X100S: Mike Kobal’s review (and RX1 vs X100S video) + Brian Kraft update


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image courtesy: Mike Kobal

(the X100S will blow you away ;) )

MIKE KOBAL: Very solid, increased refresh rate and resolution when in EVF mode, better feel of the focusing, aperture, shutter speed and +- control rings, “in good as well as mediocre lighting conditions auto focus can be blazingly fast. Nikon V1/V2 fast. [shoplink 8520]Olympus OM-D[/shoplink] fast. Yes, my friends, it is that good!

And here is the video where Mike compares the [shoplink 8518]RX1[/shoplink] and X100S. He will, among the others, show you the AF-performance in low light. The X100S is a bit faster. In his RX1 review here he says that”Auto focus performance is the Achilles heel of the RX1 with non static subjects […] Battery life sucks on the X100S, not a big deal, I have two spares on me when I am out.” A detailed comparison will follow in the next days. I’ll keep you updated.

BRIAN KRAFT: You know, Brian updates continuosly his website, with his findings about the X100S. Look at the updated PROS and CONS section here. This time he photographed a wedding. Just click here to see read his considerations and the images. Here an extract:

“I’ve never been much of a manual-focus-photographer, but I was really surprised how often I found myself going to the manual focus with focus peaking yesterday.[…] Since it was so dark and using the OVF is not helpful in that situation, I was using the EVF. However, for flash photography, your camera settings are not set bright enough to very effectively use the EVF either. Except… with focus peaking engaged, you could see those white contrast lines show up in the dark and could know whether you had focus or not. Loved it! Also, please note for those wondering about the low light ISO capabilities (FYI- I did shoot RAW). I happen to love the grain structure of the X100S and so I did very little noise reduction on these– most have no noise reduction at all, even many of the ISO 4,000, 5,000, and 6,400 photos. If you’re looking for the cleanest shots possible– the camera can do it very well– […] The camera is capable of producing an amazing dynamic range.”

And here you can make your guess. There is the same picture shot with the [shoplink 7748]Canon 5D Mark III[/shoplink], Fuji [shoplink 8618]X100S[/shoplink] and [shoplink 9135 ebay]Fuji X100[/shoplink].

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image courtesy: Brian Kraft
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X100S: At ebay, but you have to pay €140 extra. If you can’t wait for it, then click here for the ebay store.
X20: There is one black in stock here at AmazonDE for €555 (third party reseller). Also ebay has it here for €549.
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X20 pocket-lint review: “The high-end compact camera hierarchy has a new champion.”


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image courtesy: pocket-lint

Pocket-lint posted his X20 review. They assigned to the X20 five out of five stars (the RX100 gained 4½ stars here). Read why in this review. Here just the verdict:

“The Fujifilm X20 is not only the camera that irons out its predecessor’s orb-related imaging issues, it’s also the camera that pushes image quality up a notch to class-leading levels. The chunky, retro-styled build doesn’t make the X20 the tiniest of models and the design, even just aesthetically, won’t suit all tastes – but we’re big fans and think its looks are just as stand-out as its images. The advancement of the camera’s optical viewfinder with its digital overlay is also welcome, even if the limited field of view and inconsistent – yet unavoidable – presentation of focus areas can frustrate a little. Yet, and in context, we can’t think of a better OVF in a camera at this price point. There may be no touchscreen and no vari-angle bracket mount, but we have no care. The one thing that the X20 has missed out on – in order to make the very most from its 28-112mm f/2.0-2.8 equivalent lens – is a built-in neutral density filter. Sounds small, but we’re surprised at its omission. That small blip aside and this is high-end compact camera perfection. We’ve got a lot of love for the X20, and it’s given us a lot of love back. The high-end compact camera hierarchy has a new champion: all hail the Fujifilm X20.”

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Sony Cyber-shot RX100: [shopcountry 8524]


eXperience tour: Fujifilm is on the road + X100S impressions


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Lucky Italians!

You want to know more about the Fuji X-series, included the latest X100S and X20 (and the [shoplink 8614]X-E1[/shoplink], [shoplink 8616]X-PRO1[/shoplink], lenses, [shoplink 9017]X-S1[/shoplink], [shoplink 8634]XF1[/shoplink]…)? You’d like to participate, for free, to a workshop and test these cameras at work? Then you should know that Fujifilm Italy has organized a photographic roadshow, the “eXperience tour“. You can put your hands on the newest cameras and actually work with them! Meet Fuji’s technical staff, make some studio shots (with a model) and participate to the street photography workshop.

The eXperience tour will have a great start! Massimiliano Angeloni and Donato Chirulli, the riflessifotografici-guys will run the first events in Naples (13 April) and Rome (14 April). So, the Fujifilm road show starts with two talented X-photographers! I stumbled on their website a few months ago and wrote this post here. Since then I’ve followed their work with great interest. I’m sure you’ll benefit from a workshop with them!

So, don’t miss this opportunity, if you are curious about the X-series, this could be the right way to get in touch with it. Just reserve your place at the event you want to participate, and enjoy your Fuji-day at the eXperience tour.

Napoli 13 Aprile / Roma 14 Aprile / Bari 20 Aprile / Palermo 11 Maggio / Catania 12 Maggio / Cagliari 18 Maggio / Ancona 25 Maggio / Bologna 26 Maggio / Mestre 8 Giugno / Firenze 9 Giugno / Torino 15 Giugno / Milano 16 Giugno


laroquephoto initial X100s impressions: “manual focussing: wow“. Read it all and see his shots here.

It’s the greatest camera I’ve ever owned. No. Freaking. Joke. It’s perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing.” This is what Zack Arias says in the teaser to his upcoming X100s review here. He also posted a few shots here, saying: “Fuji is the new Leica.

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FR-reader: – Tancredi: “Hello Patrick. My name is Tancredi De Lisi, I am an italian freelance photographer, right now I’m in Vietnam and I decided to travel only with a Fuji X-Pro1 with lens fuji 14-18-35-60. I am writing a photo/report in real time on my site: click here (translated version)


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[UPDATE]: ebayUK has the X20 (blacksilver) available for £499.

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Also DigitalRev has the X20 in stock for €682 here.

If you are looking for the X100S, AmazonUK (via third party reseller) has only 4 in stock for £1,025 here.

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X-series bundle offers: last days in USA (save up to $1000) + Cashback in UK/ROI (save £350/€400)


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There are 9 options for bundle savings at BHphoto. Until March 31 you can purchase the X-E1 with different lenses (X-PRO1 with XF 18-55) and save really a lot of money. There are many lenses in offer, but if you’re looking for the new [shoplink 8628]XF 14mm[/shoplink], this is not included in any of the bundles.

Just click on “Buy Together and Save” to check the different bundles (you can save up to $914).

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And finally also UK/ROI citizens can save a lot until 30th April 2013! And the 14mm is included in the bundles! Here they are:

X-Pro1* + 3 lenses = £350/€400 cashback
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X-E1 Kit + 1 lens** = £30/€35 cashback
* Body only. **18mm/35mm lens only.

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