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Peak Design Launches New Compact “No Space Wasted” Travel Tripod


The New Tripod

Peak design has just launched a newly designed tripod on Kickstarter (Click here), with the goal to get rid of negative space and make it as compact as possible.

You can read all the details an check out the kickstarter campaign here.

Press Material

Traditional travel tripods have a critical flaw: tons of wasted space. The result is a tool that is inherently difficult to carry with you into the field. We fixed that, and more.

We spent 4 years redesigning the tripod from the ground up to eliminate dead space and minimize packed-down size.

But we didn’t stop at space savings.

We made a tool that deploys and packs down rapidly—nearly twice as fast as a traditional tripod. We made it intuitive and delightful to use. We engineered professional-quality stability and performance. And we added thoughtful features to help you get the shotwith any gear, in any environment, from any point of view.

But there is really MUCH MORE to ssee if you jump over on their Kickstarter page (Click here).