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miXed zone: Anticipating the X-Pro2 design :: 35mmF2 reviews :: RAW Vs. JPEG (by Kevin Mullins) :: Macro Ring Flash deal & more!


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Anticipating the design of the coming Fujifilm X-Pro2 at luicaphoto

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USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / EU: AmazonDE / PCHstore / AmazonUK / AmazonITA /

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1.4x Teleconverter
USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / EU: PCHstore / AmazonITA /

Teleconverter XF1.4X TC WR x John Rourke at Fuji Speedway / youtube

FIRST LOOK: 1.4x TC at the X-Pert Corner

Real assignment with the 1.4TC: LPGA – Canadian Pacific Women’s Open in Vancouver at joengphotography /

X-T10 (vs. X-T1)
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Angry Photographer: Fuji X-T10 vs. Fuji X-T1. Overview best value & Rational examination on youtube / Review at / Realitstic comparisons between the Fuji X-T1 & X-T10 at angryphotographer youtube /

XF90mmF2 WR
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Fujifilm X-T1

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X100/S/T + TCL/WCL

Autumn in Central Park with a Fuji X100T and Nikon D810 at aboutphotography-tomgrill / X100T (+ X-Pro1) The last leg; Narlai, Udaipur and Delhi at dearsusan / TCL-X100 review at bradleyhanson / On the Virtues of Travel Photography with Only a Basic Camera at medium / Re-visiting the Fujifilm X100T at indergaard / Fuji X100T – Fly on the Wall! at hendriximages /

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X-mount lenses

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Jpeg / RAW / Converters

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Acessories / Flash / Bags

[shoplink 40006 ebay] photo asdasdasd_zpsbxbic61l.jpg[/shoplink]

Great deal on the Insignia [shoplink 40006 ebay]Macro Ring Flash[/shoplink] – not LED!

Gariz soft release button at nrviphotos (translation) / Fuji X-T1 with Canon Flashes at imagemakers-pg /

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ApolloOne – The Ultimate Digital Camera File Viewer – check it out on the App Store

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New Source unveils why SIGMA has NO PLANS to make X-MOUNT lenses… and what Fuji did WRONG (according to SIGMA)!

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The Sigma 50mm f/1.4: the IQ of the Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 for ¼ of the price!

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I’ve received an information from a new source, who had a conversation with Sigma. He asked them if they plan to release X-mount versions of their lenses. Well, in short, Sigma’s answer to this source was:

  • The Fujifilm X-system market share is too small.
  • Due the restricted market share, Sigma currently has no plans at all to release X-mount version of their lenses.
  • Fuji should have adopted the M4/3 mount
  • Fuji’s fault? By not using the M4/3 mount and offering their own X-mount, Fuji resigned X-shooters to a limited lens selection [Really? Take a look at that, Sigma]

That’s a bad news. Especially since over the last year, when Sigma managers were asked if they will offer X-mount versions of their lenses, they didn’t deny this possibility, giving answers like [quote from this video interview] “We always plan to expand our product line for mirrorless cameras. If possible, we would like to support as many systems as possible.” Also to DSLRmagazine Sigma said [google translated]: “I’m pretty sure the market for CSC will grow in the future, do not know how, but we have the belief that we must support as many systems as possible“.

After these statements, a slender hope arose amongst us X-shooters, but according to this information today, waiting for X-mount Sigma lenses is like waiting for Godot.

Now, it’s true that Fuji is not really a giant in the digital camera industry. However, over the last years the X-system grew and it now has a respectable number of followers. I’m convinced that, with the right lens offering & an interesting price tag, Sigma could make some nice money with us X-shooters, as also the Poll here could indicate:

Between an X-T2 and X-E3 I'd buy...

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I do NOT agree with Sigma, when they say that, by not adopting the M4/3 mount, Fuji resigned X-shooters to a limited lens selection. Really? There is plenty of great Fujinon glass out there (and more coming soon). And manufacturers like Samyang, Zeiss, Lensbaby, SLR Magic & more have their X-mount offerings, too. As shown in the amazing complete X-mount glass overview, there are overall 56 X-mount lenses on the market and 6 more are coming soon.

Fujinon glass alone already covers most needs of photographers… and that’s maybe part of the problem for Sigma: all the great Fujinon glass that is already available on the market! It must be hard & risky to compete with it, also for Sigma.

Zeiss tried it with the Touit 12mm and 32mm, but completely failed. Those lenses were too close in FL to existing Fujinon lenses, optically great, but not superior (probably even inferior) to the XF glass and even more expensive than the Fujinons. Result: you can now get them for a fraction of their original price!

Samyang seems to be more successful when it comes to X-mount lenses. They are offering lenses that are still not covered by Fuji (like the Samyang 8mm fisheye) and their probably most successful X-mount lens, the Samyang 12mmF2, convinces with a very low price and good IQ. So no surprise that over at our Fuji X Forum, the Samyang 12mm thread now has 31,828 views and 133 comments… in just 4½ months!

So maybe we should add one more point to Sigma’s thoughts shared at the beginning of this post

  • There is so many awesome Fujinon glass out there, that we are afraid to fail when we compete with it, just like Zeiss!

But competition is a good thing for us customers. C’mon Sigma, join the X-mount party and make some pressure on Fuji ;) . Combine the great IQ of your glass with an aggressive price, and you will find many X-shooters ready to invest into it.

And what do you think, should Fuji really have adopted M4/3 mount?

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miXed zone: XF90mm reviews, FREE Photographing Cuba eBook, RoboSHOOT, Fuji X Wedding equipment & more!


Are You Disappointed with Firmware 4.0 for Fuji XT-1? REVIEW at Matt Widgery Photography youtube channel

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Fujifilm X-T1 Menu Firmware 4.00 at Anthony Morganti youtube /

NOTE: on the same day of the FW4 release, Fuji released also the new Fuji-Android-AppsFUJIFILM Camera Application” and “FUJIFILM Photo Receiver“. The latest versions finally sort out any connection problem.

_ _ _

USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama EU: AmazonDE / AmazonUK / AmazonFR / WexUK / Cameraworld / PCHstore / AUS: Camerapro

MUST READ Rico’s X-T10 First Look / FujiFilm X-T10 review at trustedreviews /

_ _ _

XF90mmF2 WR
USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama EU: AmazonDE / AmazonUK / AmazonFR / WexUK / Cameraworld / PCHstore / AUS: Camerapro

MUST READ Rico’s XF90mm First Look. / Fujifilm 90mm Preview at leighmiller / Fujinon XF 90mm F2 – First Take and Taken Aback at olafphotoblog & Macro Photography with the XF 90mm F2 & MCEX-11 always at olafphotoblog / Just how good is the 90mm? at billfortney /

_ _ _

XF 16mm F1.4 WR
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 Review at photographyblog / Fujifilm X-T10 + XF16mm f1.4 – First Impressions at macleancomms / Comparison: Fujinon 16mm f1.4 v Fujinon 18mm f2 at macleancomms / Spanish review at dslrmagazine (translation) /

_ _ _

X100/S/T + TCL/WCL

image courtesy: Riflessifotografici

Fuji X100T Review (Part 2) by Donato Chirulli at Riflessifotografici / The X100T, my personal review at stockografie / Fuji X100T Captures Faces of Italy at strongfoto / Bigheadtaco vs Kale Friesen. Ricoh GR vs Fujfilm X100T at bigheadtaco youtube channel / Images taken with the X100S at harnahud / Fujifilm X100T at dylanseeger Part 01, Part 02 and Part 3 / Fujifilm X100S For Wedding Photography at x100c / Fuji X100T – Review at whereswheels / Some time with the Fuji X100T at paulpetch / Review at toolsandtoys /

Fujifilm X-T1

Awards with Fujifilm X-T1 at ivanjoshualoh / Complete Wedding shot on Fujifilm X-T1 at Kevin Mullins youtube channel / Testing the Fuji X-T1 for Night Photography at devinjamesoncreative / Images taken with the X-T1 at harnahud / How I Use the Fujifilm XT-1 for Documentary Wedding Photography at petapixel / Streets of Philadelphia … A Visual Diary … Page 7 … Fuji X100s at streetshooter / X-T1 makes the Picture at the International Kitesurf Magazine – more at creativeway / More On The Fuji X-T1 at rwboyer / Latest Fuji X-T1 Settings Tweaks at cliftonbeard / Double Exposures with the Fuji X-T1 at aboutphotography-tomgrill / Sani Starr, Fashion blogger at Pitti Uomo. Colorful photos with Fuji X-T1 and 35mm at alessandromichelazzi /

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X-mount lenses

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Travel X / Switch to the X / Fuji X for Weddings

image courtesy: olafphotoblog

20 Useful Tips for Travel Photography at sebastianboatca / Olympic National Park with the X-Series at olafphotoblog / A little gear-talk: Canon, Nikon, Sony A7… but at the end it’s a Fuji! Read more at victorhamke

A Superhero needs the right equipment – Fujifilm X (for Weddings) at timosoasepp /

 photo deed_zpsrgndg6yn.jpg

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Jpeg / RAW / Converters

 photo pro2_zpsr5ewy46n.jpg

Curiosity: the welcome screen for Lightroom 6 features shows an X-Pro1 with a 35mm… a good Omen for the Future X-TRANS support improvement promised by Adobe here? You can find it in the new version of Lightroom (v. 6) under menu Help/Welcome to Lightroom

Fuji X Trans Sensor and Adobe Camera Raw – The real deal at last? at soundimageplus / Some Free Faux Film Lightroom Presets for Fuji X Users at thomasfitzgeraldphotography / Sharpening Fuji RAF RAW files in Lightroom & Sharpener Pro 3 at Matt Widgery Photography youtube /


Clip Cap Battery ProtectionPanohood for Tripod-less Panorama shotsQuick release plate for Fuji X-E1 & X-E2 / X100S Underwater Case of Meikon / Top 5 Fuji camera bags at ideasandimages /

a bit of everything

  Congratulations Team USA – all images taken with X100T and  X-T1 + 56mm at olafphotoblog / Fuji X-Pro1 or X100 series: The Optical Viewfinder versus Electronic Viewfinder at eyebeamimages / How to photograph fireworks with a Fuji X camera at aboutphotography-tomgrill / X-T1 tethered shooting. A rant! Read it at elliotpaulstern /

Free eBook – CUBA

 photo Cuba_eBanner_final_zpsy2prkqn3.jpg

Rocky Nook’s FREE Guide to Photographing Cuba is now available at

_ _ _


 photo robo_zpss11glsng.jpg

TTL Flash Triggers for Fujifilm X are now available for pre-order! From the manufacturer: After 2 ½ years in development we are pleased to announce the RoboSHOOT© FCC and CE Certified Flash Trigger Systems are available for pre-order in the US and EU. And, for a limited time, all Master-Remote Kits can be pre-ordered at early-adopter pricing. Shipment is scheduled for late Fall 2015. The three available kits plus two types of remotes give you options to match a wide variety of needs. For more information see the Serene Automation web site at If you wish to be notified about new development, please be sure to join the mailing list on our ‘contact us’ page.

