look inside the core of the X-series: a M. Angeloni review


Massimiliano Angeloni tested the X-PRO1, X-100, X-10 and different lenses over months and months, so his reviews are rich of details and personal considerations. Take a look by yourself and check it out, read and look at the pictures. I decided just to translate (not literally) his introduction to the X-PRO1 review. (translated version here)

Introduction: Slow down. Everything is fast, too fast. Why write about X-PRO1, when there is already the X-E1? And maybe the X-E1 is already old now! Has everything already been said about the X-PRO1? Max says that if you go really deep inside the X-PRO1 you will discover a little universe, so rich, that he could write chapters over chapters about it. In times where everybody runs, the risk is to have a superficial view of everything. Therefore he comes out with his review only now. Because it takes time to make an accurate review [personal note: it’s like the fox of the little prince (click here), when he says: “One only understands the things that one tames… Men have no more time to understand anything.] So he “tamed” his X-PRO1, and here you can read his story. (translated version)

Will the X-PRO1 really endanger the hegemony of the reflex cameras? Nikon and Canon, simply the best FF-cameras, have shown to everybody the way. To compete with them and also with the competitors in the mirrorless market, you have to go a different, a new way. Did Fuji find this new way? Did they find the right balance between size, joy of photography and great image quality? Where are the limits of this camera? And of course, step by step, image after image, lens after lens, Max will share his very professional and also personal considerations with you.

You see, to make a short summary is against the philosophy of his passionate work and detailed reviews. You need some time, but for everyone who loves photography, it will be a pleasure to read it.

So, for everyone who really wants to look inside the very core of the X-series, just click here for the X-PRO1, X-100, and X-10 review and take your time to “tame” them! (translated versions: X-PRO1, X-100, X-10)

To go to the photo galleries: X-PRO1 (click here) / X-100 (click here) / X-10 (click here)

[ad picture above] “The X-100 is made for the street… little fripperies and a lot of substance.”… “That’s the X-100… a traveling companion that is not embarrassed when you ask her to offer us the best… and even if you ask her to make just the “humble” work of a compact camera with the aim to capture some memories with full automatic adjustments.”

[ad picture above] X-PRO1 with the Fujinon XF 18mm f/2.0 R

[ad picture above] “The X-10 is fantastic for portrait images.”… “The X-10 represents the new standard for compact digital cameras.” [as we reported, the X-10 won the “camera of the year 2012 award” of Stuff-UK (click here to Steve.uk review)]


Available: Fujinon XF 18-55 at ebay UK!


The brand new Fujinon XF 18-55mm lens has right now hit the UK market! It’s the first European country that has the opportunity to buy this lens! Just click here and here to see this lens at ebayUK or here to see them both on slidoo! The price is of £700.

Read this post at dpreview if you want to read the first impressions X-E1 with XF18-55mm: “With the 18-55, the X-E1 is simply perfect. AF is quick – similar to Nikon AFS prime lenses, maybe slightly faster. I’d put its focus speed ahead of the 50/1,4 AFS. With good technique, it is perfectly usable for anything but sport photography, and even then, it may be the EVF response that will cause problems. It is smooth, feels great in the hand, and works.

thx to slidoo that notified me



Focus Speed: X-E1 with 18-55 zoom lens


Take a look at this focus speed test that Marc Pilon posted on youtube. The X-E1 combined with the Fujinon XF 18-55 zoom lens focuses very fast! That’s great. Let’s hope it to be also very accurate.

You want to know more about the performance of this lens? Just read the newest review about it at photographyblog (click here).

You can preorder the new Fujinon 18-55 at AmazonUS (click here to see). B&H should begin to ship this lens at Nov. 23 (click here)


Lost In Comparison: X-E1 vs ?… imaging resource comparometer


image courtesy: imaging-resource

The first test shots of imaging-resource taken with the X-E1 and the X-F1 are now visible here (X-E1 sample images –  X-F1 sample images). As you may know, imaging resource offers the “comparometer”. Just choose two cameras and compare the sample images. I passed some time yesterday comparing the Sony NEX-7, Olympus OM-D E-M5, and many more with the X-E1… I got lost in comparison! So, if you want, try out the comparison tool at imaging-resource and have fun.