Bags for your X… The perfect bag for adventurous X-shooters? The MindShift Rotation180°!


 photo bag_zpsa22be7d6.png

It’s summer (at least here in the northern hemisphere), and it’s time for holidays and travels. Everybody has its own perfect body/lens travel kit combination to bring with (as you can see from the poll).

But today it’s not about lenses or cameras, no, it’s about a really amazing bag where to pack your X-gear: the MindShift Rotation 180. A paradise for adventurous X-shooters because it gives you quick access to your gear thanks to the rotating beltpack! Photographer Trenton suggested me to try it out and said in the comments to this post:

This thing is very comfortable, and camera deployment speed is unbelievable; it usually takes me no more than 3-5 seconds from “let’s photograph that” to the actual shot (starting with the gear inside backpack). However, it’s absolutely not suitable for “street” photography – the very moment you slide around that beltpack, you’ll see a lot of attention and jaws will be dropping all around you. As in, “WTF you just did with your backpack?!” :)”

There are some versions of this bag, the Panorama (find offers on your eBay), the Professional (find offers on your eBay) and the Professional Deluxe (find offers on your eBay).

See all Mindshift Rotation bags & prices at your eBayBHphotoAmazonUSAdorama / MindShift website

the Mindshift Professional

 photo deluxe_zpsae19ea60.jpg

Those who don’t need a backpack but prefer a roller should check out the Think Tank Photo’s new Airport Roller.

And now, which 3 lenses would you pack into this bag for your travel?

Between an X-Pro2 and X-E3 I'd buy...

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  • taz

    This site is start to look like an advertising webpage and not a fuji rumor site..

    • Patrick

      in case you want to read just rumors, you can filter the results and click on the rumor section. So you’ll just get what you want ;-)

      • taz

        No I want to read fujirumors! Thanks!

        • Ash

          Stop whinging taz

          • taz

            I will stop sunshine!

    • AntiT

      Don’t worry Patrick, don’t feed the trolls

    • Iseo

      Go to r/photorumors (if you know what r/ means).

      • Arnold Newman

        I don’t know what r/ means…

        edit: Nevermind. Google is my friend.

    • DC

      This is a great site that caters for a range of interesting topics that Fuji users are interested in and this sometimes include non-fuji product info. If you don’t like something don’t read it. I for one love it. Keep up the good work Patrick.

      • Patrick

        Thanks DC, I will keep it running for X-shooters like you.

      • taz

        If you don’t like something don’t read it.
        Same to you buddy!

        • DC


    • Traveller

      I agree, though I appreciate the info on the creative side of being an X shooter with X-E2 there seems to be too much given to the X-T1 and it’s commercial promotion. More from Rico please.

    • GeoLoco

      Your up-voting your own comments. I mean… Follow your own advice: keep calm and smoke weed… :-)

      • taz

        I do whatever I want, this is the internet! Deal with it!

        • GeoLoco

          You don’t miss one single opportunity to make clear who you are, eh? This is internet, you’re so damn right about that. Oh, sorry, of course I meant “… right about that!!!”

  • nwcs

    I gotta say the ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover series seems perfect. Especially the 30i bag. Room for an iPad (or other), phone, 3 lenses and 1 or two E type bodies. Small slots for SD cards, too.

    • MJr

      Way too slick for me, good thing there is the Retrospective version. The smallest one already fits a 3-4 lens kit and more, and it really is a small bag indeed, if it wasn’t so rugged it could be mistaken for a handbag. ;-) Of course there are big ones that fit a tablet or even laptop too.

      • nwcs

        I have a Retrospective 5, too, but I actually prefer the Mirrorless Mover interestingly enough.

  • nwcs

    I forgot to mention, you could put in the Touit lenses. Now that the sale has come more people probably have them.

  • Moo

    I got the Panorama backpack a couple of months ago. This news is so outdated.

    • Patrick

      It’s not a news, it’s a suggestion to those who do not know about it and prepare for a travel.

      btw, what do you think about the Panorama?