 X-PRO2 :)

 photo ade_zpsy7vhlkf5.png

FR-reader Henk ( Is this the new X-PRO2?

miXed zone: XF 16mmF1.4 Thoughts and Samples, Presidential Election with the X-E1 and more!

At the moment, one of the most liked images at the X-shooter facebook zone
shot taken by Tyler Andrews
check out more here

Keep up voting and sharing your absolute favorite X-shot… and here is how to do it:

1) SHARE & DESCRIBE: go to the Fujirumors facebook timeline and submit your favorite X-shot (and a short description) in the timeline by selecting “Photo/Video” .
2) VOTE & COMMENT: All the images will be displayed at the Fujirumors facebook photostream. You can vote & comment the images there.

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XF 16mm F1.4 WR – PRE ORDER
BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / EUROPE: WexUK / PCHstore

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X100/S/T + TCL/WCL

Bernd ditched all his Leica equipment (2x Leica M9-P, 21mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 90mm) for an X100T and X-PRO1… and never looked back!  Now you can enjoy his X-shots of California at Bernd’s 500px here and here / X100s, My affair with Fuji…  at billgekas / FujiFilm X100T User Review at digitaldepot / X100T: Some other things while we’re here at themachineplanet / A week in Berlin with the Fuji X100T at gadgetguy / Fuji X100T Review at switchtomanua/ My First Week with the Fuji X100T at strongfoto / Want an X100 but prefer the 50mm perspective? You’ll want the Fujfilm TCL-X100! at X100C / Some spring macro shots with the fuji X100S at mikecroshaw / The Fujifilm WCL-X100 at henrysmithscottage / On the Streets of San Francisco with the Fujifilm X100T Rangefinder at sjl / The Myth of More (not just another Fuji X100T review) at randallarmor / Historic Shropshire with the Fuji x100 at paulmellingphotography / Istanbul: A city meant for walking at jimtardio / The Sony A7ii taught me to respect the Fujifilm X100s at ohm-image / Street Photography with Fuji X100 at colinnichollsphotography /

Fujifilm X-T1 + Graphite X-T1
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X-mount lenses

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other lenses / Adapter / Extension Tubes

Fujifilm X-E2 vs Konica Hexanon at villiasgeirsson /

Travel X / Switch to the X

Jomon: “Last year we switched to Fuji from Canon and we are not looking back. After using the X-T1 for several weddings, I’m completely a Fuji “fanboy” now smile emoticon Here are a couple of weddings we did with X-T1. binaryflips 1binaryflips 2” / Imtiaz Rashid (irashidphoto) travel in South Asia with the X-system: Nepal, Bangladesh 1 and 2 & India. / I Just Sold All of My DSLR Gear at danbaileyphoto /


The Peliroja Editing Video (Photoshop) at ideasandimages /

Acessories / Flash / Adapter / Extension Tubes

J.B camera designs grip case pro review for the Fujifilm X100T at 5maninfield youtube channel /

a bit of everything

Fujifilm sees competitive vigour from mirrorless cameras at gulfnews / Zion – Landscape Photography at miksmedia /

miXed zone: XF 16mmF1.4 Impressions / Enable Classic Chrome for X100S / Video X Tutorials / Iridient vs LR and MORE!

 photo IMG_0804_zpsjfm9pkgk.jpg

Thanks a lot to X-shooter Evelyn for you birthday wishes… and for getting a Chartiy X-shirt :)
FUJI X-SHIRTS available here in USA and here in Europe & CO.

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At the moment, one of the most liked images at the X-shooter facebook zone
shot taken by Michael Steverson
check out more here

Keep up voting and sharing your absolute favorite X-shot… and here is how to do it:

1) SHARE & DESCRIBE: go to the Fujirumors facebook timeline and submit your favorite X-shot (and a short description) in the timeline by selecting “Photo/Video” .
2) VOTE & COMMENT: All the images will be displayed at the Fujirumors facebook photostream. You can vote & comment the images there.

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XF 16mm F1.4

PRE-ORDER (and Support FR): USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / EUROPE: WexUK / PCHstore

And a MUST READ in these days is Rico’s FIRST LOOK at the XF 16mmF1.4 (German Version) / Picture samples and first thoughts at prophotonut / More samples by Ben Cherry’s at fujifilm-blog /


Live tutorial: Portrait photography with Bert Stephani

_ _ _

Live tutorial: Street photography with Matt Harton youtube

_ _ _


USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / EUROPE: WexUK / PCHstore / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

Fujifilm X100S Classic Chrome Enabler at ishootyou

Time to Play: or:Hacking your x100s files to enable Classic Chrome at mickservodio / Dalia, Portraits with Fuji X100t and TCL-X100 teleconverter at alessandromichelazzi / The Fujifilm X100t Review at henrysmithscottage / How I Use Black Tape on My Fujifilm X100 for Street Photography at petapixel / My Fuji X100T and the NYC Easter Parade at icemanbaldy / Dalia, Portraits with Fuji X100T and TCL-X100 teleconverter at alessandromichelazzi / Fuji X100T: Ch-ch-changes (from the X100) at themachineplanet / X100T Fuji’s finest pix to date at nafisa / The Gear that I Use: The Fujifilm X100T at henrysmithscottage / Fuji X100T long(ish) term user report at tobinators / X100T Video Review at Ralfs Foto-Bude / Fuji X100T & iPhone Field Workflow at Geeks Life youtube / Fuji X100S First Impressions at russell-pritchard / The Oval with Fuji X100S at russellpritchard /

Fujifilm X-T1 + Graphite X-T1
[shopcountry 21553]

Exit Nikon, Hello Fuji at the French site photorectoverso (translation) / Head To Head – Fuji X-T1 And SONY A7 II at soundimageplus / 3rd video episode using the Fuji X-t1 for video and photo’s at Fujilicious Litrato Images / Embracing the Abstract. Creating images in the mind… at fujixsystem / FujiFilm X-T1 & X100s – Weddings, Portraits & Engagements with two mirrorless marvels at caveiraphotography / Chicago and the Fuji X-T1 at colinfindlay / New York Street Photography with the Leica M 240 & Fuji X-T1 at yorkplacestudios / A Foggy Easter Morning with the Sony A7 II & 16-35mm and Fujifilm X-T1 & Touit 12mm at mirrorlessons / Tomas converted from Nikon to Fuji (X-T1 + lenses). Check out his beautiful Morocco Gallery on his Flickr here / Fujifilm XT-1 Notebook at leighmiller and X-E2 Notebook here / Early morning with the Fuji X-T1 at paulmellingphotography / Living Museums: A journey back in time to the grimy, gritty life in the Black Country between the wars at macfilos / Fuji X-T1 Advanced function at imagemakers / X-T1 + 56mm: Colours of Silverstone at macleancomms / 12 Months With The Fujifilm X-T1 at macleancomms / Switzerland with the X-T1 with the 14, 23, 56 and 50-140 mm at jonasjacobsson / X-T1 Issue; Has Anyone Experienced This? at thewanderinglensman /

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X-mount lenses

 photo hzr_zpsow1qlthu.jpg

Fuji XF 56mm F1.2 First Impressions at vopoku

16-55 Review at the Spanish site quesabesde (translation) / First thoughts on the Fujinon XF16-55mm F2.8 at Fujifilm Australia / XF16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR shooting report at yodobashi (translation) / Comparison Fuji XF35mm vs Canon EF50mm in Spanish at Kamandula (translation) / Fujinon 10-24mm Review at jorgefm / Fujifilm Fujinon XC 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OIS II at pcmag / A Modern Classic – Fuji XF 23mm f/1.4 R Lens at mirrorlessminutes /

other lenses / Adapter / Extension Tubes

Canon FD to Fuji X mount adapter at dc.home (translation) / The Tale of Two Touits – Part I – Zeiss Touit 12mm Review at mirrorlessons /

Switch to the X

Shooting PRO with Mirrorless Cameras (from Canon to Nikon) on youtube


Iridient Developer vs Lightroom – A Detailed Comparison at alikgriffin / My final thoughts on Capture One Pro 8 and Fuji X-Trans Files at 13thfloorphotography

a bit of everything

Extensive Fuji X Motorsport Shooting Guide at chrisharrisonphotography / NEW BOOK: Outdoor Action and Adventure Photography (ots of stuff in there shot with my Fuji X ) here at AmazonUS / My Love Affair with Fuji – An Instax Believer at 13thfloorphotography / A discussion around one of the reasons I shoot Fuji X-Series cameras at Rediscover Film youtube channel &Fuji X-T1 firmware 3.10 always at Rediscover Film youtube channel / Interview with Marco Larousse, Street and Fine Art Photographer at photographio / 3 Dudes, 3 Bikes and 3 Fujis at danbaileyphoto / Xpert Advice: Overpowering the Sun Using a Leaf Shutter thephoblographer /


Mike: “Not a rumor, but a question to share. As I continue to use the X system as my only tools, I find that the main downfall to the X-T1 for fast motorsport work is the lag in the viewfinder when shooting CH, when you pause, you loose your target. What do your readers think of adapting some sort of Sport Finder to the shoe? This could eliminate the problem of loosing and regaining your target. This problem does not exist with the 100 series or the slower XPro1, as there was the ability to view a pass-thru in the viewfinder with those. What do you think? Worth passing on to your Fuji contacts?”

