Hurry! First X-E1 in Stock at Adorama!


Image courtesy Fotohanskeuzekamp.

Finally! You can get the X-E1 at Adorama:
Black X-E1 body at Adorama (Click here) and [shoplink 2620 ebay]Adorama eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].
Silver X-E1 body at Adorama (Click here) and [shoplink 2619 ebay]Adorama eBay (Click here)[/shoplink].

There are a few in Stock right now via third party resellers at Amazon (Click here) but you have to pay a nifty $200 extra for it.

eBay deal found via Slidoo.


Camera of the year 2012? Stuff UK says: “Fuji X-10”


image courtesy: Fujifilm

Very good JPEG quality, impressive dynamic range and noise performance, fast, sharp, excellent in-camera raw conversion, good handling, bright optical viewfinder… this are just some of the PROS that dpreview (click here) noted about this camera. Dpreview says that the “X10 offers much to like for those who are willing to sacrifice pocketability for external controls. As such, it easily earns our Silver award.” Read the review here, according to them it’s the “best advanced compact around, and a retro-tastic joy to use.” The X-10 beats also the Olympus OM-D E-M5, Canon EOS 650D, and, yes, even the Sony NEX-7. Click here to the award 2012.

On ebay you find all the Fuji X-10 available here on slidoo (click here). Just choose your country to filter the results and find all the X-10 available in your country.

The X-10 is now to have at Amazon US with a $50 price drop, for $550 (click here to see the X-10 at AmazonUS).

At Amazon Germany there is a 22% price drop on the Fuji X-10 (click here to see)

At Amazon Italy there is a 100€ price drop: X-10 click here

At Amazon UK there is also a price drop: (click here)

No price drop at Amazon FRA (click here)




Fuji X-E1 review at Photographyblog (and shipping today at BH)


Photographyblog (Click here) just published the full X-E1 review. It gets Highly Recommended by the reviewer: “The Fujifilm X-E1 feels even more like the natural interchangeable lens evolution of the incredibly popular X-100 camera than the X-Pro1 did, offering refined, intuitive handling, fantastic image quality, premium build quality and five high-quality lenses on launch.

US deals:
BHphoto (Click here) reports that it will start shipping the camera today. There is also one X-E1 in Stock one [shoplink 2550 ebay]Bay US (Click here)[/shoplink]. And there is a super Gold Box deal on the SL300 at Amazon (Click here).

Europe deals:
Just saw that you can save up to 50 Euro if you buy the X-E1 on eBay Uk stores (via Slidoo).


Review: Fujinon XF18-55mm F2.8-4 + X-E1


image courtesy: Fujifilm (Fujinon XF18-55mm F2.8-4 and X-E1)

A few days ago we posted the first Chinese review about Fujinon 18-55mm (read it here). Now also had the opportunity to shoot some pictures with this new lens (click here to see the review). Among other things, they say that “for a zoom lens the 18-55mm is still remarkably sharp… As for the new zoom lens, the 18-55mm combines versatility with image quality. With the lens hood attached it is only a little bigger lens to the 35mm XF prime lens… The 18mm-55mm scope means you have a quality lens capable of landscapes and vistas at the wide end right through to razor sharp portraits at the 84mm (full frame equivalent) telephoto end of the scale.

He tested the new lens also with long exposures settings, click here to see the images.

Apart from the lens, fixelpix makes also some considerations about the X-E1. They say that there is no doubt, Fuji is leading the way in mirrorless innovation. And what’s the main target group of this camera? “For the me the X-E1 is the perfect camera for all of those photographers out there looking at or upgrading an entry level DSLR. The X-E1 offers the same level of photographic quality but the package and user experience is just so much more enjoyable.”

And also this time the inevitable question couldn’t missX-PRO1 or X-E1? The X-PRO1 feels a bit more solid, but both are really well made cameras. The X-E1 is 30% smaller and has a built in flash. No OVF and smaller LCD for the X-E1. “The X-Pro1 offers a 1.44 million pixel LCD viewfinder, while the X-E1 features a 2.36 million pixel OLED viewfinder. The X-Pro1 is 100% magnesium alloy in construction whereas the back of the X-E1, like the X100 is actually made of strong, high quality plastic. It perhaps isn’t as strong but it is certainly lighter. The X-Pro1 has a locking shutter speed dial, the X-E1 doesn’t although I do think the exposure dial on the XE-1 is better and less prone to accidental adjustments.”

Here the conclusions of fixelpix: “Although I love shooting at a fixed focal length with the 35mm XF being my favourite lens I foresee the 18-55mm will see a large amount of use for general day to day shooting. The 18mm-55mm zoom lens offers my favourite 23mm and 35mm focal lengths at the twist of a lens barrel and with the added four stop Image Stablisation I am not sure you could ask for more. If you are currently an X-Pro1 owner and are looking at the X-E1 as a second body then the kit deal that includes 18-55mm lens might be worth considering…. As for the X-E1 it is everything you would expect from Fujifilm, a variation on a theme it offers an affordable version on the brilliant X-Pro1 with a slightly different specification perfect. Photographers looking for a good value, high quality replacement to their DSLR should look no further. Did I mention the photo output is stunning? Check the flickr set (click here) for larger versions of the photos in this post.”

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Fuji X-F1: in stock at B&H and Amazon US (via third part reseller)


Two brown (click here), two black (click here) and one red (click here) Fuji X-F1 are now available at Amazon US via third part reseller for normal price. There are 3 more black Fuji X-F1 sold by this reseller (click here).

Also B&H has now the X-F1 in stock. They have the red version (click here) and the black version (click here). For the brown version (click here) you have still to wait or you can pre order it.