      • Moo

        I love it. I really like the convenience of getting my camera from the bag without having to take the bag out of my back. The sliding mechanism is quite smooth and secure. There is one downside though. The bottom compartment can fit only a Fuji X-T1 + two lenses (or + three small lenses). When I go hiking in the alps, I need all my three lenses (18-55, 55-200, and 10-24). Probably, the best solution for me is to get the 18-135 ;)

        • Moo

          I forgot to mention that I could also fit my Sirui tripod in the upper compartment. I didn’t like having it hanging outside.

        • Patrick

          The 18-135 is for sure the best compromise for travelling light and flexible at the same time. Just saw it on a public Fuji demo (I was incognito of course ;-) ), and really liked it… perfect travel lens. But I couldn’t shoot with it and therefore have no RAF’s on my SD-card to do a little bit of pixel peeping :-(

          I’m considering the 180 professional, there should be enough place for my X-E2 and three lenses in the belt pack. It’s just the price that is a bit too hefty, but maybe it’s worth the money.

          Will see if I can find a good deal somewhere.

          • sedohr

            Amazon U.S. will have a deal on a Pro as soon as they process my return. ;o)

      • taz

        I thought they send you one for this ad!? :D

    • Arnold Newman

      I watched a video review of the Panorama and was struck by the fact that the padded portion of the hip belt seems so short that it would not rest on your hip bones like a good hip belt is supposed to do. I have to carry weight on my hips (to save my back) rather than my shoulders so this was a deal killer for me.

  • deng

    For me a truly comfortable and lightweight adventuring backpack is this one:

    Bought it immediately when it started shipping.

    Their only big con is price.

    • Vlad

      Yep, for hiking, I think these are the best.

    • Arnold Newman

      I have a regular Loka, deng. Any chance you have used both? I’m curious how they modified the suspension to achieve the weight reduction.

      • deng

        (Un)fortunately I do not have the regular one.
        I’ve read that there are no major changes though.

        Here you have a review pointing the differences.

        • Arnold Newman

          Thanks, Deng. I went ahead and ordered it. This will make three F-Stop Gear packs in my closet. If I could have ordered it in green like my other two my wife might not notice it but with the black & blue color scheme I don’t stand a chance. :)

          • jypfoto

            I ordered both a month ago and after trying them out, I returned the UL and kept the regular Loka. I posted my thoughts about the reasons why on a few message boards, but I’ll just give a few reasons why here.

            UL has a very lightly padded back section, Loka is more robust. UL has no extra material on the bottom of the pack so if you put it down on damp/wet material the water looks like it will soak through, the regular has a rubberized material. And biggest for me is that the UL’s hip strap clips on your left hip, so if you don’t keep it clipped, the strap will dangle down to your knees. The regular clips in the center so the straps unclipped are not long.

            For those carrying 10-15+ of gear then the extra weight savings of the UL might be worth it, but for mirrorless systems who just want a good pack, I would get the standard. The cost difference is minimal ($30). If the UL was $50+ cheaper it would be more difficult to choose. Also the blue is really nice, but is really bold and you can’t really blend in. The all black loka looks sharp and is practical.

  • Soli

    Just got this one delivered yesterday, love it :-)

  • karinatwork

    I got mine a couple of months ago. While it is certainly goofy looking in some ways, I must say it’s the most comfortable, most practical pack for hiking I’ve ever had. I didn’t think it is overpriced for what you get. Workmanship is excellent, and it’s a perfect fit for my system. I especially like how you can strap the tripod to hang from your side. I can now take pictures without every having to take the backpack off of my shoulders, and when hiking with the family, they appreciate how much faster I get the shots done now.

  • Vlad

    I see people are suggesting other gear too, so I’ll join with the Thule line, which I find to be pretty good.

  • GeoLoco

    Since I have the x100s, and now the TCL-x100, and a ballpod, I’m so happy not to care about big bags anymore.

  • Neil

    i bought one of these for my X100. (I have nothing to do with the company)

  • Neil
    • Eric

      Thanks for posting that. I thought the Millicans had been discontinued and had given up hope of getting one.

  • Jorge

    Insane. I thought one of the purposes of smaller profile cameras such as the Fuji series was to keep it light, inconspicuous, and, well liiiiight…. This is insane…

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