LeFred: “Hi Patrick! You made a poll about a monochrome sensor. There is another feature that would make an X-Pro2 or any other high-end camera stand out : Eye Controlled Focusing. From Wikipedia : “Through the tracking of eyeball movements, EOS cameras equipped with eye-controlled focusing (ECF) (some identifiable by the suffix E) were able to select the desired autofocus point in the scene, based on where the user was looking in the viewfinder frame. ECF was especially useful in sports photography where the subject may shift its position in the frame rapidly. EOS cameras equipped with ECF were the EOS A2E (U.S. model names are shown; see the table below for equivalents in other countries), EOS Elan IIE, EOS IXe, EOS-3, EOS Elan 7E, and EOS Elan 7NE. Canon did not continue its use of eye-controlled focusing in its digital SLRs. The EOS Elan 7NE was the last EOS camera to have this function.”

Lamartiny: “Hi Patrick, I have just read your Open Letter to Fujifilm about Kaizen e Firmware update. I sugest you to add another approach in your list, is a path that Canon made allowing the “parallel” firmware modification wiht MagicLantern ( Read a bit about it and you’ll figure out that it’s a good way where Fuji can avoid spend a lot of money to keep updated old cameras but still possible the community do this. Beside this the community can implement feature never imagined by Fuji. Things like this happened to Apple and Jailbrake, feature ware implemented by Apple after Jailbrake had already implemented. So, I hope you like and embrace this idea.”


 photo instoc_zpsd776bfc7.jpg

It’s time to make a big IN STOCK OVERVIEW today, exactly 3 months after the announcement of the XF50-140, the X100T, the 56mm f/1.2 APD and the graphite X-T1.

At the bottom, I’ve listed also some of the DEALS Fujifilm launched worldwide and that will EXPIRE SOON, from USA to Australia, from UK to Germany and Italy… and if you know some more deals, just drop them in the comments down below.

To those, who supported FR in the past, thanks a lot! Without your help I could close FR tomorrow morning.

Feel free to purchase your gear using one of the links below. No extra costs for you, but a small commission is valued back to FR. It will allow me to cover the operational costs of this blog and keep up my rumor sleuthing 365 days a year… even now that I’m in bed with high fever ;-) .


FUJIFILM XF 50-140mm f/2.8 WR

USA: BHphoto / [shoplink 30536 ebay]Kenmorecamera[/shoplink]  (3 left) / AmazonUS / DigitalRev (save $50)
EUROPE: AmazonUK / WexUK / WexDE / PCHstore

USA: Adorama


Adorama (silver) / AmazonUS (via third party and overpriced) / Pictureline (black) / Roberts Camera
EUROPE: AmazonUS (black & silver) / WexUK (black) / WexDE (black) / PCHstore (black & silver)
WORLDWIDE: DigitalRev (black & silver)

USA: BHphoto (black & silver)/ Adorama (black) / Pictureline (silver)
EUROPE: WexUK (silver) / WexDE (silver) /


BHphoto (+ freebies) / Adorama (+ freebies) / AmazonUS / Roberts Camera
EUROPE: AmazonUK / WexUK / WexDE / PCHstore

FUJIFILM 56mm f/1.2 APD

EUROPE: AmazonUK / PCHstore /

USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama /



X100S (save $450 – black version): BHphoto (free SD card and bag). The silver one comes for $934 at AmazonUS.
X-E1: It was supposed to expire on DEC 9, but it is still live: BHphoto is offering the X-E1 + 18-55 for just $699.
X-A1: You can’t enter the MILC Fuji X-world cheaper than with this offer: Adorama is selling the blue X-A1 with 16-50 & 50-230 for ridiculous $499!

(expires DEC 27)

XF 18-135 WR (save $100): BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Pictureline /
XF 56mm f/1.2 (save $150)
: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Pictureline /
XF 23mm f/1.4 (save $200): BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Pictureline /
XF 14mm f/2.8 (save $200): BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Pictureline /
XF 35mm f/1.4 (save $100): BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Pictureline /
XF 60mm f/2.4 (save $150): BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Pictureline /
XF 10-24mm (save $200): BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Pictureline /
XF 55-200mm (save $150): BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Pictureline /

(expires DEC 27)

X-T1 body (save $100): BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Pictureline /
X-T1 + XF18-55 (save $100): BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Pictureline /
X100S (save $450 – black version): BHphoto (free SD card and bag)
X-PRO1 + 18mm (save $300)Adorama / AmazonUS
X-E1 + 18mm (save $300): Adorama / AmazonUS
X-M1 + 18mm (save $300): Adorama / AmazonUS
X-E2 + XF18-55: Adorama


– Claim up to £600/€750 Cashback on Fuji lenses and cameras
– Trade in your old DSLR to get £100/€125 off a new Fujifilm X-T1 or X-E2 Compact System Camera.
– Free XC50-230 when you buy a Fujifilm X-A1 or X-M1 with XC16-50mm kit or an X-E1 with XF18-55mm kit

Check the deals at Fuji’s site here.

Expire 11th of January


Big Cashback Deals in Australia, where even the brand new 50-140 and 56 APD are included in the offer. Check the deals out at CameraPro here.

Expires 24th of December


Cashback offers also in Germany, where you can save up to €150 in camera and lenses. Check out the deals at Fuji’s site here.

Expires 31th of December


Cashback in Italy, too. Buy a lens, and get back €100, buy 2 lenses and get back €300, buy 3 lenses and get back €500! Also cameras like the X-T1 and X-E2 are in offer. See the deals at Fuji’s site here.

Expires 31th of December

 photo savings_zps4fd8c341.png

miXed zone: Confessions of a Fuji Fanboy + X100T reviews + 50-140 vs 56 vs 56 APD + New Fuji X book + more!


Confessions of Fuji Fanboy at olafphotoblog: “Unfortunately, this zoom [XF 50-140] turned out to be really, really good. Damn Fuji! Because of you I had to write another superlative review, which I agree with my forum friends, is totally over-the-top. Micro-contrast? Are you kidding me? I should have known better! What’s even more calamitous is that I dared to publish a few holiday-themed shoots of children at Christmas. How unprofessional! I totally forgot to include MTF data, vignetting info and a scientific evaluation. But the fact that I didn’t include a photo of the wall at 300% is unforgiveable.” Read more at olafphotoblog.

XF 50-140
BHphotoAmazonUS / Adorama / EUROPE:WexUK / WexDE / PCHstore

 photo asd_zpsf414ce98.jpg

image courtesy: randallcipriano

– Comparing the XF50-140mm to the XF56mm at randallcipriano /

USA: BHphoto  / AmazonUS / Adorama / EUROPE: WexUK / WexDE / PCHstore / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

bigheadtaco X100T youtube review

 – Fujifilm X100T review at photoxels: “Head or heart, you can’t go wrong with the Fujifilm X100T. You will have in your hands a finely crafted camera with excellent image quality, excellent build and ergonomics, and it is an even more delightful camera to use now in its third revision.” / French X100T review at k-pture (translation) / Bigheadtaco Goes To Hong Kong with the Fujifilm X100T, the Leica T and the Ricoh GR at bigheadtaco / Fujifilm X100T laboratory First Shots posted: How do you top the X100S? at imaging-resource /

XF 56mm f/1.2 APD
USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / EUROPE: WexUK / WexDE AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

– THE REAL DIFFERENCE: XF56 vs XF56 APD vs FF at randallcipriano /

 Fujifilm X-T1 + Graphite X-T1
[shopcountry 21553]
Graphite Silver

– Graphite Silver: My X-T1 review part 2b at jonasraskphotography / Fuji X-T1 graphite silver: electronic shutter distortion at wimarys / A Fuji Guys unbox the graphite silver X-T1 on youtube here /

Classic Black

David Alan Harvey, Magnum photographer and aslo National Geographic photographer…look at the camera he use in this youtube video :)

48 hours. New York Stories. (X-T1+23mm) at laroquephoto / Nikon D800 and my Fuji X-T1 at jlmphotos / Five things I like about my Fuji X-T1 at jackgrahamphoto / WIldlife Photography with the Fuji XT-1-GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK at jackgrahamphoto / The Fuji X-T1 on African Safari – How Well Did It Work? at daveburnsphoto / Sigma DP1 Quattro vs Fujifilm XT1 JPEG quality at camerlabs / Fujifilm X-T1 Has Pro Appeal and Fits Modern Needs at news360 / Fuji X-T1 – A hands On, Multiple Exposures and Long Exposures at fstoplounge / Fuji X-T1: A Revelation Indeed at daveyoungfotografia / Fuji X-T1 (and X-A1) in Norway at flipbook / Coffee in Tokyo arslan / Price comparison of the X-T1 worldwide at fujifilmindex / Fuji X-T1 Custom Settings & Tips at cliftonbeard / Olympus E-M1 vs. Fuji X-T1 – after using both for a longer period of time at fotodesign-rs / Los Angeles with the X-T1 at stockografie / Fuji X-T1: my favourite camera for travel at wimarys / Day 2 With the Fuji X-T1 at rivalsvs /

