and camera deployment speed is unbelievable; it usually takes me no more than 3-5 seconds from “let’s photograph that” to the actual shot (starting with the gear inside backpack). However, it’s absolutely not suitable for “street” photography – the very moment you slide around that beltpack, you’ll see a lot of attention and jaws will be dropping all around you. As in, “WTF you just did with your backpack?!” :)”

There are some versions of this bag, the Panorama (find offers on your eBay), the Professional (find offers on your eBay) and the Professional Deluxe (find offers on your eBay).

See all Mindshift Rotation bags & prices at your eBayBHphotoAmazonUSAdorama / MindShift website

the Mindshift Professional

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Those who don’t need a backpack but prefer a roller should check out the Think Tank Photo’s new Airport Roller.

And now, which 3 lenses would you pack into this bag for your travel?

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