Brilliant! riflessifotografici XF14mm review (Donato Chirulli)


street sun photo streetsun_zps8ca1a57e.jpg

Fuji X-E1 & Fujinon XF 14mm f/2,8 R – Iso  400(Auto) f/11 1/550 sec.

image courtesy: riflessifotografici

The long expected 14mm is finally in the hands of the talented photographer Donato Chirulli of riflessifotografici who immediately put it on his X-E1 and began shooting with it in the streets of Rome.

This lens is of course perfect for architecture and landscape photography. But the 14mm is also important in some particular aspects of street photography. You’ll have to face some challenges, (as the light that a wide angle like this can capture from different sources)… but Donato will tell you how to deal with it.

And, once you tamed this lens, be creative! Sometimes you should forget all the good “composing rules”. This focal length allows you to play for example with perspective, stretching and distorting the image and add new “forms of expression” in the “language” of photography! And that is what Donato did, turning imperfection into beauty!

It’s a review, it’s a photography lesson, it’s art… brilliant work!

Ah, I forgot, you want to know about chromatic aberration, distortion, aperture ring, backlight performance, see 100% crops and more… so just read the whole review here (translated version)… and enjoy the pictures. (If you want, tell us your favorite shot in the comments)!

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Fuji X-E1 & Fujinon XF 14mm f/2,8 R – Iso 320 (Auto) f/4,0 – 1/30 sec. -0,3EV

floor photo floor_zpsf43c1552.jpg

 Fuji X-E1 & Fujinon XF 14mm f/2,8 R – Iso  400 (Auto) f/8,0 1/30 sec.
distortion photo distortion_zps3250b0ab.jpg



Review: Billingham Hadley Small



image courtesy: composinghands (image of Billingham Hadley Small (AmazonUS) taken with X-E1, 18-55 lens: File OOC JPG)

Now that David from composinghands got his X-E1, he looked for the right bag to put in this little great cam. He decided to buy a Billingham Pro… if you use a DSLR, you’ll surely grab the Billingham Hadley Pro but for the small X-E1 the Hadley Small is enough.

It’s everything I hoped for, material and construction are all top grade, you can see it’s built by craftsman. Design is retro like… so doesn’t shout I’m a camera bag. Take out the removable sleeve and you have yourself a beautiful everyday bag, plus the canvas has been treated to be waterproof which is good to know your gear is well protected… it’s made to last a lifetime and it’s going to protect my gear, I can rely on its build quality not to fail.” 

Read the whole review and see more images here at

Billingham Hadley Small: AmazonUS / B&H / Adorama / AmazonUK / AmazonGER / AmazonITA / AmazonFRA

… and thanks Andy for linking this video in the comments. How much you can fit in a Bilingham Hadley Small?


X100s: First Look, test shots and shutter sound at Brandon Remler


X100s menu photo FujifilmX100sComparison4_zps4c903a64.jpg

image courtesy: brandonremler

“Here are some quick shots to illustrate how the Menu/OK button is now raised and feels better, and is easier to control.  It’s amazing how much difference just this extra height makes.”

Fuji put into this camera a lot of improvements. You know about PDAF, split image, focus peaking and more. But there are some more changes that you may like. So, compared to the X100, the X100s has a raised Menu/Ok and a new and improved Auto ISO menu. “The X100s also has a couple new features like the Shutter Count and 0.5 second image review for faster shooting with image playback.” You can see the comparison pics (X100/X100s) in Brandon’s first look here.

In this post here he published his shots with the X-E1 (14, 35 & 18-55 lenses) as well as some snaps with an early pre-production X100s. And for more shots, like the Salad below, click here.

And in Brandon’s youtube video at the bottom of this post you can hear how quite the shutter sound of the new  X100s (with adapter lens) is.

X100s preordersBHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / AmazonUK (should be released on March, 1).

image courtesy: brandonremler

Fujfiilm X100s at ISO 2000 – F/2.0 @ 1/45th

100s salad photo GumSalad_zps6ce3f8aa.jpg

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miXed zone: SLR Magic 35mm T1.4, Speed Booster and more


phoblog photo Phoblo_zps96c3cfea.jpg

image courtesy:

SLR Magic

– I’ve already posted Steve Huff’s review about the SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 (specs&price). Now, let’s go over to the next one, made by thephoblographer (read here).

Well dampened and easy to turn focus and aperture ring, very good build quality, operation is smooth and easy-going, the image quality is amazing (““this looks like I took it with my Leica M8 and 50mm Zeiss Planar“), some slight softness wide open, very pleasing bokeh…. ok, let the test shots speak from now on! Click here to see them and to read more.

SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 at Adorama or here on slidoo.

Here is the email that Fujirumors reader Yves received form Sales dept at SLR Magic :
“Dear Yves. We have 3 lenses that can be used on Fuji X mount cameras. The SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 lens in X mount is ready now, and you can order with us.  No adapter is needed. The SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 35mm T0.95 lens is in M mount, only for use via adapter for M to X mount, M to mFT mount, M to E mount.  This lens has APS-H coverage and it does not work on M mount cameras.  This lens will be available around March 2013. The SLR Magic HyperPrime 23mm f/1.7 lens in X mount.  This lens will be available by March/April.”
Thanks Yves. Click here to see his Flickr album.

yves2 photo nikon_zps78938828.png

Speed Booster

… and here a speed booster review at youtube of AFMarcotec.

… and more

– “If pricing has made you hesitant to enter Fujifilm’s X-Series, the X-E1 might be just the thing to draw you in. And if you’re just looking for a really nice rangefinder-style ILC, you should give the X-E1 a try. We think you’ll like it.” popphoto X-E1 test (Click here)

image courtesy: popphoto
XE1 test photo xe1test_zps017d3c30.jpg

– Is it to love or to hate? Here is another X-E1 review. “With the X-E1, YOU are the photographer and the artist. There are no Instagram magic, that makes a dull picture exiting. You have to think up what you want to show in the scene you capture, you have to be an artist and a photographer. And that is why I like it so much. I do believe it forces me to be a better photographer.Read it all here.

– If you want to join a new x-forum, just click here to go to Xtogs. They give away a X20.

-Exploring Time Lapse with the X-E1. Read how it works, step by step, from the images to the final video, by clicking here.

– photographytalk posted 6 tips to make photographing in public easier. First tip: 1) Keep it small… the X100 is perfect! Read 5 more tips here.

-Mike Kobal’s night shots with the X-E1 and 35mm (specs & price) / 18mm lens (specs &price)… See them here!

image courtesy: Mike Kobal

mike kobal photo mikekobal_zps75d24725.jpg