 Fujifilm X30
USABHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / BestBuy / EUROPE: wexUK / wexDE / PCHstore

 – Fujifilm X30 thumb-rest at the Japnases site dc-watch (translation) / Is the third time the charm? – The Fujifilm X30 Complete Review at mirrorlessons /

X100/S + Converters
[shopcountry 12883]

– “Smaller is better […] Try an X series Fuji. Seriously, try it.” wemakepictures / Photography: Freedom of a Single Focal Length at ditchitall / Fujifilm TCL-X100 tele-conversion lens review at amateurphotographer / Shooting Stitched Panoramas with Fuji X100 Cameras at ianmacdonaldphotography /

Welcome in the X-club to Fuji X Shooter Kenneth Reitz, who is also a Top 15 developer on the mega social coding site Github, as well as being the product owner of Python at Heroku and a fellow at the Python Software Foundation, both significant positions in the software community.

 other X-series cameras

 – Westfjords Day 1: Keflavik to Ísafjörður (X-E1/X-M1) at photo.stjeanm / first images with the X-Pro1 at alexandregilbert / All The Fun of the Fair (X-PRO1) at veritymilliganphotography / Fuji X-Pro1: Set-Up for Street Photography – Part I at eyebeamimages / Street Beats – Toronto with the X-Pro1 and Some Scary Mean Dude at petetakespictures / 10 days in Japan with the X-E2 at thomasdlh.exposure / X-E1 vs D800, or David vs Goliath at jiriruzek /


X-mount lenses

– Wide Angle Wizardry :: Fujifilm XF 10-24mm f4 at derekclarkphotography / Fujinon XF 23mm review at johncaz / FujiFilm XF23mm 1.4 at schoolboycouture / A Review of Fuji’s X-trans CMOS II Sensor and X-mount Lenses at borrowlenses / A Review of the Fuji XF 14mm 2.8 at lightstalking / XF 56mm review at colinnichollsphotography / Fuji 10-24 mm f4 lens at mikecroshaw / Fuji XF60mm f/2.4 R Macro: A Lens Re-visited at daveyoungfotografia / Fujifilm XF18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 Review and Gallery at photomadd / Fuji X-T1 – 18-135mm Zoom Compared To 23mm And 56mm Primes at soundimageplus / Leica T (Typ 701) + 18-56mm Zoom Compared To Fuji X-T1 + 23mm And 56mm Primes. The Appeal Of The Leica T System For Me at soundimageplus / Fuji XF 56mm f/1.2 R: A stunning, ultra-fast portrait lens for X-Series at macfilos / Fujifilm X-T1 + 23mm f/1.4 Lens Review at thephotobrigade / Bringing 1:1 macro to the Fujifilm X system: The Zeiss Touit 50mm Macro Full Review at mirrorlessons /

adapted lenses

London with a 35 year old Yashica 50mm f2 at timallenphoto / Mitakon 24mm f/1.7 lens for Fuji X – First Impressions Review at simonsphotographyblog / Fuji XE2 + OM 28mm F2.8 Lens / Abandoned Slate Quarry in Wales at colinnichollsphotography / A Tale of Two M Lenses (Part 1 of 2 Parts) at findingrange / Zeiss Announces New 35mm f1.4 Lens for M Mount Cameras (which you can use with Fuji’s M-mount adapter) at phoblographer / The New Standard: 56mm at fotografiainc / Can you Really Use Manual Lenses on the X Pro 1? at fstoplounge youtube /

 RAW-conversion / processing

Maj: “Hi Patrick – I am sure you are interested in Adobe improving RAW support as much as other Fuji users. I noticed in the comments to an earlier post that someone linked to a lightroom blog and asked users to comment with their dissatisfaction on Adobe’s support of X-Trans RAW files; and it seems it got a fairly good response. The problem is that this isn’t the place to comment as Adobe developers won’t read it. The correct place is here: and people need to +1 the problem on that site which will raise the issue to the top of the problems list and hopefully, just hopefully, Adobe will do something about it and match the great results users are getting with other RAW developers. I wonder if you can promote this in a post some time? We all have a vested interest in improving RAW results so hopefully it’s something you can support.”

Also. check how many comments are all about the Fujifilm X-Trans support from Adobe (Lightroom) on the blog post for the new 5.7 Lightroom here.

– My workflow for natural looking HDR photos at ucphoto / An Improved Starting Point For Fuji X Series RAW Images in OS X at thephotosexpert /

Switch to the X… or mirrorless

 – Switching to Mirrorless: Embracing Fujifilm X at danielkorzeniewskiphoto /


DiCaPac WP-S3 Underwater Housing For FujiFilm X-T1- XPro1 at capturemyimage /

a bit of everything – New X Book & more

– Lifestyle Campaign preview shot exclusively using Fujifilm X-Series at Alex Lambrechts facebook page here.

– Just Released: A User’s Guide to the Fuji X-System at billfortney

– Fujifilm named a Thomson Reuters 2014 Top 100 Global Innovator (see here) / A night at the museum ~ Lighting sets at prophotonut / Welcome to Classic Chrome at olafphotoblog / A Photo Found on a Fuji X100S That Paid a Visit to the Fuji Repair Facility at petapixel / That Classic Feeling – Classic Chrome at jonasraskphotography / In this video of the song “do they know it’s christmas?, at around the minute 2.57 appears the back of a fujifilm camera… guess which one ;) / Fuji current and future macro solutions at macfilos /

miXed zone: X100T Reviews, From Canon to Fuji, X-shooter Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead Star)… and more!

 photo asd_zps1055ddf6.jpg

ONE TICKET LEFT for the Rajasthan Photo Workshop 2015
SAVE $200 + charity

There is only one spot left. So don’t let it slide by if you are thinking about joining this Fuji-cyntric group at the Rajasthan (India) Photo Workshop in February 2015. The workshop is organized by X-photographers Matt Brandon and Piet Van den Eynde. As they are both X-shooters and love Fujirumors, they decided to offer a $200 discount, exclusively for Fujirumors readers. Futhermore, they decided to offer the last places with a $200 discount and additional $300 per sold ticket will be donated to Matt’s charity initiative that supports NGO’s, the OFMP. Check out the details of the workshop here.

Click here for a Podcast conversation on the Fujifilm X System with Piet Van den Eynde & Matt Brandon plus sample photos.

famous X-shooters

– Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead Star) is an X-shooter! There are 10 things he needs to survive a Zombie Apocalypse… and one of these is a Fuji camera. To see which one, check out this youtube video here.

USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / EUROPE: WexUK / WexDE / PCHstore / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

MUST READ: Rico’s “Using the Fujiflm X100T” here

– X100T hands on review at ( Flickr / unboxing video) / X100T Full Review at ephotozine / Yes, I would love some T please! at pavels / The Fuji X100T and the difference at bsmitty’s youtube / X100T field test at the Spanish review site dslrmagazine (translation) / First Impressions of the New Fujifilm X100T at macleancomms /

Fujifilm X-T1 + Graphite X-T1
[shopcountry 21553]

– Fuji XT1 graphite silver: first images and impressions at wimarys / X-T1 and the XF23mm1.4 R trip to Helsinki at tobiashenn / Holidaying with X-T1 + 4 lenses at ivanjoshualoh / All Fuji X-T1 at pablosartor / Hocking Hills, Logan, Ohio X-T1 and the 10-24mm at mjrussellphotography / Fujifilm X-T1 & a few lenses at alexlagarejos /

Fujifilm X30
USA: BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / BestBuy / EUROPE: wexUK / wexDE / PCHstore

– X30: Bigger, Faster, Better at randallcipriano / samples at imaging-resource / Review at eyalg (youtube) /

XF 18-135mm
[shopcountry 26452]

– First impressions at thephoblographer / Fuji XF18-135 F3.5-5.6 R OIS WR lens review (Part 1) at macfilos

X100/S + Converters
[shopcountry 12883]

– Simon Ashmore’s work with the Fujfilm X100S can be seen at / The Gear that I Use- the Fujifilm TCL-X100 at henrysmithscottage / The X100s is a bit like Brian Clough at daveyoungfotografia / A week in San Francisco with the Fuji X100s at ianmacdonaldphotography / The ‘Lookaleica’ Fuji X100s Compared To The Leica That Doesn’t Look Like A Leica The T (Typ) 701 at soundimageplus / Fuji X100-S-T Travel Kit ianmacdonaldphotography /

other X-series cameras

– 12 Months With My Fuji X-Pro1 at daveyoungfotografia / A Day In The City at ucphoto / X-E1 & 14, 23 and 56mm: Beauty in Cuba at / I love my Fuji X-E2 for my everyday camera with family at stanleyleary + Fuji X-E2 helped me to capture memories in Hawaii at stanleyleary /


– Spanish 55-200 review at quesabesde (translation) / Fuji 56mm V. Panasonic Leica Nocticron 42.5mm at joshmcleodphotography / Left to rot and desintegrate… at am-fotografie / Six Months with the Fujinon XF10-24mm f4R OIS at macleancomms / My 4 Favorite Lenses for The Fuji X Cameras at danbaileyphoto / Why the Fuji 55-200 is still a good choice at martincastein / Minimalism – A macro afternoon with the Zeiss Touit 50mm (X mount) at mirrorlessons / the Fuji 56mmf/1.2 and the city at gaborimages / Just one of those nights… [Elton John in Concert] with the 56mm at jonasjacobsson /


– AccuRaw supports the Fuji X100T, read more here /

Switch to the X… or mirrorless

– Why I Went Mirrorless and Switched from Canon to Fuji: A Detailed Exploration at petapixel /

a little bit of everything

– There is no final answer about the “best” custom settings for your Fuji. There are just suggestions. And here are some of them in Spanish at fuji-xperience (translation) / THE ‘IMAGE-FEEL’ OF X-TRANS at petebridgwood / How to buy kit that fills you with confidence and the art of packing a camera bag at inmybag / X-Signature | The Fuji camera people are asking me about at ideasandimages / Fujifilm X-Signature Cameras at photomadd /

miXed zone: X-T1 best mirrorless camera (thewirecutter), RAW-processing with DarkTable (Linux), 18-135 reviews and more

Fujifilm X-T1

[shopcountry 21553]

 photo image_zpse7a2efb5.jpeg

image courtesy: riflessifotografici (X-T1 + Zeiss 32mm). See more shots at riflessifotografici

– the X-T1 was rated best mirrorless camera at “We researched 13 different mirrorless cameras and spent several days shooting with the top contenders to find the Fujifilm X-T1 is the best mirrorless camera you can buy right now. It has the best manual focus of any camera you can buy right now, plus an impressive 16MP APS-C sensor that produces clean, detailed images (even at high ISOs) that truly set it apart from the competition.”

– Jonas Jacobsson: “I would like to share with you (and the Fuji community) an amazing trip to Norway and Lofoten in particular. We bought an “Explore Norway” ticket with the airline Wideroe so we could travel within Norway for two weeks. Our main attraction was Lofoten, and it did certainly not disappoint. I went there with my Fuji X-T1, 14mm, 18-55mm, 35mm and 55-200mm and did my best to capture as much as I possibly could! It turned out quite well I must say and even good enough to impress official Fujifilm Sweden, who decided to feature my story as well! Very honored by this of course. You can see the story + photos over here If you just want to enjoy the photos you can do that over att my portfolio site right here”

– Does your camera have a soul? That’s the question at justinnystrom and his article “Rediscovering Something Old in Something New: Thoughts About My New Fuji X-T1 and Life.” From the article: “”It looks like it is from the ’80s.” That was the first thing my wife said about my Fuji X-T1 as I excitedly handed it to her. She didn’t mean it as a compliment. The blow to my enthusiasm, coming as it did right after my post-unboxing high, was a little like deflating one of those hotdog shaped air packs with a pocket knife. “No, this is completely awesome,” I protested. But she was right. We were both right. The Fuji did look like a camera from the 1980s, and it was precisely one of the reasons I bought it.”

– Arlindo Namour Filho: “I shot this Bridal Editorial with my little Fuji X cameras (X-T1 and X-E2) and Fujinon lenses (23mm, 35mm, 56mm and 55-200mm) and would like to share with our Fuji Lovers. All in native BW, all the power of the X Trans sensor. Hope you like it.”

– Joe Ng Photography: “I am back from my vacation and just covered the Vancouver Tennis Open on last weekend with X-T1.  I was quite dispapointed with the AF-C but I managed to find a way out with AF-S.  Please find below the blog I shared my experience.” Read and see more here at joengphotography. From the article: “With the 55-200mm lens mounted on, acquiring its initial focus was slow even on a bright sunny day. Yes, I know this camera isn’t designed for professional sport photography but I presumed that it would be able to pick up some sporting shots like tennis since it isn’t as fast paced of a sport as something like hockey. The focus had an accuracy of around 40-50% using the AF-C mode. The challenge was that you wouldn’t know which 4 or 5 frames out of the 10 were in focus, so you just might miss a peak moment.”

– Chris: “I’ve just posted a new article on F-Sunny, showing 4 months of model portrait shooting with the X-T1 and X-Series Lenses.” Read and see  more at f-sunny: “Clients and models have been blown-away by the results from this ‘little camera’. They have plenty of other images to compare with, from every camera manufacturer you can imagine. But time and time again, they return to the Fuji X-Series images, and smile, and ask for more of the same please.”

– Life without a Mirror (continued) at joshmcleodphotography: ““I honestly believe Mirrorless Cameras are the future and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the DSLR become all but extinct in the not too distant future. As mirrorless cameras get better and better I can see no logical reason why DLSR’s will continue to exist. I earn my living and shoot 99% of my work with a mirrorless camera. The quality of the product that I deliver to my clients is as good, if not better, as its ever been. For me, there is no looking back, and life will, for the foreseeable, continue without a mirror!!!”

– The streets of Tokyo with the X-T1 and X100S at gaborimages: “I haven’t blogged for a while now, but loads of things happened in the last couple of months. Couple of photo shoots, weddings, holiday, new website and a new camera… What, new camera? Oh, yeah. I finally said good bye to my Canon kit and got an X-T1 with a 56mm lens to accompany my X-Pro1 and X100s. Wasn’t an easy decision, but time will tell. So far I’m loving it, but because I have plenty of editing to do, I haven’t spent huge amount of time with it.”

– Things I wish I would have known- Part 7 at vicsfujixblog: “I had already set up both my Fujifilm X-T1‘s with a minimum shutter speed of 1/160 sec and a high ISO of 3200. To tell you the truth I was so frustrated, hot and tired that I didn’t care. I set them both to auto and kept checking the viewfinder and it seemed to be working. This simple adjustment, which is made even more simple by the dial on the X-T1, really helped the rest of the time I was shooting. Now, I can really see the value of using Auto ISO at certain times.”

– The Fujifilm X-T1 in Iceland at photomadd: “I saw some fantastic photographs posted into my Facebook Fuji group along with a nice write-up of using his Fujifilm X-T1 on his trip to Iceland.  I asked Belfast based amateur photographer Mark Allen if he wouldn’t mind me sharing his thoughts on here and he was good enough to agree.  Mark is yet another photographer who would normally have been using his Full-Frame Nikon gear on a trip like this, but has made the switch to the lighter mirrorless system from Fuji.”

– Pleasures & Rewards of Using Fujifilm’s XT-1 for Stills Footage at planet5d: “I recommend the XT-1 and these two lenses [admin: 10-25 and 56] very highly indeed and look forward to trying out more Fujifilm and Fujinon X-series lenses and X-Trans-equipped cameras. I look forward to the day when Fujifilm will improve its X-series cameras’ moviemaking features too. Imagine shooting HD footage with Provia, Velvia or one of the other film simulations applied!

– X-T1 In-Progress review – conclusions at giannigalassi: “As for image quality, the Fuji X-T1 delivers awesome color files, rich in detail and resolution (even richer when using prime lenses), perfectly white-balanced (it’s definitely the best camera I have ever used in this regard), with the most natural and pleasant skin tones. Out-of-camera JPGs are so finely tuned that obtaining the same results from RAWs is a very difficult (if not impossible) task.”

–  Controlling a Fuji X-T1 with the Fujifilm Camera Remote WIFi APP at aboutphotography.

– Sony a7S Astrophotography Review (vs X-T1) at petapixel.

– Shaping The Light with Karl Bratby at richardhurstphotography.

– Fuji X-T1 Photographer Experience at neocamera: “This superb camera handles nearly all photographic opportunities well. It keeps managing to produce a high-ratio of keepers compared to other advanced digital cameras, proving that this mirrorless than can hold its own against modern DSLRs. The fact that the EVF is so large lets.”

– Sebastien Egger: “I’am a Swiss Photographer and a big fan of the Fuji’s XF system. I have a X100, X100’s, XPro1 and one XT1 with the 14mm, 21mm,56mm,fisheye Samyang 8mm and many more ;-) … I share my photographic work in this tumblr website:

– Seam Marc Lee: “A simple cinemagraph test I made using the XT1 + 23mm – vimeo

– Why the Fuji X-T1 is NOT my Photoshop camera at glyndewis: “I totally LOVE the Fuji X-T1 and I know this will sound weird but I can think of no other way to explain it but … I feel it delivers 100% as a camera for Photography but not for Photoshop.”

– A Month in Italy with the Fuji X-T1 – What Worked and What Didn’t at daveburnsphoto.

– My work with the X-Pro1 & the X-T1 at fujixpro.

– “Back in the Spring I visited Italy with the family. It was my first big trip DSLR-free, traveling just with the Fuji X-T1 and X100s. It was so pleasant not lugging around heavy gear all trip.” Read and see more at rodneyboles.

– Review | 20 Countries with Fujifilm X-Series Cameras at blamethemonkey: “I’m very happy to be working with, not only the Fujifilm X-Series Cameras and XF lenses, but also the bright minded people who develop the technology. While I can’t share any specific details about the future product rollout, I can say for certain that I’m extremely excited about the future of Fujifilm cameras. With all the awesome advancements in camera technology on the horizon, it’s truly a wonderful time to be a photographer!”

– Fujifilm X-T1 Mirrorless Camera Review: Fast Shooter at tomsguide: “The Fujifilm X-T1 is a capable camera that, thanks to its weatherproofing, easily matches an outdoor lifestyle. Plus, this shooter is fast enough to capture at least moderate action for those who want a speedy but relatively compact camera with interchangeable lenses. However, you should look elsewhere if you want to shoot a lot of video, as quality is sub-par. Overall, though, we’re really taken with the X-T1’s still image quality, speed and low-light capabilities. For a broad range of shooting, in fair weather and foul, the X-T1 will serve you well.

– Josh McLeod: “Here is a link to the blog post/results from shooting with the Fuji X-T1 and various lenses:” Read it at joshmcleodphotography: “I mentioned in Part 1 that the MFT lens line up is one of the most mature and comprehensive of the mirrorless segment. The Fuji lens line up, although not as mature is still remarkably good. It has lenses for pretty much all shooting situations and Fuji are also continually developing new lenses. In terms of optics, the Fuji lenses would have be some of the best in the business. My favourite lens is the Fuji 1,2/56mm (85mm equivalent) which is perfect for my portrait work. With a max aperture of F/1,2 I am able to get pretty much the same DOF control as I would on a full frame DSLR. I regularly shoot wide open the images are spectacular. Its sharp wide open and the out of focus areas (or Bokeh) are smooth and creamy. This is one of my favourite lenses of all time.”

– Kaushik Parmar: “Hi! I did Time Lapse video with my X-T1” Watch it here. […] And also see new pictures which I clicked by my X-T1, this is my exclusive page wherin almost all photos are taken by Fujifilm X series cameras like X100, X100S and now newer pictures are with X-T1.”

– Enrique Meza: “Just wanted to share a recent personal project I worked on. It involved my office life it was shot on the XT1 using a C stand and the wifi feature of the camera.” See more here at mezafilms.

– Taking the X-T1 into the deep blue at fujifilmblog: “Overall, the X-T1 and 10-24mm set up exceeded my expectations. I knew it would follow subjects well but I thought that shooting through water would probably lower the hit rate. However, the only factor that affected this was human error. With a specifically designed underwater housing, this camera and lens set up would be a brilliant choice for any underwater photographer, with its small size, clear controls and superb image quality.”

– Wedding with the X-T1, X100S, 56 and 35 at jonasraskphotography. For his X-T1 review click here: “THE EVF IS SO AMAZINGLY GOOD IT MAKES MY WANT TO SHED A TEAR SOMETIMES!”

– Fuji X-T1 vs Fuji X-E1 at jwctp: “When I first turned on my X-T1, my mouth dropped when I experienced how fast the AF was. Then I realized I didn’t even have High Performance mode on. I didn’t even get the latest lens firmware to take advantage of the Phase Detection pixels! Once I did that, the AF became even faster. So if you have an older Fuji model, like the X-E1 or X-Pro 1, and are wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade to the X-T1, yes it is. It is absolutely worth it.”

XF 18-135mm

[shopcountry 26452]

– Review at admiringlight: “The Fuji 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR is the first super-zoom lens for the Fuji X-Mount, and the first Fuji lens to feature weather sealing.  When combined with the excellent close-focus ability, the lens has the versatility to serve as an all-in-one take anywhere sort of optic, and for the most part it succeeds here.  Fuji has put in an incredible image stabilizer that will get you close to 5 stops of extra handholdability, the range is incredibly useful, and it makes a perfect companion for the times you just don’t want to bother changing lenses.  The lens is also optically quite good, though it falls short of outstanding.  Color and contrast are fantastic, and even the bokeh is quite nice. The 18-135mm is capable of producing images with very good central sharpness as well, even wide open.  Where it falters is at the edges, especially near 18 and 135mm, where there’s softness that remains even after stopping down.

–  Fujifilm XF 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 Fujinon lens test (PART 2) at bjornmoerman: “As always is the case for a lens with a broad focal range like the 18-135, it is all about compromises; it does a lot of things OK, but nothing 100% perfect… No criticism but pure photography physics!  Is the 900,-USD price tag too high? Well one obviously is paying for the weather sealing, but a 600 to 700,-USD range would have put it more in line with the exciting zooms like the great 18-55 and 55-200. The fact that unlike other XF lenses, it is manufactured in China instead of Japan, doesn’t help to defend its somewhat higher price point neither…”

– The Japanese site mobile01 posted its review here (translation).

– A nostalgic trip to the Abbotsford Airshow with the Fujifilm X-T1 and the XF 18-135mm lens at kalejf: “The XF18-135mm lens worked wonderfully with the X-T1, and as you can see the image stabilization worked wonders in very low light situations.”

– Field Test Images at outbackphoto.

TCL-X100 / WCL-X100
[shopcountry 24737]

 – Okinawa with the Fuji TCL-X100 at thomasalanphoto: “Besides the slower focusing, the only negative for me is the way the camera feels in my hand now. The TCL does throw off the balance of the camera, so I’m not sure I would enjoy shooting with it for extended periods of time. This may just be me, however your mileage may vary. Is the Fuji TCL-X100 perfect? No. Focusing is sometimes slower depending on the environment. Does it deliver exceptional quality? Yes. I could not tell the difference in color or clarity compared to the built-in lens.”

 Rokinon (Samyang) 8mm Fisheye Version II / Samyang 12mm
pre-order: BHphoto

 – The Old Forge ~ Fuji X & Samyang 12mm F2.0 at surroundinglight: “I’ve got quite a few of these images to go through. I might add a few more to this post later. To finish with I have to re-iterate that the Samyang 12mm NCS CS F2.0 has worked tremendously well with my X-E1. The lens is a keeper and I would go as far as to say it’s better than some of the far more expensive wide angle lenses I’ve owned in the past. Sure it’s manual, and so there’s no autofocus, but on a 12mm I don’t think it’s an issue at all. The Nano-Crystal coating is helping to produce wonderful shots. It has been a revelation and I can’t wait to get out with it again!”

–  User Review: Samyang 12mm f/2.0 (Fuji X mount) at fotozones: “My verdict is that this is a keeper. I will take some interesting images over the next few days and add them to my impressions.”

 XF 56mm f/1.2
[shopcountry 21554]

 – Fujinon XF 56mm f/1.2 R review at amateurphotographer: “Lenses with this sort of specification are usually very costly, including the Canon example for full-frame sensors, and Panasonic’s Nocticron for micro four thirds, and, at around £900, this X-series unit is too. It is, however, slightly less well endowed with specialist glasses, in possession of a less rounded iris and less rounded out-of-focus highlights – things that are important to photographers who like wide-aperture lenses. It is, though, a good portrait performer, decent value for money, and will keep X-Pro1 and X-T1 customers very happy for a long time. Now Fuji needs to introduce shorter top shutter speeds and lower ISO settings to cope with the amount of light this 56mm f/1.2 gathers, so we can use it wide open outside too!”

– Fuji 56mm f/1.2 at “Even if image quality were absolutely equal between the Canon 85mm f/1.2 and the Fuji 56mm f/1.2, this size and volume (Fuji lens is ~55% of the volume of the Canon) argument alone is a compelling reason to pick the Fuji lens.  For any traveling photographer, weight and volume are your enemy and the smaller your gear, the fewer hard decisions you have to make regarding gear to take with you, particularly when flying

– Fujifilm XF 56mm F1.2 R – Little Review in German at gambajo (translation).

XF 10-24
[shopcountry 20414]

 – Review | The Fujifilm XF10-24mmF4 R OIS at leighmiller: “For stills there is some barrel distortion at the wide end but nothing severe. Most of that is easily handled in post processing, just leave a little room on framing if needed. This shot of my living room (impromtu photoshoot for a model, hence the mess) required very little work in Adobe Lightroom 5.5 to get things straight.”

– A visit to a Jacobean gem at paulmellingphotography: “So any niggles from my day out with the 10-24mm?  Only one and that relates to the lens hood which I find to be a bit loose. If it is not quite fitted right you get vignetting in the corner of the picture and I found it moved too easily.”

[shopcountry 17992]

 – Fuji X-E2 at ISO 25600 at stanleyleary: “If you even find yourself in situations where the room is so dark that you need to shoot at a high ISO, be sure your camera can go as high as the Fuji X-E2 which at ISO 25600 really made these photos possible.”

– ON to 2014 — relocation & my new Fuji XE-2 Mirrorless camera at jackgrahamphoto: “Listen, there are still needs for Nikon D800’s, Canon 5DMKIII etc. — don’t get me wrong. And for some events and locations, I’ll still shoot my Nikon. But the Fuji XE-2 mirrorless will (for me) be more than I need for about 80% of my work … and now my camera bag is almost the same weight as my tripod and ball head!”

[shopcountry 12883]

image courtesy: jeremeytheronkirby

– Fuji X100S samples at jeremeytheronkirby.

– Fuji X100s Proves Jimi Hendrix Wrong (more ramblings from the street) at streetshooter.

. Fuji x100s How I love to hate thee at sebimagery: “If you think you’re in the market for an x100s…I say don’t hesitate.  But understand what you’re getting into.  Don’t expect it to be a 1DX, or D800E.  Regardless of what you read online….it won’t make you a better photographer.  It’s not the DSLR killer some say it is.  It’s not a Leica.  It is what it is, it has many flaws, and it might not be for you.  For me it’s still the only camera I’ve truly lo

– Shooting on 6th Street: Comparing the Fujifilm X100S to the Leica M at atmtxphoto: “The Fuji is now my primary camera, until, inevitably, I get another. For now it’s working great and as you can see, more than capable of creating late night urban photographs.

– Magnum Photographer David Alan Harvey in the streets of Korea with the Fuji X100 (not the “S”) at iso1200.

[shopcountry 12881]

 – Iceland with the Fuji XE1 / Fuji Travel Photography at colinnichollsphotography: “All the photos here were shot on 2 Fuji XE-1’s the size and weight of these cameras make them great for travel and the image quality is just incredible, at no point did I feel the need for anything more that the gear I had and would be happy to travel anywhere in the world with just this small bag of gear.” For his article “Geek Night” / Fuji X-E1 & X100 Event Photography in Manchester click here.

– Street Photography Pairs with the Fuji X-E1 at thomasfitzgeraldphotography.

– Streetphotography with the X-E1 in China at am-fotografie: “This year I had the great pleasure of spending 3 weeks in China. Not sticking to one place, but travelling through this vast and beautiful country. As I wanted to travel light I opted for the Fuji X-E1 with the 18-55mm, backed-up by the Fuji X100s. Anyhow, I took a lot of pictures of the locals and here is a brief B&W selection. Some of them are shy, others are happy, some are young and some are old. Others are painfully poor…but does it mean it should not be recorded?

– Fuji X System Hands-on : The Fuji X-E1 at antonionunes: “I must say that Fuji has an incredible implementation for an APS-C sensor camera. Noise is on par with my full frame cameras; and much, much better than the APS-C DSLRs I’ve used.”

[shopcountry 12882]

– X-PRO1 vs. D800E vs. DP2M at vkphotoblog: “After reviewing hundreds of files all I can say that image quality is less dependant on the modern sensor size but rather on a good lens, shooting discipline (tripod!) and post processing skills. Another observation was that Sigma DP2M is yes, a “one trick pony”, but if you know what you are doing you will be rewarded with mind blowing IQ.”

– Fuji X-Pro 1 with Helios 44M 58mm f2 M42 Lens at damianbrownphotography: “Well check the shots out… look for the out of focus areas in particular, the bokeh. That’s the point of this lens!”

–  X Pro1 in Chettinad – a liftstyle lost in time at pbase.

– The Streets of London with the Fuji X-Pro1 at timdobbsphotography.

IBELUX 40mm f/0.85

BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS

IBELUX review at lensrentals: “This is a unique bit of glass. Okay, it’s not a “bit,” it’s a huge chunk of glass. My negative expectations have been completely discounted by a little objective testing. It’s built better than I expected. It’s optically better than I expected. It has far less variation than I expected. My hat is off to the designers at IB/E Optics and the manufacturers at Shanghai Transvision. Very nicely played, gentleman. Very nicely played, indeed.”


– Review of the 55-200 at photozone: “The Fujinon XF 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 R LM OIS is a very harmonious offering. It may not excel in quality but it has only few weaknesses. The Fujinon is pretty sharp across the zoom range and entire image field – even at max. aperture. The low amount of lateral CAs also contribute to the subjective quality perception. Due to the system’s image auto-correction, neither distortion nor vignetting are relevant to the average user. Under the (RAW-)hood these two characteristics are not as quite as perfect though. The quality of the bokeh is just average for a lens in this class.”

– Fujinon XC 50-230mm f/4.5-6.7 OIS – Review / Lens Test Report at photozone: “The Fujinon XC 50-230mm f/4.5-6-7 OIS is a good performer in relation to its price level. The results are mostly sharp in the image center. The corners aren’t quite as snappy in the upper range but let’s be fair – you don’t tend to place the main subject of your scene into the extreme corners anyway. The level of CAs is pretty good at the extreme ends with a weak spot (135mm) in between. Distortions and vignetting are taken care of by the automatic image correction. However, the original characteristics are quite a bit worse though – especially in terms of light falloff.”

– Vancouver and the Fujinon XF 27mm at stephenip: “In all honesty, I didn’t really miss the X100S (which my wife was using) during our trip. On a few occasions, I would’ve liked to have the built in ND filter on the X100S or to be able to shoot at f/2. But in general, the X-T1 and XF 27mm worked out very well as my light, general purpose, walkaround kit.

– Fuji XF 27mm a great little guy at ledesmaphotography: “A few days ago, I scooped up an XF 27mm 2.8 (silver) to pair of with the XE2 and I couldn’t be more delighted. Initially, I had wondered if it would give me the same experience as I had with my previous X100/s and I most say, it does. The XF 27mm transform your Fuji XE2/1/XT1/XPRO1 into an X100/s like experience.”

– Review | Fuji’s XF 23mm f/1.4. With A 35mm Full Frame FOV, Is It A Rival For The X100S? at slrlounge: “It [X100S] has the same focal length, sure, at f/2 it’s a stop slower, and by all accounts the lens performance isn’t as spectacular as the dedicated 23mm 1.4, but then again this lens is around 75% of the price of an X100s. And with the X100s, it’s an entire camera, with a significantly smaller profile, that’s ideal for the streets. It also has a leaf shutter, built-in ND filter, and given how close the lens elements are to the sensor, is likely to give far greater macro capabilities. I suspect, however, you wouldn’t go wrong either way

– Fuji XC 50-230mm lens at paulsamolukphotography: “The Fuji XC 55-230 mm lens is really a thing of beauty when you consider the value for the money. This is especially true if you can pick one up on sale like I did. The image quality is great, build quality is ok (definitely not cheap feeling) and it is a great addition to your Fuji X system. One of the biggest benefits for me was the weight of this lens. It makes it a breeze to carry with you on longer hikes and you will not sacrifice the image quality. So should you buy one? If you are looking for a long lens for your fuji x system camera, i can’t help but to recommend this lens as a great choice.”


 – Steve Gahm: “I do a fair amount of my image processing on Linux and my favorite application for this has been DarkTable.  Unfortunately, Darktable does not support X-Trans images and has stated for that they will not be adding X-Trans support given they are a small team and do not have the resources to dedicate to it.  Therefore I purchased Photo Ninja to process my X-Trans files.  I still use Darktable for an old Nikon E5400. But, now DarkTable has just recently added an experimental branch to support X-Trans.  Here is the link. Darktable runs on most Linux/Unix system and Apple OS-X.  Chyeck the “Install” page to see what systems they support.”

– “Hello, I’m Alexander Svet – professional photographer and Phase One Certified Professional. I and my team have created Film Styles Set for Capture One. This is a set of 100 color and b&w styles for Capture One. We had worked on this styles more than two years, it was “long run”, but we have very good reviews from our customers. You can find all the details and sample images at”

– Adobe has released a guide for moving from Aperture to Lightroom here.

– Processing Fuji X-Trans RAW files with Adobe Lightroom 5.4 video at youtube. (spotted by lepidi-photo)


 photo lolumina_fuji_xt1_02_zps36de63ed.jpg

– New soft-release buttons for Fuji X-T1 at lolumina.

– New compagnon-bag for mirrorless cameras here.

– All Thumbs: The Lensmate Thumbrest for Fujifilm X100s at thepalinode.

– Review: Handgriff MHG-XE für Fujifilm X-E2/X-E1 at oz50 (translation): “The MHG-XE handle Fujifilm for the X-E2 is very well done and for me one of the most useful accessories to the camera. The camera is significantly more stringent and is thus better for longer shootings. The feel is greatly enhanced by the metal and the handle adjusts to the rest of the design, without attracting unpleasant. The handle is approximately 100 euros not a bargain, but the investment is worthwhile in my opinion.”

Switch to the X

– New system in my bag at fotografiainc: “So what I did, I traded one medium priced (I said ONE) Leica tele lens that was not selling fast enough for Fuji X-pro1 and two prime lenses (14mm/2.8 and 35mm/1.4) and some essential accessories… Basically got the core of my new system for a great deal. Two lenses are equivalent of my usual focal lengths (21mm and 50mm). Getting used to field of view with new Fuji X glass was no brainier. Quality is there and then some! I have to say, I don’t miss Leica glass…”

– Johnny shot an entire wedding with Fuji gear… “and it was an amazing experience“. See the shots at johnbogannam.

– Paul Schlemmer is a very young and talented photographer that earns his money from photography. He chose the Fuji X system. Read why at “So why Fuji you ask? Don McCullin said “I only use a camrea like I use a tootbrush. It does the job” and I like the analogy very much. For me, Fujifilm cameras are like a Curaprox of the camera industry: (editors note: curaprox is a company making superb quality swiss toothbrushes & aren’t as well known as Paul thinks, so the analogy doesn’t work that well ;-) ) Sexy and playful. It’s easy to have relationship with them on both sides. They are made be people who really gives a sh*t about industry and about us. That’s why I love them as much as a man can love his, ehm, tool.” You can also read Paul’s other article there: “25 amazing photographs and how they were lit

– One year after switching to Fuji at nguyn: “Working with Fuji has totally changed my vision of how I see things and how I shoot them. It’s not only about specs, neither its image quality nor its design, Fuji cameras have something more, « un je ne sais quoi ». There’s a kind of magic in it, a real soul. You’re not only taking a picture, you feel it, and also, you’re not only a witness of the moment, you’re part of.

– 22 photographers explain why they went mirrorless at mirrorlessons. Many chose the X-system for their switch.

– Reasons to Stick to Your DSLR Over Mirrorless Camera at thephoblographer.

a little bit of everything

– “Hello. I just wanted to share with your readers a new facebook group I started. The group is called “Mirroless Portrait and Wedding Photographers”. I know there are a number of working professional photographers who have made the switch completely to mirrorless. This is a place where working mirrorless pro’s can share information about their work and the challenges associated with being an early adopter of mirrorless camera systems. The group is new and I would love if you would be able to share it with your readers. Thanks Eric Williams” facebook group mirrorlessportraitwedding.

Fujifilm HS50 EXR

 Fujifilm FinePix HS50 EXR Review at photographic-central:Without hesitation my opinion is that the Fujifilm FinePix HS50 EXR is the best superzoom in its category that is on the current market. Other cameras in this class may offer you unique advantages (especially Panasonic’s’ FZ200 w/constant aperture), and, perhaps those are wholly worthwhile to you alone to purchase them. But when you’re objectively looking at an all in one package, I don’t think this one can be beat today.”

Instax Share SP-1 Printer
[purhcase here]

Sharing The Joy of Photography at fstoplounge: “No matter how many times I’ve printed with this device, I’m still very excited about seeing the print developing by itself. It’s an even more magical experience for the people you are giving it to, who are most probably going to see this for the first time.”

X-T1, 56 and 10-24 roundup: more awards, light leake and more!

 photo rati_zps30128e46.png

X-T1 body only ($1,299): USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline / EU: wexDE / wexUK / PCHstore /
X-T1 with 18-55 ($1,699): USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline / EU: wexDE / wexUK / PCHstore /

_ _ _

bokeh-monster posted the X-T1 review here and 56mm review here:

“[X-T1 review] The gap between optical and electronic view finders has finally been closed! The massive view finder on the XT1 even puts my old Canon 5D mrk iii to shame, bright and detailed with almost nonexistent low light flicker, it is capable of turning night into day and tackles manual focusing with ease. […]”

[XF 56mm review] Everyone who is familiar with large aperture lenses will know there are tradeoffs, nothing comes for free! Typically these lenses when shot at their maximum aperture (sucking in as much light as possible, hence helping make exposures in dim surroundings), 1) Do not have the best centre sharpness (corners of the frame are typically even softer) 2) Exhibit low contrast throughout the frame 3) Suffer from bad CA (chromatic aberrations)… Examining one of the street portraits captured with this lens […] illustrates perfectly how the wizards at FUJINON have overcome some colossal challenges. […]. The 56mm at F1.2 has maintained beautiful blacks and brilliant sharpness throughout the frame at the same time rendering true to life skin tones.

– Fuji X-T1, XF 10-24mm F4 OIS & XF 56mm F1.2 reviews at work at olafphotoblog here: “We have already started shooting with this gear. […] Stay tuned for full reviews of the X-T1, XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS and bitingly sharp XF 56mm R F1.2. In the meantime, here are our first images shot with the Fuji X-T1 and the XF 10-24mm F4 R OIS.”

– How fast is a SDHC UHS-II card in a Fuji X-T1 at aboutphotography here: “My older SanDisk Extreme rated at 80MB/s took 15.46 seconds to write the images to disc. The newer SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-II did the same thing in 8:49 seconds – almost twice as fast.” [The UHS-II SD-cards are now available at BHphoto here and Adorama here.]

– Shared on FR-twitter: “This camera is amazing, it really is, FUJI hit it out the park with this one. it was really a joy to shoot with, its light weight, unobtrusive and completely gets out the way and help you make beautiful photos, all these are just my first day impressions of this camera.” Read more at itsneilb here.

– Fuji or Olympus? joshmcleodphotography has the answer here: “…the Fuji X-T1 is almost the perfect camera (for my needs). Shooting with it is an absolute pleasure… it is small, lightweight, inconspicuous, feels great in hand, extremely well built, has a great lens line up and is capable of producing beautiful images. I am so confident in the Fuij X-T1 that I believe it will meet if, not exceed, nearly every photographic need/expectation I can throw at it. Even if some say that the price is a little on the high side I think the Fuji X-T1 actually represents good value. In my opinion you have to spend a lot more money to get a camera that offers any real advantage in terms of Image quality, build quality and overall shooting enjoyment.”

Here is what lighttraveler thinks of the X-T1: “Fuji have changed the way I think about my craft and taken me back over 40 years and made me want to start all over again.They have given me my passion back by putting all the passion they have for photography and film in to these little cameras. At last a company that are doing things for the right reasons and not just mass producing cameras for profit.”

phoblographer X-T1 review here (and another award for the X-T1): “What the X-T1 really does is make the case for mirrorless cameras as worthy options for serious photographers. There have been strong mirrorless options before the X-T1, but none have looked so good. Sony’s done well with its NEX-now-alpha line, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Fujifilm in terms of design. Fujifilm pays just as much at to the outside of the camera as it does the inside. […] The X-T1 can bend to nearly any photographic need in my estimation, save for sports and wildlife photography due to Fujifilm’s lack of fast telephoto lenses.

admiringlight full review here: “The X-T1 is an immensely enjoyable camera to shoot with.  The grip is comfortable, the major exposure controls are all easily accessed and constantly visible.  The EVF is, in my opinion, the best on the market currently (though the one in the Olympus E-M1 is close).  Fuji has also made the X-T1 a responsive camera.  Everything reacts quickly, write speeds are blazing and all the delays that plagued early X-series cameras are now gone.  The X-T1′s continuous autofocus is something for Fuji to be proud of.

trustedreviews full X-T1 test here: “The X-T1 combines excellent design with a specification that makes it great value even at its circa-£1000 price tag. Above all, it produces breathtaking images and can be relied upon whatever the conditions, making it perhaps the best CSC on the market.”

Fujifilm X-T1 Review: Feast for the Eyes, Frustration for the Fingers at gizmodo here: “LIKE: Looks can take a camera further than most photographers are willing to admit, and the X-T1 is exquisitely beautiful. It’s an all-around speedy camera in AF, startup time, and burst rate. Image quality is terrific and the lens selection is becoming more robust with high-quality options. The great build quality and weather sealing will keep the camera safe from jostles and the elements. NO LIKE: The controls on the X-T1 are a mess. They go too far into analogue nostalgia at the expense of simplicity and speed. The EVF, while big, is very noisy in low light.”

– X-T1 review at flixelpix here: “Does the X-T1 deserve the hype? Definitely. The X-T1 is a powerhouse that delivers stunning, pin sharp images with the almost breathtaking dynamic range we have grown to associate with the Fujfilm X-Range. I struggle to find fault and I hope you understand what I mean when I say I could look at it for hours, it is a remarkable piece of technology. The controls are extremely accessible on the body of the camera and there isn’t hardly an aspect of the device that isn’t customisable or adjustable. The viewfinder and LCD screens are stunning and if that isn’t enough you can even control the camera via live view on a mobile device

Fuji X-T1, Nkon 50mm f/1.4G, Metabones Speed Booster – Is this the answer to low light shooting? at soundimageplus here.

– First Impressions at thewanderinglensman here: “The “four-way” buttons that surround the menu/enter button aren’t very well designed.  I almost have to use my fingernail in order to push them.”

– Doring: “Here is a little piece on the pixel-level file quality from the new Fujifilm X-T1. It may be of interest to those who depend on good per-pixel quality for largish prints.” Read it at doeringphoto here.

– Review at fotodesign here: “Well, it’s fairly simple to summarize my findings about the X-T1. In the end it’s rather an evolution of the X-E2, wrapped in a different body, than a game changer taking over the camera world. For me, the biggest advantage is the new high-res viewfinder, which I would love to see in a X-E3. The autofocus is improved, but still lacks responsiveness compared to the competition. This might not be true for AF-C performance, but that is something I don’t care much about. The image quality hasn’t changed at all and is still very good. Video quality is still poor, so nothing has changed there either.”

– first impressions at photomadd here: “Yes!  I think it would be hard to argue that this was a bad camera.  It is a very good camera.  I’m not convinced that it is the revolution many were billing it as though.  I think a lot of people missed out on just how good the X-E2 really is with their bias still in place from the X-Pro1 and X-E1 with the early firmware.  The reality is that the X-T1 is an X-E2 bundled up differently to make it look like something else, but same sensor, same processor, with just a few tweaks and natural improvements here and there to give it better dSLR style AF tracking and a faster frame rate.”

– Further toughts at luminous-landscape here: “Fujifilm’s X-T1 has been a very eagerly awaited device. I know that I was eagerly waiting to get my hands on one ever size I saw its first announcement. Why? Because it appeared to offer the design ethos of another era. A look at the top panel tells the story. Nice solid mechanical wheels and levers for all of the cameras major functions; ISO, focus mode, metering mode, shutter speed and exposure compensation. And, if you have a lens with an aperture ring, such as one of Fuji’s XF primes, you even have direct manual control of that.”

– Should I sell all my Nikon gear for a X-T1? at ohm-image here: “I am ecstatic about the X-T1. It shows Fujifilm improving on most things. But the X-T1 is in no way a replacement for a DSLR in the arenas where DSLRs reign supreme. A great mirrorless camera is still a not equal to a great DSLR of any stripe unless weight, size, lens selection (this refers to APS-C DSLRs), are the deciding factors.”

– “I noticed a light leak on the new FUJI X-T1.  When using the cable release during long exposures I had a streak of light enter the sensor.  The light leaks when using long exposures and light hits the microphone jack and the HDMI ports“. Check it out on youtube here. Trenton suggested the following temporary solution for this problem in the comments: “use mobile app to trip the shutter by WiFi, without exposing the ports. Oh, and it would be fantastic if Fuji updates the app with timers and intervalometers.” Rico said: “Those who are affected by this light leak might want to have their cameras serviced by Fujifilm. Fuji knows about the issue, and a service directive has been in place for several weeks. It’s an easy fix.”

– first impressions at peterlangfelder here: “Overall, it is lightweight and super-fun to use

– high ISO performance test at f8blog here.

– Fujifilm BLC-XT1 Leather Case for Fujifilm X-T1 at larsauthen here: “I’m not 100% percent happy with this leather case. It doesn’t fit as tight as I would like it. And it’s a bit unpractical to unscrew the bottom screw to remove it when you need to change memory cards. Of course, it’s nice to be able to change the batteries when needed with the case still on.”

focus-numerique full review here (translation).

– Had a fantastic weekend up in the dales with a friend putting my new Fuji XT1 through its landscape paces and checking the area out for one of my up and coming landscape walking tutorial days. […] Here are a few photos from the weekend.” See more at lightgazer here.

XF 56mm f/1.2
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– XF 56mm test at pchome here (translation): “[google translated:] Maximum aperture edge quality is slightly lower compared to the center of some of the meat received significantly enhance the rate after F1.4, F4.0 and F5.6 until it reaches the maximum value. A conclusion can be: the overall level of sharpness and excellent performance of the central portion, and the edge portion of the central portion so although not eye-catching, but within the acceptable range.”

XF 10-24
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michaelrcruz tested the XF 10-24. Read his impressions here: “I really had a great time using this lens. This is the lens that I always wanted for my X-series system. The focal length is very useful for photographers who shoots landscapes, architecture and even street photography.  I don’t really have any negative comment about this lens, I know others would have wanted a 2.8 lens but it might have made this lens bigger and I think, the current size is just perfect for the X-Series cameras.  And to be honest in landscape or architecture photography which this lens will be most used, you will use high aperture values anyways and at f4.0 it is by no means a slow lens.”

– X-T1 and the 10-24mm Lens impressions at getdpi here: “I personally think it’s a great performance at its widest angle. Please note there was a million people around me and I was just snapping away so I could look at the overall quality and distortion control. In a couple of photos, the Fuji staff member looks a little distorted but for the most part, I’d be happy with these images in regards to distortion.”